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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 22)



Episode 22.

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Dear Drew,
I am very sad to inform you that your hair gel got filled with water so I threw it. Your hair dryer got stacked by electricity so it burned. Your favorite Mickey Mouse boxers got blew out by the wind and are in your neighbor’s yard, they probably threw all of them. Poor condoms, they got crushed by big foot who was walking in your house the other day.
Your posters that you have been keeping from your annoying little sister and parents are in shreds, you’re a pervert. Your pink bunny slippers that I put in the washing machine turned blew so I dyed it but unfortunately it turned brown and orange.
The Merlin stick that you have been saving for since your birth broke, you’re an idiot anyways so you probably know that you could have bought something better that the Merlin wizard stick.
Your bras were thrown due to environmental diseases cause by humans (A lot of sex, being naughty in the bathroom, etc…)
As you heard in the news a lot of people have been getting bellies for sleeping then eating and repeating that all day long, so I advise you to eat broccoli every day.
Unfortunately doctors are expecting you to calm you sex life a little bit so that you bladder doesn’t reproduce much pee.Sincerely,
Santa Claus.
P.S. We are having secretly filming a lot of teens with the same problem so don’t panic and I’m very sad from you, you didn’t put cookies for me.
I folded the letter and put it on Drew’s bed tears in my eyes. I looked at Ryder and Tom who looked like they’re going to pass out from laughing.
Raidon hasn’t made any contact with me because of what the incident and to tell you I sort of regret it seeing that my secret could blow out in a second but on secon
We’re trying to prank Drew and knowing how stupid he is, I think he’ll believe it. I laughed thinking of Drew’s face when he reads this, it will be
priceless! If you’re asking, yes we’re in Drew’s house which he owns because his parents let him… can you even believe that?
Ryder wiped the tears out of his eyes and stood up fixing his shirt. His face was red from all that laughing along with Tom. Tom calmed down a little bit before putting Drew’s teddy between his legs petting him. Okay that’s it; I think Tom finally lost it.
I stood up heading for the black desk that was attached to a small library. His HP lap top was set there so I sat on the chair and opened it.
Password: ************* I typed and it opened. I shook my head chuckling, Drew is so predictable.
Password: carmenelectra
The lap top opened and Desktop Background was the guys and I in a field. I remembered we went camping that day. We ate black fish, really they were black!
Ryder jumped in the river that had an amazing waterfall behind so we all thought it’ll be a good idea to jump in it and have fun while the fish were being cooked. After a little while we smelled something burning and remembered that the fish were still being cooked so we hurried to them and ended up eating the most disgusting fish ever. Yeah you heard that!
I shuddered at the memory and looked at Drew’s playlist, uh nothing interesting… Wait Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West and Neyo : Knocks you down. Damn I love the song even though its a little old.
The door opened and I looked to see who it is… none other than Drew himself! I looked at Tom who was looking at Ryder who was looking at him. They both looked at me then ran out of the room.
I clicked on the song and started singing
[Keri Hilson]
Not again
Oh this ain’t supposed to happen to me
[Kanye West]
Keep rockin and keep knockin’
Whether you’re louis vuittonin it up, or reebokin
You see the hate that they serving on a plater
So what we gon have dessert or disaster?
[Keri Hilson]
I never thought I’d be in love like this
When I look at you my mind goes on a trip
Then you came in and knocked me on my face
Feels like I’m in a race but I already won first place
I never thought I fall for you as hard as I did (as hard as I did, yeah)
You got me thinking about our life, our house and kids (Yeah)
Every morning I look at you and smile
Cause boy you came around and you knocked me down (knocked me down)
Sometimes love comes around (love comes around, love comes around)
and it knocks you down
just get back up
when it knocks you down (knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
and it knocks you down
just get back up
when it knocks you down (knocks you down)
I never thought I’d hear myself say
Ya’ll go ahead
I think I’m gonna to kick it with my girl today
I used to be commander in chief for my pimp ship flying high
Till i met this pretty little missile, who shot me out the sky
Hate to know i’m crashing don’t know how it happened
but i know it feels so damn good
Said if i could go back and make it happen faster
