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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 23



Episode 23 (semi final)

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“if I were you I won’t think of doing that”.a beautiful Voice said at our back and we ran away from the spot immediately only to turn back and see the most shocking view ever seen on earth,we saw a perfect and complete resemblance of Isabella smiling brightly at us with a complete white gown that is Long down to her feet and a very bright light was shining from her body.the gown look exactly like the one I saw the arch angel putting on the day I had died or should I say the day I was called by the arch angel just that the arch angel was also putting on some golden armor along with the long plain white gown and the Arch Angel’s own was not covering his feet cos I could remember I saw his feet and leg visibly unlike the one standing with us who’s gown covered her feet completely with a Golden crown on her head.
“who could she be??”.i asked in my mind spying a quick glance at my friends and Family who had covered their faces with their hands to prevent the sparkling bright Light from hurting their eyes as it was only I and pastor ben that were able to stand our ground even though the Light was still affecting us in our eyes.this is not Isabella mom,i saw isabella mom before and she was no way close in resemblance to Isabella but this one is a complete copy of isabella or does it mean Isabella had a sister? she never said anything like That she only told me about a friend the same pretty Girl that came out from the pool at prestigious kings academy.who could this be? “.i kept asking in my mind along with other similar questions which I felt like asking but was scared to until pastor Ben Broke the silence which seem like forever with a question.
“who are you??”.he asked and the unimaginable happened.white long wings suddenly flapped out from her back and we saw her defiling the law of gravity and attraction by standing on the air with her legs far from the ground still maintaining her bright smile.
“she is a friend”.we heard from the back only to see Isabella awake and seating on the ground and I quickly ran toward her and I placed her on a tight hug on the floor and I assist her up to her feet after we disengaged the hug. My anger increased drastically at Isabella even though I was holding her,i felt like pouring my anger on her,i felt like shouting on her I felt like breaking her head but the situation of things on ground never permitted that.
“I am arch angel Hades,leader of the heavenly choirs,the one Isabella reincarnated”.she said and we all exclaimed all together at once including Isabella who became shocked too for a reason which I was unable to decipher,likewise my friends,our family who suddenly uncover their eyes to see the unimaginable hanging at the air before them with their mouth Open wide in amazement.pastor Ben bend down at once and knelt down on the floor in respect to the angel giving praises to God almighty which we also did except Isabella who stood erect still maintaining her perplexed and bemused espression.
“stand up all of you…for all Glory and honour belong to the Lord of host”.she said and we did as she said while Isabella kept on staring at her in an elevation gaze.
“Isabella….”.she called in her sweet Voice with seem exactly Like that of Isabella.
“hades….Angel…how?”.Isabella said slowly in a stammer and the angel who’s name I have understand to be hades smiled once again.
“everything I wish for and had always been working on by reincanating through you have been completed.the part I played in the war drove The supreme one to pardon our sin from the beginning and we have been giving another Chance to become Angel’s of the most high once again.the Supreme one compassion for us does not have any effect on the death of the greater one for the iniquity of the world.for now, I am the only one granted to become a arch angel once again among all the mermaids who are good so I can go and prepare a place for the good casted angels while the ones filled with iniquity while on earth will be casted down to the lake burning with fire which is the second Death. For now the cosmos of dead mermaids still exist and the dead mermaids will still be there awaiting for the return of the Greater one to judge the living and the dead”.she explained and suddenly stopped taking a quick glance at everyone in the seating room.
“I thank you all for helping me to gain the favor of the Supreme one once again I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you all. Now the mermaids have a Future To look up to Just like the greater one has granted hope for man kind Through his death on the Cross. He has granted liberation and hope for mankind on what Lucifer Had done in the beginning which I tried to prevent but was unable to and I lost my existence in the process,thank you very much”.she concluded with a bright smile stretched her hand Forward and the sword appeared on it mysteriously.
“this is an Heavenly sword. We brought it down and it is my duty to take it back.this is the immortal sword used to Fight the battle of Armageddon long ago. I must take it back that is why am here”.she elucidated while we stood like morons watching her with perplexity and shock which prevented us from saying a single word.the golden and silver pearls on the sword started glowing bright light and they flew out from the sword heading toward I and Isabella,the silver one flew close to me and the golden one hang a distance at the air close to Isabella as they shake vehemently with white and black steam emanating from them.suddenly,they interchanged and the silver one went to Isabella while the Golden one stood close to me and the angel smiled.
