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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Final Episode 24



Episode 24

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“how did you…i mean how did you…”.
“you mean how did I became an angel once again??,smile. I expected that”.Hades said completing Luciana question which she was asking before stammering in the process and Luciana nodded in affirmative which ignite a cheerful smile on Hades face.
“all I promised have been fulfilled,the supreme one took me and restore me back to my position as the leader of the heavenly choir. How about you give up on this your quest and turn a new live so you could come back home through the bridge I have created once again??”.
“why should I do that when my daughter is still out there with a human……ahhhhhh, a human for that matter, those weak humans!!!”.Luciana screamed finding it difficult to accept the fact that her daughter left the whole kingdom,her and all her subject just because of a mere human.
“because one, nothing you will do is going to Bring Your daughter back to you.two,you cannot pass this shield wave ever again nor your power penetrating through it and lastly because the battle is already over”.hades explained and Luciana became shocked filled with curiosity just like everyone present there.
“what do you mean by the battle is over??”.she asked curiously and hades smile seeing her battling with her words.
“you leave your kingdom to force your daughter back home forgetting that you cannot force an horse to drink water.she made her choice and it is the best choice that has benefited us all, why are you fighting against something that is benefiting to us all??….i have approved it,everyother mermaids have accepted it and the supreme one has signed it so there is nothing you can do about it not while I still exist”.hades bluntly elucidated.
“to hell with what you all approve,accept or signed.i am her mother I gave birth to her”.Luciana elucidated in an outburst.
“and you know it was made possible by the supreme one and I effort.i seek for my reincarnation to be created and the supreme one did as I wish”.
“like I care!! “.Luciana reposted in fury and hades smile again flapping her beautiful Wings more leaving the lower mermaids who had never seen an angel before to be fully bilwerdered in the beauty of the wings.
“the destruction of every being begin the day he decided to neglect his creator just like Lucifer had done.caution! Luciana,caution.meanwhlle the battle is over you can Return back to your clave now”.hades said with an expression filled with missed fury and smile.
“stop telling me the battle is over”.
“go and check your Water of life and see for yourself then. As for passing this place ever again,forget it”.hades added and Luciana inhale and exhale deeply then she shake her head vibrantly before swimming out of the scene without saying any further word and her subjects followed behind.tracy was the last person that left the scene and before she left she gave castros and hades a thumbs up amidst smile which hades reciprocated with a smile and flapping of her wings while castros reciprocate it with a thumbs up too and she quickly swim to meet up with her clave members.
“I thought you said we are coming to Nigeria to kill her”.castros asked after Tracy had left.
“decision made when angry if implemented are always regretted.i am no more in the Cosmos of the dead mermaids and I can’t risk sending a zealous Queen like Luciana there,it is better she stay here in her prison,she can’t go anywhere anymore apart from the four corner of her kingdom isn’t that better??”.hades asked and castros exhale.
“it is also good though but it would have been sweeter if she is dead.anyway,arch angel hades I wish to know what happened when the supreme one took you will you tell me?? “.
“yes ofcourse my dear friend.lets go to your kingdom for the last farewell before I go. Meet me there”.
“huh!, meet you there??”
“yes ofcourse or are you thinking you can Challenge the speed of an angel?, before you can come out of the pond of life I will be there waiting for you”.hades said boastfully with smile and she disappeared followed by Castros.
__________DEEP INSIDE THE OCEAN________
They appeared in form of lightning one by one out of the water of life and they stood abruptly close to the water while Luciana use her sceptre to search for Isabella and her espression became bemused with shock.
“no!!!!.”.she screamed when she saw isabella in wisdom arm and she was unable to feel her power likewise her invisible tail which the water of life could show when control to. they became sober and angry at the same time and it could be visibly seen on their faces likewise Tracy.
“Isabella has killed me,why??,why will she do this to me?”.Luciana lamented and sat down on her throne dejected with tears flowing out of her face freely which landed and turn to pearls and the whole kingdom became moody, mourning their Princess whom they had lost forever with the help of forces Greater than them.the greater one,arch angel hades and castros.unfortunetely,there is nothing they could do as they have become prisoners in their own kingdom due to the clash which they had loosed woefully.
