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[STORY] Do It Like A Dude (Episode 1)

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Gazing at the score board, I had a feeling of someone watching me. I looked around but no one was was there. Something caught my attention ; a figure walking through the shadows of the dark alley and being curious, I followed it .
“Who’s there?” I asked looking around, clutching my gun. A noise came from my left making me quickly whip my head, but yet again, saw no one.
Another noise came from my right side, but this time I took out my gun just in case something bad happened.
I gasped in surprise feeling a person’s presence behind me. I turned around and my eyes widened seeing who it was.
He leaned forward and blew a hot breath on my ear.
“You’re screwed.” He stated before disappearing through the thin night air.

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Episode 01.

“SPEED…SPEED…SPEED…SPEED…SPEED” The crowd chanted loudly. The moment I opened the door of my brand new black lexus ls, I knew all the attention was on me.
I made my way through the hectic crowd to reach Ryder, Tom and Drew –my home boys. We have been the best of friends since kindergarten, doing each and everything together. They had their arms folded over their chests, their eyes focused on me.
Of course with them being the bad boys of the city, all the girls were surrounding them.
Tom was the first to do the ‘manly hand shake’ with me and all the others followed suit.
“Yo Speed where were ya dude?” Drew asked.
It’s time to put my manly voice in action.
I shrugged my shoulders as if it wasn’t important and replied in a deep voice “Nothin important.”
Before anything, let me introduce you to my gang. Ryder Parker known as
Blade has dirty blond hair, wide baby blue eyes and stood at 6 ‘2. Tom Meyer or Thunder has black cornrows, warm brown eyes, high cheekbones, and stood at 6 ‘3. Drew Young known as Hunter has short brown hair, big brown eyes, and was 6 ‘1. They all had a godlike muscular frame.
Last but not least there’s me, Skylar Brown, also known as Speed. My blonde hair is cut short to my shoulders, my eyes the darkest shade of blue; As for my frame, I stand at 5’7. I’m tall with respect to girls’average height, and even my body is stacked with muscles, but of course not as much the guys.
Yeah you heard it right, a girl and a really young one. That’s another thing to why we shouldn’t let people know our true identity. I’m eighteen along with the rest of the guys and we attend San Diego High School. In school I am a normal teenage girl that hangs out with my boys.
We are the rulers of the school, well there’s also Raidon Knight and his crew but that’s a story for another time. Let’s just say we don’t get along pretty well. Anyway, let us go back to street racing.
In the street racing world, guys think that if you’re a girl, you’re simply no more than a toy or pet as they call them. Men play with you then throw you away like some sort of trash when they’re done. Most of the girls that come to the races are gang pets. Not to mention the nasty things they wear.
Nobody knows I’m a girl except for Drew, Tom and Ryder. They think it’s hilarious that a girl like me could beat a guy’s ass in any street race.
At midnight most San Diego gangs participate in the races and bet on them. Till now we are the best but of course being the best means having enemies.
The Phantom Riders are our number one enemy. We always compete against them and never one did any of us win, we always end up with a tie. Their leader, Blaze, is my number one enemy. He’s an arrogant son of a gun that doesn’t know his limits.
We are called The Slayers and are feared throughout San Diego. We always have our black glasses on to cover our eyes, and we also dress in black. Unlike the rest of the gang, I wear a black boy cut wig. To be honest, black goes great with the color of my eyes which is why I chose the color in the first place.
We’d anything to hide our identity so we don’t get caught. Thinking of why? Well all of our dads are well known business men so if they find out that their kids are street racing, they would have our heads on a platter, literally.
Every week two races take place in San Diego, north California. Not wanting the cops to find out about our racing arena, we decided that two races per week is best. And tonight, The Slayers’ and The Phantom Riders’ leaders compete, meaning Raidon and I.
This is the night all the gangs are waiting for. I cannot let the Phantom Riders win, never. I won’t let them be number one.