don’t you know i would baby if i could
Miss independent, to the fullest, the load never too much
she helping me pull it, she shot bullet that ended that life
I swear to you the pimp in me just died tonight
girl sometimes love
Sometimes love comes around (love comes around, love comes around)
and it knocks you down
just get back up
when it knocks you down (knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
and it knocks you down
just get back up
when it knocks you down (knocks you down)
The song ended and I looked behind me to see Drew looking at me with amusement.
“What?” I asked irritated but he just smirked and said nothing. Drew looked at the letter then back at me. I smiled at him nervous and he took a few steps forward grabbing the letter and opening it. I took this as my time to leave and tip toed out of the room.
Once I closed the door silently I heard Drew curse and I directly ran as fast as I can, sprinting down the living room where Ryder and Tom were waiting anxiously. When they saw me running down they looked from left to right, then from right to left and they ran the opposite side they were looking at which made them hit each other by the head and fall on the floor.
I heard steps coming down and looked at the guys giving them a salut before saying ‘save yourselves’ and darting out of the room into the garden.
I looked at both sides before running to the right side where there was a tree. I heard a scream from inside the house which was from Ryder I think which made me climb up the tree in lightning bolt speed.
When I finished climbing the damn big tree I sat down on a branch breathing heavily. I heard a door open and saw Tom, Drew and Ryder coming out, Ryder walking next to Drew wiping the sweat off of his face while Tom was held hostage by Drew.
Poor Tom was held by his collar, I pity him…
“It was Skylar’s idea.” Screamed Tom and I glared at him. I wanted to scream traitor and come down to beat the shit out of him but held my tongue back seeing that if I talked, Drew will know where I am and find me.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not afraid of Drew but when he gets mad like he is know, trust me he gets a little wild, like a monster.
“And where is she now?” asked Drew and my breath hitched. Tom Meyer, I swear if you tell him where I am I’m going to-
“Up on a tree in here” answered Tom quickly afraid for his life and I cursed. Unfortunately Drew heard it and his eyes snapped to the tree looking at me. He smirked and stood crossed armed.
“Oh where could our dear Skylar now be?” Asked Drew looking around acting like he saw nothing and I just wanted to roll my eyes. I looked behind me and climbed down being careful not to make a sound.
Once I reached down I fixed my hair that was in a tight bun and started running but before I could take another step and arm caught me.
“Now dear Skylar where are you going?” Drew whispered in my ear, his voice hoarse and I struggled a little.
“To get cookies?” I squeaked and he laughed
“Well boys.” Drew paused “and girl” he added smiling and I narrowed my eyes.
“Are the cookies done yet?” asked Drew and I cursed under my breath.
Guess what Drew wanted us to do as a punishment? Making cookies which none of us is good at doing. He said if the cookies weren’t good then we have to make another dozen which we made almost every time.
Ryder grunted beside me “This is your entire fault Skylar.” Ryder mumbled and I looked at him shocked.
“It’s your fault too you know.” I cried out and got a ‘ssh’ from Drew which earned him a glare.
“No talking and more baking.” Ordered Drew and I puffed. What a girl!
“Shut up.” We all snapped at him and he shut up. Finally, Hallelujah praise the lord. Drew went to the living room and we continued ‘baking’.
I looked at Ryder and Tom for the first time then burst out. Oh my gosh, they look like geisha girls with all the flour on their faces. Ryder and Tom looked at me puzzled before cracking up. We kept on laughing and I swear I think Ryder pissed in his pants.
We heard the bell ring and I rolled my eyes, he’s treating us like servants right now? I rolled my eyes and took the tray of cookies going to the living room with the other two idiots trailing behind me.
I saw Drew sitting with his legs on the table watching ‘Pimp my ride’ on MTV.
“Here they are.” I said and put the tray on Drew’s lap.
We all watched him intently as he put the cookie in his mouth and chewed it. He finally opened his eyes that where filled with amusement nodding.
“These are great, just like the others.” I looked at the guys and smiled but we stopped and looked at each other. Anger filled our eyes as we all looked at Drew like maniacs seeing that he stood up holding his hands up in surrender with legs shaking.
“KILL HIM.” I screamed and we charged at Drew ready to chop his head off

To Be Continued…

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