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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 14)

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Episode 14.

Skylar’s P.O.V.
Wow he looks like a bull fuming ready to kill. I smiled smugly at him which only made him madder.
I pretended to be surprised and put a hand on my heart.
“Oh my Prince Raidon! What happened to you?” I fake gasped and I heard the guys chuckle. I looked at them and grinned from ear to ear. Drew was trying to hold in his laughter but failed miserably.
“I ask you to bring me food and you bring me that garbage?” He hissed through narrowed eyes and I glared. I’m sure everyone in the cafeteria is watching right now. I looked down at his hand and saw that he had the tray with him.
“What garbage?” I asked innocently looking at him straight in the eyes and he growled.
“THIS GARBAGE.” He roared and I kicked my chair and stood up getting really mad. Who the hell does he think he is to talk to me like that?
I took a dangerous step closer to and leaned forward. “If you talk to me like that ever again I will kick you in the family jewels so you won’t be able to reproduce got it?” I said in a low but dangerous voice and saw surprise flash through his eyes but he covered it by smirking.
He leaned closer and whispered “You’re in no place to say that. Remember that I know who you are Speed.” I froze when he said that name afraid anyone might hear him but he continued “You will do as I say with no buts, got it?” He asked but didn’t really need an answer.
He stood up straight and grinned “See you at MY house tonight Skylar.” He sneered cockily and turned around. I scowled but suddenly a great idea came in mind.
I turned around to look at the guys with evilness in my eyes and Tom chuckled and Drew nodded. I looked at Ryder and saw him looking at me with a gleam in his eyes. I looked at his food and he directly knew that I’m going to use his food as a weapon.
WHAT? HE BOUGHT A BURGER with fries AND spaghetti.
I smiled at him sweetly using my
always effective puppy dog eyes that no one can resist. He huffed and rolled his eyes but passed me his food but without saying “You owe me.” I rolled my eyes at his statement but nodded seeing I don’t have a choice.
Guys! I mentally rolled my eyes. They can really be pigs sometimes.
I grinned and took the spaghetti plate from Ryder and held it behind my back. I turned around and saw that Raidon was talking with Chastity, the biggest WH*re in school a few feet away.
I smirked seeing that it was an easy target because he wasn’t far in front. I took a few steps forward till I was a few meters behind Raidon.
“Yo Raidon.” I screamed high and all faces turned to look at me including this. I clutched the spaghetti.
“Tell me what you think of this.” I raised my palm and threw the spaghetti at him which landed in his face. The cafeteria went silent, except the bursts of laughter from the guys. I looked at the students and they were looking at Raidon with their mouth wide open.
My gaze flicked to Raidon and saw him taking the spaghetti off of his face. I choked on my laughter but burst out laughing when I saw the look on his face. The student body started chuckling and some were laughing.
By now I was on the floor clutching my sides from laughing so much.
All of a sudden I was soaked in water, or is that … PEPSI!!!
WHO THE HELL DID THAT? I looked up to see Raidon laughing his ass off with his group of following cows. I balled my fists and stood up. I look down to see my shirt wet and sticking on my body. He’s going to pay for this! Good thing my shirt wasn’t see through.
I looked at my right and saw a big piece of cupcake covered with cream.
I took the cupcake from the girl and stalked towards Raidon. He was laughing with his friends and his back was facing me so he didn’t see me. I tapped his shoulder which made him turn around and smeared the cupcake all over his face.
I smiled sweetly before turning around and walking in the direction of my table. I looked at the guys’ faces and saw that they were all red from laughing. Glad they enjoyed it.
Before I walked any further I felt something on my hair. I froze and put my hand on my hair to see what it is. To my surprise it was the ‘food’ I bought to Raidon. I shrieked from disgust and hit Raidon with a burger.
Soon, the entire cafeteria joined us in the food fight and everyone was either covered in ketchup, mustard, Pepsi, Spaghetti, salsa, etc… To tell you it was quite hilarious!!!
Tom looked like he just came out of a piñata party. Drew looked like he just got out from a fire but Ryder was the best. He was covered in sausages which made him looked like the joker. His face was all red and his clothes were covered in various typed of colors.
I was throwing marshmallows at Tom when a voice roughly interrupted us.
“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?” I knew that voice too well. It was the devil himself. The principal, oh come on I hate that guys!
He always interrupts our fun. I looked at him and he looked furious. Everyone dropped everything they were holding.
“WHO STARTED THIS?” He boomed and I looked at my feet. I looked up and saw everyone’s hands on me. I scowled at them but deepened it when I saw the guys pointing at him. THOSE TRAITORS! They’re going to regret this.
“Wow I can feel the love here guys, thanks a lot.” I sarcastically said but was instantly met by the principal’s glare. I frowned at him but saw Raidon trying hard not to smile.
I evilly smirked. Well Mr. Fox, if I’m going down then you’re going down with me.
“It’s Raidon’s fault.” I defended myself and saw Raidon glaring at me. I smirked in his direction which only made him to glare with more hate.
“Ms. Brown and Mr. Fox please follow me to my office.” Said the principal and I followed with Raidon behind. We walked down the hall and reached the principal’s office. I winked at Janice the principal’s secretary.
She cracked a smile and shook her head. I grinned and the principal opened the door.
Before I could step inside Raidon held my arm and hissed in my ear.
“You’re gonna regret this.” He said before darting in the office leaving me shocked.
The only sentence I could think of was: What have I done?

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To Be Continued…

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