The storm is over.the peace we had always wish for is granted though I missed the free disappearing Lolz. I can remember vividly those sweet times where we vanish anyhow and apparently appeared in an invisible form, those sweet periods.different thoughts were going through my mind as we flew in the airplane heading to Germany. Yes, Germany or are you surprise??,alright I know you are now and I think giving out a brief explanation won’t cause anything right?,alright let’s do it.after narrating everything to my friends and Isabella confessed all we had done together opening every single Hidden pot hole ranging from Richard Madness,the physics teacher,uncle nick death,tochukwu dad death, uchenna and the Death of the rest seven vipers,healing my leg at the football field, granting me The strength to jump up seven feet above ground level where I broke Gabriel head on the football pole. Destroying the community,erasing their memory and so many other supernatural and mysterious things she had done either good or was too shocking for my friends to take In slowly as they were shock to the marrow not knowing that they had play, eat, swim, walk and drive on the same car with someone who had kill people more than they can ever imagine and her lover,their best friend,the super wisdom who knew everything but decided to keep them ln the was so much to take in but they did anyway after pleading and apologising for hours. After everything,they decided that it will be perfect if isabella change location so she can easily adapt to her human friends cried so much when we were going to the airport but they never stop us anyway and we promise to always get intouched with our self maintaining the bond between us forever.our parents prayed for us and also promise to sponsor Vincent to any height of education on any standard he wish to get to. ofcourse Anabel and adaeze don’t need that cos they are from a well to do family already.they can’t follow us either but Mr. Okenwa promise to single handedly sponsor their trip to Germany to visit us in Germany on every holiday.and here we are in an airplane with my baby close to me heading to Germany.after everything the storm is finally over,a bright sun has came out brightly at the end of the dark tunnel,isn’t God wonderful??.Smile.
_________SEVEN YEARS LATER______
“and the winner once again is the record breaker who had been wining the Olympic swimming championship gold medal for the past 4 years and is no other person than adaeze chukwu from Nigeria”.the announcer echoed on the microphone and cheers and claps started echoing on the four corners of the stadium filled with people all over the world who came to watch the Olympics swimming we are in Australia all together as one Just to watch one of our own who had been Breaking records in the Olympic Challenge and just like everyother year since four years ago,she did it again just like my wife isabella forecast years ago.yes my wife, we got married last year and we had already been blessed with a beautiful and sweet baby girl whom I named Mirabella.lets not talk about the marriage now ofcourse I know you All have a clue on how the wedding of two multi Billionaire and billionaires parents will look like so let me not bore you all with long story before some people will start getting jealous.anabel is also married to a guy she met in high school the only people who never knew they are ageing is the two idiotic element breaking records in the world,vincent is now a top musician while his girlfriend is breaking records in the whole wide world.
“I thank you all who had gather here to watch this great contest just like you have always been doing for the past years now am glad to have fans and supporters like you all, without you there is no me”.adaeze said on the microphone holding the gold medal famely while addressing the crowd of people present in the great stadium.
“what ever you do in life always think about tomorrow.for the fact that the struggle is weighing you down does not mean you won’t scale through for the creator never sleep and he never years ago when I was in high school,a great friend of mine,my motivator,my hope for the future and the person that encouraged me to take this part of life without fear.i lost a swimming contest against an opponents and I almost put my whole class in a big mess but she stood up, something that was never expected of her and she saved the day,she saved my whole class.but that is not all, she did something unimaginable,something shocking,something that was never expected from anyone……. Do you all want to know what she did?? “.she asked the whole crowd and they cheer in affirmative and curiosity.
“you really want to know what she did??”.she asked again and just like the latter time they echoed a’yes’ in affirmative again.
“alright. She won the title and she hand it to me. Something I loose but out of love,selflessne
ss,joy,oneness,she hand it over to me. She made me the prestigious queen of the whole school and she told me bluntly that swimming is ln me, that it is my destiny and today here I am fulfilling my destiny.i know she have more than me and I know she won’t let me down in the presence of the world I hereby Announce it now that this my fourth medal and everything in it is dedicated to her…… I hereby call on the most beautiful multi-billionaire Isabella wisdom Okenwa to mount of the stage”.she concluded and shouts of joy started echoing all around while tears started coming out freely from some people eyes who were touched by her speech.i,isabella Vincent,anabel,christain (Anabel husband)our parents and ofcourse Mirabella mounted on the stage slowly on the face of the world as the cheers kept on increasing drastically like forever.isabella gladly collected the medal from her and they hug for some minutes then we join in the hug section happily then Isabella collected the microphone to speak to the world.
“am so excited today for this wonderful Award given to me as a gift. I can’t love you less adaeze.i have told you all that my life started the day I met you all, thank you all for brighten up my day….to the managements of the contest I say a big thank you. To the fans all over the world,thank you. I love you all”.she concluded and they continued with their persistent shout which Increased drastically especially from guys who were admiring her beauty jumping and shouting on the top of their voices.
