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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 25)

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Episode 25.

“Today we’re going to do a salad, so everyone go and stand with your partner.” Instructed the teacher and I groaned.
I looked at my right and saw Drew grinning like a fool. I froze a bit scared then turned to Ryder who was standing next to Tom looking at the vegetables. Traitor, I mentally screamed.
You don’t know Drew when he cooks, it’s a disaster! One time we were making pancakes and he was trying to mix the flour with a little bit of water, then he put a some of the mixture on the stove it went on fire so he grabbed the fire extinguisher for turning it off. What happened? When Drew was trying to turn it off but it got stuck so at the end of the day we were all covered by sticky white things, gross I know. I expected him to be suspended but he only got a warning from the principal saying not to go near an oven or something that you should light.
“Okay class; put the pancakes on the stove.” The teacher said and I looked at Drew to see him mixing flour and other bunch of stuff with water. He started whisking again and I rolled my eyes. He’s having fun while doing this.
I looked behind me and saw Ryder and Tom perfectly finishing the first pancakes. Lucky bastards, they didn’t get to be with Drew.
“Put it on the pan already.” I shrieked and he looked at me with raised eyebrows.
“Fine! Stop being so whiney.” He grumbled and I huffed. Well I can be less whiney if you put the damn mixture on the stove you moron!
Drew put a little of the mixture on the pan, then he put the pan on the stove and it went on fire. I look at him open mouthed and he looks at me with a sheepish look.
“It’s on fire doofus, turn it off.” I hollered and he started looking for the fire extinguisher . All the class right now is watching and the bowl, flour, butter, desk and the entire set of papers on our table were set on fire.
When the girls saw the fire they started screaming and running out of class. I rolled my eyes, couldn’t they just help?
“Drew did you find it?” I screamed and he turned around with the extinguisher in his hands.
“Got it.” He yelled and I stepped aside and boy, I wished I didn’t. I stood there with an open mouth, I had my eyes closed. I slowly opened them wiping the white substance out of my eyes before looking at myself.
I was covered in white. I looked at Drew who now had white hair and glared at him. I noticed people’s gazes at me and I looked at them only to see the whole class covered in white.
~End of Flashback~
I shook my head and looked at Drew who was standing in front of me. God, please help me get out of this alive. I stood up and walked to our small kitchen counter and started to chop the lettuce. She didn’t specify which salad so I’m doing anything.
“Do you need any help?” Whispered Drew beside me and I chuckles humorlessly.
“No thanks.” I answered shaking my head thinking of what happened last time.
“Aw come on Sky, have some faith in me.” Whined Drew and I rolled my eyes. I looked at him and saw that he was giving me the puppy dog eyes again. I quickly turned my head and focused on cutting the lettuce.
I can’t take Drew’s puppy dog eyes; he knows that I can’t resist it. When he looks at me with those big brown eyes I directly think of a lost puppy trying to find its home, and yes ladies and gentlemen I do have feelings…
“Skylar” He said in a five year old voice grasping my face in his hands and looking at me with those puppy dog eyes again.
Aw maybe this won’t hurt—no Skylar, he’ll make up something and burn down the class, said another voice in my head.
But-but look at those damn puppy dog eyes… Said another voice in my head.
I looked at him once more and sighed, what Drew wants is what Drew gets. I stepped aside and allowed him to cut the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. I saw him look at the end of the table and quiver.
What’s up with him?
After a few minutes Drew looked up at me smiling then stepped aside allowing me to continue all the work.
I took the knife and started chopping the rest but when I saw it I grimaced. My worst enemy…
The onions
I squinted my eyes and glared at them. Yes them, the onions, they are my sworn enemy.
I looked at Drew and glared at him. He did this on purpose; he wanted me
to cut the onions.
I took a deep breath and slowly grabbed them.
It’s time to die you filthy onions.
“Raidon Fox open up.” I banged on the door screaming. I’ve been waiting for Raidon to open the damn door for ten minutes and he still didn’t open the damn door!
“Raidon F-” The door opened and my fist nearly collided with Raidon’s face if it wasn’t for Raidon’s fast reflexes.
I lowered my hand and breathed out a sigh of relief.
“What are you doing here?” He asked his voice hard and cold making me cringe a little but I held my ground.
“I’m here to tutor you then go. We have problem between both of us but then again this is what I have to do.” I said in a monotone waiting for him to step aside.
After few more seconds he stepped aside allowing me to walk in.
“Well then let’s get started.” I said and walked to the living room but I noticed that his parents weren’t here.
I turned around looking at him puzzled “Where are your parents?” I asked confused and he clenched his fists.
“None of your damn business.” He spat and strolled towards the living room.
“Thank God.” I breathed a sigh of relief and slumped against the couch. For the first time, he understood! For the first time, it’s a miracle.
A long pause of silence filled the air so I opened my mouth to start talking but his phone rang.
He held up his phone and looked at the caller ID. He held up his finger but not before saying “Don’t touch anything.” In a gruff voice and stalking off.
I sat there, then sat and sat… and sat, I got bored. I sighed and stood up and looked around. He said not to touch anything, but he didn’t say do not see anything.
I started walking around and reached the big hallway were I think Raidon’s room was because his name was carved in big letters on the oak wooden door.
I looked at both sides and didn’t see anything so I opened the door and entered. Frantically, his room was cleaned! I still remember the first time I saw his room. I shook my head, I didn’t want to think of all of those hideous things that were in it.
I walked inside, my hands in my pockets and whistled lowly. I looked at the walls which still had posters on them and rolled my eyes.
Boys and their perverted minds.
I looked around once more and started walking out but something caught my eye. There was something black that had a very small green button. It was hid behind a book but this book was leaning to the right so the thing was exposed.
I walked slowly a took out the book from the shelf revealing a really small green button. I looked at it carefully before raising my hand a little.
“ Don’t touch any thing.” Raidon’s voice echoed through my head and I lowered my hand a bit.
Should I really press it? I asked myself.
Well I wasn’t really the one that followed rules; I snorted and raised my hand putting a finger on the green button. I anxiously but slowly pressed it but nothing happened.
I looked at the button puzzled and sighed. I shook my head, why would he even hide a button behind a book?
A mechanic voice filled the room so I turned around and gasped at what I saw…


To be continued..

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