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Episode 27.

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It has been two days since Amarachi found out about the events going on in the village and the house has become more like a war zone with Victor bringing up the topic at any giving opportunity, he was trying so hard to convince both I and Amarachi to forget the past and go to the village, I knew I and Amarachi has two different reasons for not going back to the village but all the same we were agreeing not to go, Amarachi wasn’t talking much about this issue but get even more angry when the topic is raised, I was already afraid of losing the good side of Amarachi, thought she will feel a little broken but she was not showing any remorse about anything and this scared me.

I rushed to my phone that was ringing on my bed, I was in the bathroom, just finished having my bath when I heard my phone ringing, I picked it up and saw Victor name on my phone screen.

AFAMEFUNA: Hello man.

VICTOR: where are you.

AFAMEFUNA: am home

VICTOR: please can you and Amarachi come to meet me at my office now.

AFAMEFUNA: any problems.

VICTOR: not at all, please.

AFAMEFUNA: Amarachi is not around, she went to the market.

VICTOR: okay you come alone.

AFAMEFUNA: okey will be on my way.

He ended the call, I was confused about this urgent call, I wondered what was happening but still got nothing, I quickly dressed up and went on my way to Victor’s office

I got to his working place and went to his office, it wasn’t my first time here so I knew my way around, I greeted the secretary who was smiling, well she is always smiling when ever she sees me, on many occasions she has tried to get my attention but I really didn’t have her time since Amarachi was all I think of, she told me Victor was already waiting for me so I made my way to his office, I opened up and went inside to meet him and two other people sited comfortably on chairs, Victor was the first to see me as he was facing opposite the door, he immediately got up when he saw me.

VICTOR: My prince welcome.

That was strange, I can’t remember when last he called me that name, I was looking at Victor with a confused face, the two men also raised up facing me and greeting me in the process, that was when I saw their faces, I couldn’t forget it, they are chief Okafor and chief Enyinnaya Victor’s father, did Victor invite me here to meet them, I looked at Victor now angry, he had this pleading eyes.

CHIEF OKAFOR : my prince, please don’t me angry with us that we came unannounced but we really wanted to see you, it is very important.

CHIEF ENYINNAYA: I know you won’t want to see us but please we won’t take much of your time.

VICTOR: please just listen to them.

In as much as I was angry with Victor I still had to calm down to listen to them if not for any one but for Victor’s father, won’t want to disrespect him in present of my friend, there was already another empty chair at the other side of the office.

AFAMEFUNA: let’s sit.

VICTOR: thank you.

We all sat down, I already knew what the meeting was all about so I just hope it ends early.

CHIEF OKAFOR: my prince, how have you been doing.

I was keeping a straight face, I really don’t know why the question but anyway if I want this to end quickly then I have to just pretend I was following.


CHIEF OKAFOR: we are very happy to hear that and we thank the gods for that, we don’t need to introduce ourselves as you already know who we are and the reason we are here, i know Victor have told you everything that is going on now in the village and we have been waiting for your reply but got none.

CHIEF ENYINNAYA : My prince, the people of Amucha village are suffering, some of us have started praying for death to come, please we need your help.

AFAMEFUNA: and what makes you think I care.

They were shocked and it was written on their faces.

CHIEF OKAFOR: why won’t you care, it is your village and you are our future king.

AFAMEFUNA: you are just realizing that because few months ago you didn’t when you tried to destroy my future and my happiness.

CHIEF OKAFOR: we know we made a mistake.

AFAMEFUNA: you don’t because if you did you will know.

CHIEF ENYINNAYA: my prince I know that there is no amount of begging that will make you forgive us for what we did to Amarachi but please innocent people are suffering for our mistake, please you have to help us.

AFAMEFUNA: I don’t even understand this, do I look like Amarachi to you.

CHIEF OKAFOR: no but you are the only one that can help us get through to her.

AFAMEFUNA: this is unbelievable, I want to ask one question, if you people had succeeded in killing her will you be here right now begging for her presence to save yourself.

They were silent, I knew they wouldn’t answer that, I looked at them with hatred.

AFAMEFUNA: I thought as much.

I got up to leave, I couldn’t stand them anymore.

VICTOR: Afamefuna, what is wrong with you.

AFAMEFUNA: no what is wrong with you, how many times did I tell you that I and Amarachi going back to that village is not what we are going to do, you think bringing them here to talk to me will make things better, never call me for this kind of meeting again.

By this time both chiefs has already got up.

CHIEF OKAFOR: my prince.

AFAMEFUNA: and you listen to me, this will be the last time I want to see your face, don’t make me see them again.

CHIEF ENYINNAYA: my prince punish us all you want but not the innocent ones, my wife did nothing so as my daughter, don’t let them pay for sins they didn’t commit.

I was confused now, didn’t understand what he was talking about.

