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[STORY] The Exclusive Sex Worker (Episode 42)

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Episode 42.

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I had defied him,but it had been worth it. The release had been worth it.

I knew he wasn’t talking to me, so I wasn’t even bothered. He would bark but he wouldn’t bite,i knew that much.

The door closed and my eyes were still shut,my legs still apart as I lay back lazily on the sofa.

“What the fúck was that about? Tish?”

Now my eyes flew open, he never called me Tish.

“I told you I needed to touch myself.” I replied.

“Without my permission?”

“Fúck Rich, I get that you have a thing with punishments but I just couldn’t take all that pleasure and not do anything about it. I’m not like you who has mastered the art of control or whatever. If I need to fúck,I need to fúck. There’s no big thing to it.” I told him, ignoring his pissed tone of voice.
I got up intending to go into the bathroom to clean up when Rich pulled me back to himself roughly, holding tightly to my arm.

“What is it with you,Tish?” He suddenly asked holding my gaze.”

“What do you mean?” I asked back, looking up at him.

“There’s is something different, something off about you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“First you arrive at your own time, delaying my reservations for an hour, do you know how much I paid for that lost hour? Then you think you can suddenly take control of a show I paid to enjoy just because you can’t hold yourself together for a few minutes?”

“Rich…I..I didn’t think of it like this. I just…I just needed release… I told you that but you were hell-bent on punishing me.”


“Who did you fúck this past week,Tishé?… was it that scrawny friend of yours? Who did you imagine when you closed your eyes?” He suddenly asked.

My eyes widened. why would he think I had bleeped someone? I had actually imagined being bleeped by X but I doubted he wanted to hear that.”

“No One.’ I said. “I didn’t Bleep anyone.”

“You’re lying.” He said, his hands moving to my shoulder,he pushed me back against the wall,f OEM but not rough.

“I swear, I haven’t fúcked anyone since you.” I said truthfully.

“But you imagined someone Bleeping you when you touched yourself. Who was it?”

I shook my head and he turned me away from him to face the wall muttering, “liar!”

He left me for a brief second and I heard the zipper of his pants. He was going to fúck me.

“Who was it?” He asked again, his hand grabbing one Bosom and squeezing. “Who the fúck was it?”

I felt his rigid Díck against my back and I whispered. “It was him…the guy Bleeping Fantasia.

He began to kiss the curve of my neck and I shivered. “Why him? His Díck isn’t even as big as mine. Don’t I satisfy you enough Tishé? Why do you have to think about someone else?”

Suddenly, he slipped his Díck into my slick, wet pússy. He was so tall, he pushed me up, I was barely standing on my tip toes. His hand went around my waist, supporting my weight.

“You see how I fill you up nicely…. And you take all of me? We fit perfectly.”He whispered gruffly into my ear.

One hand on my Bosom, the other hand on my crotch, he began thrusting into me.

I couldn’t help the groan that escaped my throat. His Díck was indeed perfect. Sliding into me, hitting all the right nerve ends. His crotch slapping my àss as he fúcked me.
“You love this Díck, don’t you? You missed it, didn’t you?” he asked,as he squeezed my Bosom hard, his voice a ragged whisper,

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“Ahh…Yes.” I replied between moans.

“And I missed you….” He whispered, biting the curve of my neck.

“Ahh….., Rich.. fúck me harder!” I told him,i needed more of him,more. I was so slick and wet, I needed all his Díck buried in me till it hit my core.

To Be Continued…

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