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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 12)

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Episode 12.

Skylar’s P.O.V.
The alarm clock beeped and I smashed it. Raidon is so going to regret the day he grew balls. I got up and opened the bathroom door, brushed my teeth, and got in the shower.
After the shower I felt refreshed. Good, I need something that would make me calm down a bit. I got dressed in a plain white sleeveless shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. I combed my hair and put on a pair of zebra lined converses. Awesome Right? Where I got them? Don’t ask me.
I walked down the hall to the kitchen and heard noises. I peeked through the door to see the three little pigs devouring the poor refrigerator, poor thing I mentally shook my head at them. How the hell could they manage to pack so much away? Vacuum cleaners, honestly.
“You ask her, why do I have to ask her?” I heard Drew cry and Tom huff.
“You ask her because you’re the dumb one.” Tom snorted sipping his drink and Drew hit him upside the head which made Tom choke on his drink and spill them on his oversized red shirt. I stifled a laugh and continued watching.
Tom looked down at his shirt and slowly looked up at Drew glaring; Oh-oh Tom’s mad, look out Drew. I winced, warning him silently.
Tom stood up knocking the chair back and Drew did the same. Tom held his fist up ready to punch Drew. I stormed in the kitchen and stood between Drew and Tom.
I saw Ryder sitting on the chair with his hand under his chin looking at both of them in amusement. I looked at him with a what-the-hell look but he just chuckled and held his hands up.
“What?” He cried “Don’t tell me it’s not funny. They look like they’re in the bullfighting arena, matador Drew holding up a red napkin and Tom the bull ready to chop his head off.” He explained himself and I rolled me eyes not able to hide my smile. Trust Ry to come up with that analogy , and a damn accurate one at that, I noted looking back to Tom and Drew.
“Shut up.” I snapped looking at Günter and Luther standing on each side.
“NOW. What do you want to ask me about?” I demanded and frowned. I forgot something. What did I forget? I racked my brain. Oh right…
“Good morning.” I said and they murmured their mornings. Now, getting back to business.
“What do want to talk to me about?” I asked.
Drew looked away and Tom dramatically sighed. What is wrong with those two? We’re not living in a bloomin’ soap Opera. Ryder chuckled hiding his face in his hand turning red and I cracked a smile. I’m telling you, when Ryder laughs it gets pretty funny cause he turns red quickly.
I looked at Ryder curious about what they’re talking about. He shook his head and sighed knowing that he couldn’t win this argument.
“What did Blaze tell you?” Ryder asked his full attention on me. Tom and Drew were looking at me and it was making me uncomfortable.
Should I tell them? If I told them they will beat the sh*t out of Raidon and then my secret will come out publicly. I fiddled with my fingers and sighed.
I’ve made up my mind…
“Nothing.” I swallowed. It was hard lying to them but I had too. “He just wanted to talk about how we should be careful because the cops are getting suspicious.” I answered and looked at each and every one of them in the eye.
Tom and Drew believed it but I saw something flash in Ryder’s eyes but thank god he nodded afterwards I was home free for now.
I stepped out of the car, the others doing the same and slammed my door shut. I was still mad.
All the students looked at me scared and stepped inside letting me pass.
I looked around and spotted Raidon and his bunch of bull dogs standing next to the lockers. Raidon’s gaze locked with mine and he smirked.
He f*ckin smirked, I’M GONNA KILL HIM. I glared and kept walking in his direction.
I stood in front of him my eyes narrowed and him still smirking? Did he always smirk?
“We need to talk.” I sneered which made him get more cocky seeing me like this.
“About what?” He asked innocently and I fumed.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” I got closer.
Before he could say anything the bell rang and I cursed loudly.
I poked my finger in his chest and said “The bell saved you this time.”
With that, I turned around and walked down the hall with the guys behind me.
“What was that all about?” Drew asked but I kept walking.
“None of your damn business.” I answered them harshly and ran to class leaving three furious boys.
The bell rang and I quickly took my stuff and got out of class.
I made my way through the sea of students and saw Raidon getting out of his class.
I got closer to him and roughly grabbed his arm.
“Come with me”

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To Be Continued…

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