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[STORY] The Exclusive Sex Worker (Episode 16)

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Episode 16.

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The large double doors were opened and we were greeted by a solemn looking middle aged man in a suit who I assumed was an employee of the house as he referred to Rich as ‘Sir’ even though he was considerably older.

He didn’t even seem to notice my outfit, he just looked up ahead, minding his business.

Rich nodded his greeting to the man, walking on as if he knew where we were headed. I followed behind.
We walked through a hallway, and I noticed the lights were sort of dim and had a reddish hue to it. Not the sort you would find in a residential house. It was too Sekxy and dim to be of much use. I became quite comfortable with my unclothedness as everything was quite covered by the shadows the dim lights cast.

We got to a closed door and just before Rich opened it, he turned to me saying. “Don’t talk to anyone.”

I nodded, curious as to what was on the other side of the door.

He opened it and stepped aside so I entered first.

The large room we entered was even dimmer than the hall way. Low music was playing and I struggled to adjust my eyes to the minimal lighting and was shocked to my toes at what I saw.

In this room, were quite a number of people. Males and females and from what my brain could interpret through their body movements, many of them were smooching, kissing, making out and Bleeping.


“Pick your jaw up from the floor, will you? Haven’t you seen a live Fun before?” He asked with that his all too familiar smirk as his hand closed over my arm possessively as he pulled me off.

“I…I haven’t.” I replied, mind numbed at what I was seeing.

“Well, try not to stare too hard, that’s just rude.” He said, but I felt he was mocking my naïveté.

What were we doing here, really? I wondered again. Had he brought me here to be group f.u.cked by strangers?

Somehow I didn’t think that was possible, not when he got so easily jealous.

He led me to an empty seat and pushed me on to it. “Don’t talk to anyone.”

I watched him walk away, still wondering who he meant to punish in here and how?

A waiter appeared not long after with a bottle of chilled wine in an ice bucket, opened it and began pouring it in a glass.

I took a sip of the red wine when he was done and was surprised at the sweetness of it. It was sweet but still quite alcoholic, I would have to sip it slowly.

Another waiter appeared with food which he placed on a stool beside me. I was actually quite famished and it was thoughtful of Rich to have ordered the meal.

I briefly wondered if I could eat with all this f.u.cking going on around me, but decided I definitely could when I opened up the dish and the scent wafted up to my nostrils.

I smiled as I saw he’d ordered pasta, he must have recalled my preferred dish back at the hotel the night before. There was also some sort of creamy shrimp sauce that tasted so wonderful and woke up all the taste buds on my tongue when I tried it.


I was so busy sampling the food and drink, I’d blocked out the activities going on in the room but I couldn’t help but notice lights go up in the centre of the room.

I looked up and so did a few others.

To Be Continued….

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