“wisdom,the Pearl of Light choosed you… Open your hands”.she said and I did has told. The moment I opened my palm The pearl fell on it and a Golden rope appeared on it and it become an amulet.
“isabella,you have done more dark things than Light which is the reason why the pearl of light rejected you for wisdom even though you represent love.i know it was never your fault but the pearl has chosen another representative to own it. Now open your hands and welcome the pearl of darkness”.she commanded and Isabella did as commanded. Just like mine it became an amulet too glowing darkness from the silver unlike mine that was glowing light in my hands.
“those are the pearls of Armageddon. They have refused to return back to heaven with me so only the both of you can bring them.hide them from the world and none of the things That happene d here today must be heard from another except you all present here if not for anything, for the sake of the princess of the mermaid who choose to sacrifice her power to liberate race and also for have chosen your part,you wish to become a human and it is granted,all your powers have been taken for now you are ordinary just like everyother human but you are not ordinary in the supreme one eyes cos his love for human is unconditional greater than that of the other being,great kings make hard Decision and I am glad for your selfless sacrifice for us. Thank you so much and enjoy your stay in the human world as a Human”.she enunciated with a cheerful smile.
“what about my mom??.i have lost my powers but I know her,she will still come after me”.isabella said for the first time breaking the records of silence between us since the angel started with her explanation.
“don’t worry,i Will take care of your mom.i might be leaving now but my eyes are always on you and him. Remember you will always be me and I will always be you. You and I are paribatai,we cannot do with one another”.
“I will miss you”.isabella said in a sober tune.
“I will miss you too Isabella… Wisdom,she is Your property now. The Peace you have always want is now yours,just as you are highly favoured by the Supreme one,created above all other humans without any duplicate. Take care of her”.hades concluded and she shrugged her wings back to her body and she disappeared leaving us in a moment of silence which lasted for many minutes as we all stood totally bemused with shock at all that happened.
The silence lingered in the air for some minutes as I kept on staring at the golden amulet in my hand wondering why they were given to us as I stood close to Isabella in silence just like everyone with so many thoughts overing through my mind. Suddenly,i raised my head up abruptly and before I could stop myself from doing it,my five fingers magnets in Isabella chick on a loud thud and she screamed out in shock Just like everyone present and tears flow down freely from her eyes likewise mine.
“wisdom!!!”.pastor Ben called in a shocking exclamation as it could be visibly seen that my action was freaking and surprising to them.
“why will you chose to Leave me?,why Will you even think of leaving when you know I can’t do without you?,tell me why!!!”.i shouted crying out in pains.
“what if it had work?,what if we were not here to stop you on time??…..why will you take that decision when you know I can’t live without you….”I cried out more but unfinished when she interrupted me.
“wisdom I love you”.she said amidst tears which she never bordered to control as they all fell freely on the floor and this time,they never became pearls.
“I love you too,but why??.what if it happened?? “.
“the good thing is,it never happened.always think positive and forget about the negative aspects of things at times”.pastor Ben elucidated and placed I and Isabella in an embraced.
“I love her”.i said in a sober tune and pastor ben smiled.
“we know and she loves you too”.my mom said moving closer to us and she joined in the embrace likewise everyone in the sitting room as we all embrace altogether like a family to welcome the new Human who had given up all she got just for the sake of love.
“finally the Storm is over”.pastor Ben said and we smiled. Yeah the bigger Storm is over,the angel said she will take care of Isabella River mom but it is not yet over,it is time for the bombardment of questions from my friends which I know deep down within me that I cannot escape likewise
Castros and Tracy had became extremely tired and it could be seen visibly on their body likewise Luciana after hours of power outburst and hit.the shield was still far from becoming permanent as it could be visibly seen that Castros is giving up hopes already as her speed kept on decreasing in Every seconds That passby contrary to Tracy encouragement to remain focus and determine.the light in her tail has became extremely low and it has almost switched off when she felt a mighty power Force flying around with a speed that could be best described as an absolute impossible speed as shock could be seen written all over their faces wondering who the great force with large Angel’s wing was.they remain shocked leaving all they were doing and they started watching the unfathomable speed wondering who the Angel behind the cover less than forty five seconds the blue shield became red which signify it permanent creation as sparkling Rays of red bolt could be seen flashing from it and the Angel stopped at a far distance facing them with her back and her large wings standing erect still inside the river.
“who are you and why did you come to help me?? “.castros said and the angel smiled turning abruptly to face them and they gasped in shock.
“Hades!!!!”.castros exclaimed in shock with her mouth opened wide likewise Luciana,tracy,belinda and everyother mermaid present at the scene.
“Arch angel hades”.hades corrected smiling cheerfully with her beautiful wings flapping at her back.

To be continued………

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