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IKEJA: A Yoruba Word Or An Abbreviation?

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The funny thing about life is you get to learn everyday. That is the only way to grow in knowledge. As the Greek philosopher Socrates always said: “I know that I know nothing.”

So when a friend told me the full meaning of “IKEJA”, the capital of Lagos, researches were made and he was right!

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Being in the centre of Lagos, Ikeja is certainly a hotspot:

“Allen Avenue in Ikeja is one of the most expensive streets in Lagos, The 5-Star Sheraton Hotel is located in Ikeja, Ikeja is also home of the the legendary Fela Amikulapo Kuti and of course the Afrika Shrine, Ikeja is the official seat of the Governor of Lagos  and many more so you can”t dispute its significance.”

But what if i told you the capital of Lagos Ikeja is only an abbreviation?? 😮😮

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IKEJA is only an abbreviation meaning called “Ikorodu and Epe Joint Administration” It was coined by colonial administrators for ease of administration.

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1 Comment

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    October 13, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    Dat’s a bit funi. Bt I tink dats it

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