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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 16)

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Episode 16.

Skylar’s P.O.V.
I nearly fainted when I saw his room, it’s even worse than Tom’s room! Shirts, pants, boxers, bras and panties where all over the room. The room smelled worse than the principal’s car, full of s*x. There were picture of half naked women all over the room. The room was mostly red and black but you can’t really see anything since there’s close everywhere.
I looked at Raidon pleading him not to do this to me but he only said “I thought you’ll need something to clean with.” He casually shrugged “There are gloves on the nightstand and a bag on the floor.” He turned around and walked out of the room.
I looked at the room again and had tears in my eyes… because of the smell. “Raidon Fox I hate you.” I screamed and heard him chuckle, he must not be far away.
“Same here.” I heard him reply.
I looked around and found the nightstand and there were gloves on it. I tiptoed through the room careful not to touch anything that’s EWWISH and finally reached it. Something cracked and I looked down to see a box.
I bent down and picked it up only to see that it’s a CONDOM? Oh My Gosh, I screeched and threw it on the floor. I looked at the nightstand and wore the gloves, it’s better than nothing. I saw a bag at the end of the room took it and started cleaning.
I bent down and took a lime green shirt from the floor then but it in the bag. Next were the three pairs of pants that were covered in something sticky… I don’t really wanna know. The smell was unbearable so I started breathing from my mouth.
I picked up the shirts and pants but the one thing that I was scared of the most was left.
The underwear… dear lord help me.
I stared at the set of underwear on the floor and closed my eyes. This is disgusting who knows what he has done in there. I almost gagged at the thought of it. I opened my eyes and glared at the underwear. I took of a glove and opened my iPhone. I strolled down and saw the song that I wanted, ‘Video Phone’ by Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga. (Play the song)
I pressed play, put it on the nightstand and put on the glove. The song started playing and I took a deep breath still glaring at the clothes on the floor. I took slow steps towards the pack of clothes on the floor and soon I was standing in front of them.
I bent down and slowly extended my hand to reach the clothes. I took a pantie with me finger and it dandled. I put it in the bag next to me and proceeded with the others.
“Oof.” I wiped my forehead that was covered in sweat. I looked around the room and saw that it was clean. Damn right, you can actually see the floor. I’m so proud of myself but then again Raidon’s going to get a piece of my mind.
I smirked thinking of what I should do with the clothes. I saw a fire place downstairs right? I tiptoed down the hall and made my way to the living room. I heard people talking from the kitchen but I paid no mind to them.
I turned on the fire place with the bag of clothes in my hand. Watch out Raidon Fox…
I smirked and through the bag which was soon on fire.
I heard footsteps running this way and smirked.
Raidon was standing in front of me with his mouth open wide.
“What did you do?” He said and I smirked.
“Nothing I just cleaned your room as you said.” I said innocently and trust me he looked so mad that looks could kill.
Soon steps were followed and three guys stood next to Raidon. They all looked shocked at the pile of clothes. They looked between Raidon and I then smirked.
“This is awkward.” One squeaked and I chuckled.
“Hey I’m Skylar.” I took a few steps forward and extended my hand which they all shook grinning.
“I’m Luke.”
“I’m Chad.”
“And I’m Steve.” Each one of them said and I smiled.
“Well Raidon you never told us a lovely lady was here.” The one who I think was Chad said and stepped closer to me.
Raidon narrowed his eyes then said “She’s no lovely, she’s the devil.” Raidon hissed and I smirked. Serves him right.
“Aw Raidon babe you know you love it.” I pouted and the guys snorted.
“Good to have someone to put Raidon in place.” Steve murmured and Raidon gave him a what-the-hell look which made Steve raise his hands in surrender.
“What the hell dude, you’re supposed to be at my side.” Raidon cried and the others looked at each other.
“We prefer to be with the hot babe.” Luke answered and Raidon glared at me hard.
I decided to make him madder “Hey guys wanna play Xbox?” I asked them and they looked at me wide eyed.
“You know how to play Xbox?” Luke cried and I nodded.
Chad put his arm on my shoulder and hugged me tight… Is he PMSing?
“Will you marry me?” He bent down on one knee and I rolled my eyes.
“Ugh come on guys oh and Chad.” I said and he looked at me, well more at my boobs…
“Stop looking at my boobs.” I ordered and the others burst out laughing.
I turned around and walked upstairs.
Operation making Raidon mad is now in action… I mentally smirked.

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To Be Continued….

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