For seven years I stayed watching Isabella living happily in the human world. I wonder why isabella will choose the lifes of the weak humans who live and die early than The life of a Mermaid where she can live for ages. I missed her so much just like she misses me too and the whole kingdom which I was able to understand by reading her mind but there is nothing I could do. The shield wave prevented us from going to the human World or changing any fate again,it totally let the two different being to stay on their own and mind their Business we can only see but cannot act,perfect prison isn’t it?. For seven years the thought of isabella with a human still hurt the queen deeply but just like the rest of us, there is nothing that can be done. When the tough get going,it is really the toughest that will keep on going,isabella is the toughest,she had won. I and Belinda have become so close now than ever but still,she was still not able to replace Isabella no matter how she try to.all fingers are not equal,dont ever accept anyone that says we are all equal cos we are not and will never be. Out of my position and love from the queen I was able to withstand my ground by refusing to Fight with them and she never hurt me,if it was another mermaid his case would have become history already. Isabella betrayed and denied her mother,if it was I that tried that trash by now I would have been history for the rest of the mermaids so you see, all fingers are not equal.isabella has made her choice and she is happy with it, the little I can do as a good friend I am to her is to accept her decision and be happy for her too. I love you Isabella.
_____________CONTINUE FROM WISDOM NARRATION_________________________
I sat on a golden couch with Mirabella who was playing with my Golden amulet given to me by the angel.if you say Isabella is beautiful then Mirabella is beautifular (permit me to use that word).she was giggling in my hands while I kept staring at her beautiful eyes remembering all that happened in the past,the betrayal,love,tragedy,death,so
rrows,and pains.fallen in love is good but it really have so many consequences but if the love is really true and genuine,it must conquer Just like it has been in our does not matter what you are facing in your love life now just remain focus,let your love lead,remian true and believe me,love will conquer,it does not fail.
“when will you get tired of staying for hours staring at your daughter?”.I heard isabella said and I raised my head to behold her beauty on a bumpshort and I smiled.
“can I get tired of staring at my world??”.i replied with a question.
“oh!,so she is Your world now?”.
“yes of course,you are my life and she is my world”.
“what are the differences?”.she asked again tapping her feet on the 3D designed floor which is displaying lions hunting for prey in the jungle.
“mteew. Since when have u been here and what is that you are holding??”.i asked after noticing a book on her hand.
“long enough to see you staring and smiling like a Christmas fowl that escaped on the 24th of December.and as you can see am with a new novel written by Etz sky Prince again”
“wow,what did he title this one?”.i asked forgetting about the earlier word she said at the mention of the name etz sky Prince.
“he titled it,’AGAINST THE NATION (A course for war) but I subtitle it to ‘the voice of the street”.she explained.
“please let’s read it together”..
“am not given you”.
“please na”.
“and I said am not giving you….alright,catch me if you can”.she said and picked up the race moving to the dining section.i dropped Mirabella slowly on the couch loving every bit of her giggle and I pick up the race too chasing after isabella and ln no distance I caught her pinning her to the wall at the dinning.we smiled and slowly our heads started moving closer with our breathing rate also increasing and I kissed her feeling the sweet sensation like an electric current which surge through our veins.i took raised her from the ground,off her feet and I laid her on the couch opposite Mirabella who was giggling and playing with the amulet and laughing sarcastically.i made to kiss her again so we could finish up the burning flames of sensation in our body but she stopped me.
“tell little wisdom to rest first lets read this story together before we continue the rough play”.she said bluntly.though it pains me but as the gentle man I am, I concured.
“I love you wisdom”.
“I love you too my best,my life,my sunshine.since you insist on reading first,Against the nation it is then”.


I thank you all that remain patience with me right from the beginning,i thank you very was not easy but we scale through together in oneness,love conquered.
I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you all, I am nothing without you all including the Ghost Reader’s who refused to comment and like but I still love them too.

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3 years ago

Supercalifrigilisticexpialidocious story, keep it up.

3 years ago

I love this and I believe that love do conquer no greater weapon like it but I wish Tracy would have joined castros and not become trapped too

3 years ago

I really enjoyed the story, its such a beautiful story…wow! Bravo!

3 years ago

I love this story soon much

3 years ago

I love this story

3 years ago


3 years ago

This is one of the best stories I’ve read so far. Couldn’t go to sleep with because of the urge to see the end…. ISABELLA is indeed a great work. Thanks for the wonderful piece…..

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