I looked around and spotted Blaze looking at me with a dark expression on his face. Breaking my stare would be a sign of weakness, so I held onto it. I continued glaring until Blaze and the rest of his gang started strolling our way. Apparently, the guys noticed that and turned into defense mode.
The arena became quiet, all watching the two most powerful leaders standing facing each other. Fear and excitement buzzed though the place.
“Well, well, well… Are you ready to lose Speed?” He sneered and I scowled.
“In your dreams, Blaze.” I replied in the same exact tone. He smirked not bothering to reply and walked away, his gang following him like lost puppies. Someone’s full of himself.
Nobody knows Blaze’s true identity. His electric blue eyes along with his sandy brown hair made girls swoon all over him. Girls die to be with him, but hey the same happens with me. Girls practically throw themselves at me but I don’t give a damn, I definitely straight.
I was snapped back in to reality when Tom nudged me. He tapped his watch twice, silently telling me that the race will start in two minutes.
I wasted no time in getting into my car after the guys wished me the best of luck, not that I needed it. But honestly, I was nervous for absolutely no reason. I’m ready and I’d done this many times before. But this time I am the one that’s going to win.
Blaze opened his car door and hopped turning his head to look at me mouthed ‘you’re dead’ . I rolled my eyes and looked away, his empty words mean nothing to me.
Both of our cars roared to life and with each roar, the crowd cheered louder.
A girl stood in the middle wearing the skimpiest dress ever known to mankind. I watched her hands as she counted – one –two then put the flag down indicating that the race has begun. Once the flag went down my car flew. I looked at the speed that I was going at, it showed one –seventy, and with each second passing, it escalated.
I focused on the road, the everything on the sides of the road seemed like a blur of lights. Victory became closer and closer; I can feel it. Snapping my head to the left, I saw Blaze’s car at the same level as mine. The finish line was only a few second away, and seeing Blaze still flying besides me, I changed the gear so that the car can go faster.
Only a few steps away and victory will take place. The white finish line was just in front of me and the moment I passed it, the crowd went wild. I took my foot off of the gas pedal and the car slowly stopped. I was feeling dizzy so I closed my eyes and took deep breathes.
Not a second later the car door flew open and I was lifted up by into someone’s arms, Ryder’s to be exact. He put me down, took my hand in his and lifted my hand up in the air, a sign of victory.
“And the winner is … SPEED!” Ryder screamed and the crowd started chanting ‘SPEED, SPEED, SPEED…’ The adrenaline pumped through my veins, a wide smirk plastered on my face.
I smiled and held my hands up in the air, loving the way the crowd began clapping and yelling. A group of girls came my way and clung onto me, ugh they’re such sluts. Before I could shoo them off, I saw Blaze pointing a gun at me. Almost instantly, I got my gun out and aimed it at him. When the guys saw the gun in my hand, all their guns were out and pointed at Blaze.
Just as Jace was about to fire, someone came running.
“Cops are coming this way!” With that, all hell broke loose. People started going in different directions, trying to get out of the place as fast as they could.
Blaze glared at me, his nostrils flared like a bull seeing red. “The cops saved you this time, Speed. But next time, there won’t be anyone to save you,” He sneered, making his way to his car.
“We have to get out of here, c’mon.” Tom gripped my arm. I nodded and got in my car, turned on the engine and drove off. Once I reached the house –more like mansion, I parked the car in the garage and got out hoping the rest of the guys safely reached their houses.
Since my parents are always on business trips, the house is all mine. It’s a three floor mansion with a red and golden theme, quite royal-ish if you ask me. I opened the garage door that lead to the living room and walked upstairs.
My room is on the third floor along with my brother’s but he’s in NYC studying for his business degree. It mainly consisted of black and blue colors, in which the bed is blue with black stripes and the walls are black with sparkly blue lines between them.
My walk in closet is huge, seriously it’s really spacious with lots of clothes, but none of which are skirts.
I hate skirts; I hate everything girly that is. I only have tank tops, shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, pants and converse. I have a couple of dresses and heels but I rarely wear them, they’re kept for family occasions.

To be continued..

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