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Episode 24.

Continues from Victor pov
I matched to the room I gave to Amarachi I needed to talk to her, she might be angry with Afamefuna as he had said, maybe for the things she has gone through but even at that she should understand that both of them were in the same pain, I gently knocked on the door, she ushered me in, I took a deep breath and opened the door.
AMARACHI: please come in.
VICTOR: Thanks.
I entered and close the door behind me, she was sitting on the bed, she has changed her clothes that showed maybe she took her bath.
VICTOR: sorry for disturbing you.
AMARACHI: no you are not, I have not have the time to thank you for everything you did and still doing for me.
VICTOR: you don’t need to mention, I can do a lot of things for my friend Afamefuna.
She lower her head, I have noticed she is fond of doing that, I took few step close to her.
VICTOR: you know when I saw you I knew I have met you somewhere, it took me some time to remember exactly the place, do you know where.
She looked up at me.
VICTOR: in a photograph.
I sat on her side, on the bed.
VICTOR: Afamefuna was going crazy after coming back from the village and was told you were almost killed if not for Nnamdi that rescued you and sent you here to Lagos, we had search for you in every motor park we could think of around Lagos but yet nothing, then I haven’t met you or seen you just the wonderful words told by Afamefuna about you and I concluded you were someone to waste my time in searching for.
I looked at her, she was listening.
VICTOR: we had looked for you for almost two days until we decided to use the police, that was when I saw this pic.
I opened my phone and gave it to her, she took it from me looking at the picture before her, a smile appeared on her face.
VICTOR: that was the only pic he has of you and he cherish it with his life, look I know you been through a lot for this passed weeks and you have lost somuch too but believe me, Afamefuna has not felt better knowing you were out there all by yourself, he punished himself day and night blaming himself for everything you went through.
I saw tear in her eyes.
VICTOR: Afamefuna loves you, he can go any length to make you happy, I know that he can’t bring your mother back but he doesn’t deserve this, he is a victim just like you, after everything both of you have passed through you both are finally here will you allow your past to judge your future, he is your future and you are his, after everything there is no doubt both of you are met to be, I know you are angry with him but will you throw away this feeling because of some anger you are feeling towards him, do you want to let those people that put both of you in this path win.
AMARACHI: it hurts, my mother was all I had.
VICTOR: now he is all you have.
I took her hands.
VICTOR: he is heart broken just like you, and two broken are just the right ones to make a perfect heart, he is probably drinking himself to stupor as we speak.
AMARACHI: but that bad for his health, he is pale.
VICTOR: oh you observed, now you know I am not lying when I said he is also suffering.
AMARACHI: what should I do.
VICTOR: go to him, both of you need each other.
She nodded in agreement, I was so happy I was able to get through to her, after about two minutes of silent she got up.
AMARACHI: can you show me where he is.
VICTOR: with pleasure.
I got up and together we headed to Afamefuna room.
VICTOR: I have to leave now, you got this.
AMARACHI: thank you.
I smiled at her and walked away, I pray this work.
I was standing in front of Afamefuna door, Victor words really got to me, I had just realized I had been selfish thinking I was the only one suffering, I now felt guilty for behaving so self centered, hearing he has been searching for me non stop was unbelievable, never knew he cared for me that much, who could have thought he had a picture of me that alone was sweet, I knocked at the door twice and got no response, I was now scared hope he hasn’t harm himself.
AMARACHI: my prince, it’s me Amarachi.
I said giving out a loud breath, just like magic the door opened and Afamefuna face came to view, his eyes were reddish indicating a lot of crying had been done.
AMARACHI: can I come in.
He didn’t say a word but opened the door widely for me to enter which I did, the smell of alcohol got my breath, Victor was so right, the room was a little dark because it was dark already and the light in the room was coming from the bathroom light because the door was not locked.
I said immediately I turned to face him, I really don’t know what to say as my mouth was not able to open to say anything.
AFAMEFUNA: Am sorry.
He beat me to it.
AFAMEFUNA: Am sorry for becoming your friend even when Nnamdi, my mother, all told me to stay away from you.
I knew he was finding it hard to say those words to me, using all his strength to say it.
AFAMEFUNA: I should have listen to you too when you told me we were not supposed to be friends, am really sorry for being stubborn and selfish, and I am really really really really sorry for leaving you after putting you in a mess, am sorry for betraying you, for the lies.
We both were crying now, my heart was beginning to bleed.
AFAMEFUNA: and I am really sorry for not being there when you needed me, am sorry for your mother’s death, I should have been around, I should been there and am so sorry.
I places my hand on his lip shutting him up because I couldn’t take it any longer.
AMARACHI: it’s all my fault, I was the one that pushed you always when you came by to tell me how much you cared, I was the one that wasn’t there, you accepted me for who I was not minding what others said but yet I was thinking you didn’t deserved me where as I was the one that didn’t deserved you, you are perfect but I am nothing.
He removed my hand from his mouth.
AFAMEFUNA: you can never be nothing to me, you are everything I had hoped for and loving you will always be what I want to do.
He touched my cheek, I felt something I haven’t felt before I don’t know how I would describe it but it was pure.
AMARACHI : kiss me.
I could see the confusion in his eyes, yes he should me even I was confused of what i said, didn’t know when it came out, he stared into my eyes that I was so lost in them.
Seriously I was not in control of my self anymore, I was still lost in his eyes when he bent his head and placed his lip on mind, it was heaven on earth, it was gentle and good, as it was my first kiss I was happy it was magical, he disengage from the kiss when I didn’t want him to stopped.
AFAMEFUNA: this is your first.
How on earth did he know, was I that bad that he observe it, I shyly looked away from him, didn’t know where all my boldness ran to, he lift my face to his again.
AFAMEFUNA: I love it.
This brought smile to my face, at least he loved it not just like, he kissed me again and this time better and longer than before, and more gentle than the first, he disengage from the kiss and hugged me so tight that I could hear his heartbeat.
AFAMEFUNA : my queen, you will never leave my sight again, ever again.
I felt relax and for once in a long time I felt protected and loved.


To be continued..

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