AFAMEFUNA: what are you talking about.

CHIEF OKAFOR: late Nneka ghost is not taking revenge on those that hurt her directly, she is hurting those around us, Mazi Enyinnaya wife and daughter has been sick for weeks now and others too, we fear they might died if nothing is done.

I was taken back now, if Mazi Enyinnaya is Victor’s father then his wife and daughter are Victor’s mother and sister, I looked at Victor who was looking directly to me.

AFAMEFUNA: your mother and your sister are involve.

VICTOR: please Afamefuna, I don’t want to lose them, they are all I have.

I felt so weak instantly, all my anger was gone, I sat down confused, Victor has been good to me and Amarachi, he doesn’t deserve to be punish for his good.

CHIEF OKAFOR: please help us.

AFAMEFUNA: what do have me do.

VICTOR: you alone can convince Amarachi, please talk to her, she will listen to you.

It was hard to agree but there was nothing I could do at this point, my friend family was now involved so I had to do something, he will never forgive me if anything happens to his mother and sister.

AFAMEFUNA: I am doing this for you Victor, because you have been a good friend to me, I will talk to Amarachi but I am not promising anything, we will get back to you through Victor.

They all thanked me before I left Victor’s office.
********************** I got home and found Amarachi in the sitting room, she was watching a movie that got her attention so she didn’t hear when I got In, I looked at her as she laughed at any funny act by the actors in the movie, all the events that happened at Victor’s office came playing in my head, I was not happy with the turn of event but I won’t want that from stopping me to help my friend, if Amarachi is the only one that will make her mother’s spirit to stop disturbing the village and the innocent ones then she haves to go and help them, I was brought out of my thought when I heard Amarachi calling my name.

AMARACHI: what is wrong with you, are you okay.

AFAMEFUNA: yeah I am.

I walked to where she was sitting and sat with her.

AMARACHI: I have been calling you but you were lost in your own thought.

AFAMEFUNA: yea sorry about that.

AMARACHI: sorry for what, sorry for thinking or sorry for not answering my calls.


AMARACHI: I came home but you were not around.

AFAMEFUNA : yea went to Victor’s office.

AMARACHI: oh okay, you must be hungry, let me serve you your food then you will tell me what you were thinking about.

She was about to get up but I held her back.

AFAMEFUNA: am not hungry.


AFAMEFUNA: there is something I want us to talk about.

She was worried that I knew.

AMARACHI: is everything okey.

AFAMEFUNA: not really.

AMARACHI: is it about my late mother ghost disturbing the villagers.

I took her hands, she needs all the claiming down because I knew convincing her won’t be easy.

AFAMEFUNA: I got a call from victor this morning telling me to come to his office, I got here and met Mazi Okafor and Victor’s father there.


AFAMEFUNA: we talked and they begged.


AFAMEFUNA: My queen, don’t you think we should reconsider their pleading.

She immediately removed her hands from mine.

AMARACHI: what do you mean.

AFAMEFUNA: listen I know okey that we agreed not to go to Amucha village again but don’t you think we should at least go just once.

AMARACHI: are you listening to yourself.


She got up.

AMARACHI: no you are not, those people, you of all people should know what pain they caused me.

AFAMEFUNA: yes I know but can’t you just let it go.

AMARACHI: let it go

She was now rising her voice.

AMARACHI: you want me to let it go after everything they did, they killed my mother and framed me for killing my own mother, they tried to kill me if not for Nnamdi……

I got up immediately interrupting her

AFAMEFUNA: that is it, if not for Nnamdi, if not for chiamaka, if not for some good people that are still been punished for helping you.

AMARACHI: they did me no wrong to me or my mother so I know she won’t harm them.

AFAMEFUNA: of course she won’t but what about those around them, Victor’s mother and sister are both caught in this, they are both sick, Victor father is among the elders that agreed to your death I don’t know about your mother’s death, Victor has done nothing to us, he has been a shoulder to cry on ever since we knew him, it was through him I was able to see you again, you could have still be on the street if not for him, he doesn’t have to pay for being good to us.

She was silent now and I knew I was getting to her, I took her hands again, she looked at me.

AFAMEFUNA: don’t you see what this is even doing to you, it changing you, you are more better than this and forgiving them is going to make you better than them and stronger than them.

She started crying, I didn’t stop her from crying, she needed it.

AMARACHI: I want to make them suffer, I want them to feel the pain I felt.

AFAMEFUNA: I know but it will just make you be like them and you are not like them, you are Amarachi, the young and innocent girl I felt in love with, the queen to my heart and my kingdom, you are above them and you are going to prove to them that you are their queen.

She ran into my arms as she cried her heart out, it was hard for her I knew but she had to let go, I let her cry without stopping her because she really needed to bring out the pain she was feeling, I only gave her my shoulder to cry on.

To be continued..

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