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Episode 19.

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I hate seeing my friend Afamefuna in a bad state, since Afamefuna came to stay with me I have grown fond of him, he is like my brother now and he is a very humble guy judging from his background, he is always a cheerful guy but ever since the disappearance of Amarachi, a girl he saw and fall in love with he has not been himself, even without me knowing who she is i know she much be an angel to make Afamefuna a prince of a great kingdom fall in love and I pray she is alive somewhere and healthy, I am on my way to see my Aunty, haven’t seen her for a long time now, all her children are all living outside Lagos and being my favorite Aunt I always try to go see her mostly when she is married to that fool of an husband, well I hate the guy, he is rich but also stupid and an womanizer, I wonder what my aunty was doing with him, anyway it her choice and am going to stand by her.

I told Afamefuna to go with me but he just couldn’t give himself a free time, I pray he finds peace.



I quickly ran out to answer my boss calls, she was sitted outside the restaurant far from the costormers, she hates it when she calls you more than two times.

AMARACHI: yes ma’am you called me.

BIG MAMA: yes I did, I want you to take that meat.

Pointing at a black bag that is placed on the floor.

BIG MAMA: take it home and put it in the fridge, make sure you wash them before putting it in the fridge ok, and place some apart so i can use it to cook this evening when I get home.

AMARACHI: ok ma’am.

BIG MAMA: don’t go and sleep there ooo.

AMARACHI: I won’t ma’am.

BIG MAMA: ok be first.

I took the bag and left immediately but not without taking the key of the house, Big Mama’s house was just some block away, so I didn’t need to take any transport, I opened the big black gate and entered the building, there was no gateman because the last one traveled to his village and didn’t return, no body heard from him again, the house was a two storey building, I walked inside the house and got busy, my boss husband wasn’t at home and I was happy about it, I started with my work that in less than few minutes I was done, I cleaned the kitchen and prepared to return to the restaurant.

As soon as I went into the sitting room I saw my boss husband, uncle Joe entering too from the front door, he was just coming back from work I suppose.

AMARACHI: Good evening sir.

UNCLE JOE: Good evening, how are you.


AMARACHI: fine sir.

UNCLE JOE: you didn’t go to the store today.

AMARACHI: I did, ma’am sent me to do something at home, but am done now so I want to go back to the restaurant, she will be waiting for me.

UNCLE JOE: you mean my wife is not at home.

AMARACHI: no sir, I will be leaving now.

I wasn’t comfortable with the way he was looking at me, only God knows what was going on in his mind now, I was almost at the door when he called me.

UNCLE JOE: before you go help me to take this brief case to the bedroom.

AMARACHI: ok sir.

I took the brief case from him and head to his room, I didn’t suspect anything as it wasn’t the first time I was taking his brief case from him or the first time of me entering their bedroom but that moved I made was a very wrong one, as I turned to see him at the bedroom door immediately I dropped the brief case, he closed the door, looking at me seductively.

AMARACHI: sir, I have kept it, can I go now.

UNCLE JOE: no, there is still one thing you have to do for me.



I arrived at my Aunty restaurant, I killed the car engine after parking my car in a space I saw just right in front of my the restaurant, she was sitting at the side of the restaurant, immediately she saw me she got up and we embrace.

BIG MAMA: look at you, Victor, it is not fair ooo, even if your cousins don’t have time to come see me it very understandable but you that stays in the same city with me, tell me how can you say you are too busy to come visit me.

VICTOR: Aunty B, it not like that, believe me this past months has been really busy for me with work and a friend of mine too that needs all the help he can get to deal with some issues that is going on with him now, but I am here now right.

BIG MAMA: I heard you, I know you will always have an excuse, sit down.

We both did.

VICTOR: so how has business been going.

BIG MAMA: well we thank God, with the way you have been too busy I know work is fine.

VICTOR: as always.

BIG MAMA: so what about our wife to be.

VICTOR: she is fine.

BIG MAMA: she better be fine, after all the only thing she is good at is spending your money, I wonder what you see in her.

VICTOR: Aunty, please not today na.

My aunty never for once likes my fiancee, I have tried to make it possible but yet it doesn’t work, Becky my fiancee is a young lady that loves shopping a lot but apart from that she is perfect, she was the only woman that stood by me when things was really bad for me and it was with her help I got the work that is putting money in my account now, so am not bother if she spends some of it, she is lawyer and a good one at that, so I know she will always have my back when thing fall out of place, she spends alot yes but save a lot too and that is the part my Aunty don’t see.


BIG MAMA: what do you want to drink.

VICTOR: I don’t want to drink, I want to eat, i am hungry.

BIG MAMA: what would you love to eat then, let me tell one of my girls to bring it for you.

VICTOR: anything but first I need to go to the house to drop my bag and take a shower then I will come back to eat.

A bright smile appeared on her face.

BIG MAMA: you are sleeping over.

VICTOR: as much as I don’t want to see your husband’s face, yes I am spending the night here.

BIG MAMA: na you sabi, I will give you the key then, that’s remain me, where is this girl, she is not yet back, just to wash meat is what is taking forever.

VICTOR: which girl.

BIG MAMA: oh, she is my new worker, you need to hear this girl story you will be shocked, I will tell you later ok.

VICTOR: alright.

BIG MAMA: so go home, she will be at home.

VICTOR: ok, hope your husband is not home.

BIG MAMA: no, he hasn’t come back from work.

VICTOR: better, see you soon.

BIG MAMA: ok sir.

Both of us laugh as I walk to my car, I started the engine and drove off to my aunty’s house.

To Be Continued…

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