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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 21)

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Episode 21.

“So remember, you go in there and don’t mutter a word you got that?” For the one million, two hundred seventy five thousand, four hundred and twelfth times Raidon asked me. I rolled my eyes and opened the car door stepping out.
I don’t see why Raidon is so worried about me meeting his parents. I think when a girl meets the guy’s parents she should be afraid and nervous not the other way round.
“Take a chill pill why are you so nervous?” I asked and he glared but shook his head and said nothing.
I started walking forward and got a little nervous. What if they don’t like me? Wait if they-woah there, easy girl why are you even worried about this? You don’t even like the guy!
I frowned a little noticing that Raidon was quietly following behind. Well that’s weird, the guy can actually stop being annoying for a second!
“Remember , keep your trap shut.” Said Raidon from behind me and I glared at the big oak wooden door in front of me. Do you know what? Forget I just said that! He’s annoying as ever…
Before I could ring the doorbell Raidon pushed me aside and rang the doorbell himself.
Seriously? Can a guy be any ruder? Didn’t he hear of ladies first? Not that I classify myself as a lady it’s the total opposite actually, I grinned. I saw Raidon looking at me curiously but before he could say anything the door opened and the butler that I hate the most steeped aside allowing Raidon and I to come in.
I glared at Albert and he just looked at me with his usual emotional face. Damn man.
“Your parents are waiting for you in the dining area.” He said to Raidon acting as if I wasn’t actually there. You ask why him and I are sworn enemies? Well he said that there’s no need to befriend me seeing that
‘master’ Raidon will only date me maximum two weeks then dump me. I gave him a little piece of my mind that day.
I followed Raidon down the hall and bumped at him when he suddenly stopped.
“Look where you’re going.” He hissed his back facing me and I glared daggers at him.
“It’s not my fault big foot is standing right in front of me.” I replied low but enough for Raidon to hear and I watched his fists clench. I mentally grinned and made a happy dance to see the effect I made on Raidon.
Albert cleared his throat which made me snap out of my trance and opened the dining room. It was exquisite, really amazing. All of it was wooden with souvenirs all over the room from different countries all around the world.
I looked ahead and saw a man and a woman sitting on the dining chairs looking at us, me specifically.
The man who I’m guessing is Raidon’s father has light blond hair with big brown eyes, he was smiling and wow-he has a nice smile!
The woman or Raidon’s mom, I think has dark brown hair and big sky blue eyes, she was smiling as well and was pretty.
“Hi mom.” Raidon said and hugged him mom who hugged him back tightly.
“Hi honey how have you been?” She asked him and he nodded smiling saying fine.
He went and hugged his father. I stood there dumbfounded for a second before I was on full panic mode. Great Skylar now you get nervous, I scolded myself.
“Mom, dad this is my girlfriend Skylar.” Raidon introduced me and I smiled.
“Hi.” I extended my hand to his mother and she shook it.
“Nice meeting you dear.” She gave me a bright smile and I turned greeting his father.
“Let’s eat.” Clapped Mrs. Fox and took a seat.
“How did you and Raidon meet?” Mrs. Fox said curiously looking at me. I put the cup of water down and cleared my throat.
Come on Skylar, think of something!
“We actually knew each other from a music store then we saw each other in school and hit it from there.” Raidon smiled at his mother and I nearly choked on my food. What? He makes me sound like a slut! I gritted my teeth and kicked Raidon from under the table which made him hiss.
I looked at him surprised “Raidon are you okay?” I asked innocently and he nodded flames in his eyes. I grinned devilishly then turned to a confused looking Mr. Fox saying “he has been experiencing a lot of pain in his legs this week.” I explained and saw him nod before turning to his son.
“Son did you go and see a doctor?” questioned Mr. Fox and Raidon shook his head ‘no’.
“Then go and see one.” Ordered Mr. Fox in a gruff tone which made Raidon nod furiously. He looked like a lost puppy.
“Was it love at first sight or you knew each other before dating?” Asked Mrs. Fox and I shook my head.
“I actually wanted him to die in a whole first.” I said and Raidon kicked me then squashed my poor foot with his humongous one.
“But then I changed my mind when I saw what a sweetheart he really was from the inside.” I smiled at them sweetly and his mother looked at me in ‘aw’ while his dad nodded.
“So Raidon what do you like about Skylar?” Asked Mrs. Fox and Raidon smiled devilishly. This is NOT good!
“She’s a fiery one.” He started “The first thing that caught my attention was her hot headed personality then her skill in dancing ballet.” He said and I hit him with my fork on his hand making him hiss in pain.
“Shit.” He cursed and I tapped his hand
“What is hurting you babe?” I asked venom dropping and he looked up glaring but quickly managed to put a grin and shake his head.
“Nothing just the pain.” He faked pain and gasped and his mother gasped in shock.
“Should I call the doctor?” she asked and Raidon’s eyes widened before saying:
“Yes” We both said at the same time and Raidon slammed his fist on my hand which made me cry out in pain. His parents were looking at me weirdly but I just said “It’s fine really I just hit my hand today with the door and it’s hurting me right now.” I said and they nodded understandingly.
“Yeah she’s so clumsy.” Raidon said throwing his arm on my shoulder squeezing it to death.
I cleared my throat “Excuse me but I have to go to the bathroom.” I excused myself and stood up. I began walking to the door trying to get out of here when I heard
“Yeah I’m coming too, I have to see that e-mail Chad sent me anyways.” He excused himself and I clenched my fists.
Once I reached the hallway Raidon hot on my heels I was pushed to a wall. I looked forward and saw Raidon looking at me with an angry look on his face.
“Didn’t I tell you not to say any word?” He growled and I smiled sweetly which made him go redder from anger.
“I was just explaining.” Which earned another growl from Raidon.
“Listen to me and listen to me well…” He said in a deadly voice and I frowned. You know what? I’m sick of this, I really had enough!
I grabbed his arms and flipped him making him land flat on the back. I looked at him in the eye and kicked him in the chin which made him grunt.
“No. You listen to me well! You’re going to treat me with respect and stop with being oh so Sassy.” I raised my hands and glared “Blaze may know my secret but I’m not going to deal with your mood changes.” I growled and stomped off.
That showed him!

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To be continued..

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