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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 20)

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Episode 20.

“Come on Skylar get out.” Demanded Tom and I groaned. Guess what today is? Today’s the day where Raidon’s parents are coming to specifically see Raidon’s new GIRLY GIRLFRIEND.
That mother-f*cker I hope he goes and dies in a rotten whole. Raidon said that the word girly accidently slipped because his mother was asking too much questions. Accidently my ass, he did that on purpose.
I’m in my walk-in closet wearing a sky blue V-necked dress that had a black ribbon tied around the waist and a matching pair of black heels. HEELS!!! Can you believe that?
I crossed my arms and huffed. No way in hell I am getting out wearing these stupid clothes, I mean come on I look like a clown for Christ’s sake.
“No way in hell I’m wearing this.” I yelled and heard the guys groan. I chuckled quietly knowing that they’re getting desperate and might even beg me to get out of the room. Oops… did I say that I’ve been changing clothes for the last hour? The guys have been standing outside waiting impatiently for me to come out but as you can see are losing their calmness.
“SKYLAR SCARLETT BROWN GET YOUR ASS UP HERE RIGHT NOW.” I grimaced hearing Ryder saying my full name. Yupp, Scarlett is my full name and I hate it, more like despise it actually because it just doesn’t suits me.
“No” I yet, yelled again leaning against the door frame. No I am not going outside, Skylar you ARE NOT going outside, I yelled at myself in my head.
“If you aren’t coming out then we’re coming in.” Tom threatened and I knew by the tone of his voice that he was on the edge of glory-uh sorry edge of cracking, Gaga got into my head right now.
I hope Raidon’s having fun right now getting ready. Gosh I just want to rip his head right now but since I owe his cousin, flaming hot headed Blaze then I have to do what he says.
Blaze, that double headed pig headed jerk! He did this to me and because of him I must be Raidon’s ‘ fake’ girlfriend. Bullshit! Who in the name of God will want to be Raidon’s girlfriend? I prefer to go die in a whole than be he ‘girlfriend’ .
EW even when I say that word I almost choke from disgust. I looked at my dress again and almost fainted. Why am I wearing a dress again? Right, Raidon wanted me too. I sighed and rubbed my temples. This is gonna be the worst day of my life.
I heard something crash and turned around to see a red looking Tom, he looked at him quizzically. He looked funny! He was glaring at the poor broken door that was now on the ground. I saw two other figures behind him and knew that they were Ryder and Drew’s.
I narrowed my eyes at them annoyed. GREAT guys thanks a lot you BROKE THE DOOR you bulls.
I probably said that out loud because Tom’s head snapped in my direction and his jaw dropped along with the other two dumb shits.
“ELECTRA” Drew finished and all of us looked at him practically saying ‘what?’ and Tom hit him across the head. Drew held up his hands sheepishly and Tom shook his head and looked at me again wide-eyed.
“Skylar?” He asked bewildered and I gritted my teeth. Yes it’s me; do I look that different in a dress with my hair down?
“Why does Skylar look like a girl again?” I heard Drew ask Ryder in a low voice and growled.
“I don’t know, I think she finally lost her mind.” Ryder whispered covering his mouth with a hand.
“Get out.” I snapped pointing to the door that was now broken.
“Dude, you look like a girl.” Tom commented looking me up and down focusing on my legs. I blushed and folded my arms.
“Are you wearing heels?” Drew questioned and I nodded slowly making all of the guys’ eyes go wide.
“You-you- (Tom)
“Are- (Ryder)
“Wearing- (Drew)
“Heels?” (Tom)
They asked breathing heavily like a woman who’s going into hard labor.
“No shit Sherlock, what are these converse?” I rolled my eyes and walked past the group of wide-eyed pigs making it down the hallway.
Did I mention that I’m gonna kill Raidon? If not then I’m gonna kill Raidon.
I sat on the living room coach and started going through channels till I stopped it on Sponge Bob Square pants.
What? The dude rocks!!!
I felt the coach dip from beside me and saw Ryder who smiled at me but I ignored him and continued watching Sponge Bob.
“Aw come on Skylar you can’t be mad.” He whined and I looked away avoiding his gaze.
“Yes I am.” I said and heard him sigh muttering ‘then we’ll have to do it the hard way.’ Before standing up and leaving the room.
I breathed out a sigh of relief and zoned out. Don’t get me wrong the guys and I have been best friends since like forever which makes me mad, I know you think I’m crazy to say that but do you know why? Because they know all of my weaknesses. My main weakness is –
“Oh-oh my gosh-stop it stop it.” I said in between laughs trying to catch my breath.
“Not until you say you forgive us.” Tom said and I clutched my stomach squirming under them.
Yes you guessed it, they were tickling me!
“N-ever.” I said and they tickled me harder knocking the breath out of me.
The kept on tickling me to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and said
“Okay I forgive you.” I mumbled out of breath and heard the guys exclaim ‘finally’.
I calmed down a little and sat up straight shaking my head. Before I could say anything the door bell rang and I sprang up to open it.
Once I reached the door I took slow steps to the front and held the knob opening it slowly…

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To Be Continued…

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