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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 21



Episode 21

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A portal opened on the wall and Isabella suddenly saw herself inside wisdom mom seating room standing erect with Hades and Castros.she took a quick at the table and discovered that nothing has changed in the sitting room as all the plates and remnant of the food that they were eating before the shocking call were still on the table.
“hades….Castros,what are you both doing here?”.she called asking them likewise at the same time and Castros throw a glance at Hades which Hades understood and she said cleared her throat breathing in and out before opening her mouth to speak.
“we came to stop your plan of going back to the River”.hades spoke up in a calm voice.
“but why??”.
“because it was against your wish and two, you are about to jeopardize all we have worked for,all I strive so hard to correct and my promises to return everything right”.Hades said bluntly without a single Trace of smile on her face.
“look,am tired of all this s–t. I don’t care if I am your reincarnation,i don’t care what you promised and what you are set to do. Just Leave me alone I have my own life to human parents,my love mom and my friends will be in trouble if I don’t do this”.Isabella enunciated in an outburst.
“your love??”.Castros asked for the first time.
“yes my love or is anything wrong with that?”.isabella replied with another question.
“yes.everything is wrong with that.if you truly love him you will never try to take this part that you know deeply within you that it will hurt him”.Castros explained and Isabella bend her head down in shame.
” he will understand,he need to understand. If I don’t do it my mom will hurt on and everything close to us. Please let me go”.isabella pleaded in a sober tune filled with desperation..
“am sorry we can’t let that happen”.hades spoke out bluntly and a sparkling Light started emanating from her eyes likewise Castros almost at the same time.isabella tried to out run it and disappeared but not fast enough as the combine power of Castros and hades hitted her so hard with the same Power she used to pass wisdom,anabel,adaeze and Vincent out but this time,a more stronger one and she fell down on a loud thud laying lifeless on the floor.
“am sorry Isabella but I need to do this”.hades said and turned to Castros.
“I can feel Luciana approaching the human world let’s go and stop her”.she added and Castros concured and they vanished into the air.
______DEEP INSIDE THE RIVER ________
Luciana,tracy,belinda and so many marmaid from the river were seen swimming faster heading to the human world with a mean expression which procure wrath and anger except that of tracy and Belinda.
Meanwhile,hades and Castros appeared at the bank of the River watching the large water moving to the rhythm of the wind.
“they are coming up”.hades said bluntly and Castros smiled.
“but she is not coming up alone.we can’t hurt one of our own”.
“that is the reason why fighting them is not an option here. They don’t know what they are doing,they are just being brainwashed by Luciana”.hades added replying to Castros earlier speech.
“what then are we going to do”.Castros asked.
“we create a river lightening wave”.Hades elucidated and Castros eyes popped out.
“what!!!……a river lightening wave??,that will take so much Time and strength to be done”.
“it will take strength,yes.but Time,no.with our combine forces we can create it faster”.hades explained.
“alright my where are we going to create it??”.castros asked and hades stare at the area in a deep thought surveying the whole area.
“creating it outside the water will prevent humans from getting to the water likewise boats and ships which will make people to start studying and experimenting on what we had done.the best place to create it now is inside the river a place where no human can reached”.hades explained further.
“what if any human fell into the river and instead of fallen down became hucked up with an invisible force that will prevent them from reaching the bottom of the river??”.
“that is why we will create it in a place where any human will die even before getting there”.
“alright let’s do this just like the Old long days “.castros said smiling brightly a smile which hades reciprocated and they teleported in the lightening speed inside the river.
Hades and Castros got to the river and they stood at far end of both sides. Hades at the far right and Castros at the left and they started running in a Flash creating lightening wave which started affecting the river current gathering them together to form waves of lightning cover.few minutes later Luciana and her warriors from her clave came up and saw the ugly seen and they became shocked.
“arrrggggggggh”.luciana screamed as they were unable to penetrate pass the shield.
“it is not strong yet it can still be broken if they became all your powers on the shield,weaken it forces”.she commanded in a loud voice and they screamed and chanted a loud scream firing their different lightning power and flames at the shield except tracy and Belinda who stood watching them with their arms akimbo.luciana saw them and hissed aloud in anger.
“you…… Will you come and join us here before I smashed your head”.she said referring to Belinda who quickly swam and met up with them in fear and she created a lightening force then she stare at tracy espression which procure sadness before hitting it on the shield.luciana glance back at tracy again and hissed then she focused on breaking The shield leaving tracy to stand upright alone without a single word.
Every hit on the shield affect hades and Castros greatly reducing their strength cos all their strengths and power were channeled into creating and making the shield a permanent one which they were yet to reach but they never stop running as sparkles of lightening could be seen sparkling out of their body creating more waves. Suddenly,an invisible Force more like a huge hand grab hades and dragged her into an invisible portal away from the river in a speed far faster than lightening.
“hades!!!!”.Castros screamed in anxiety and tiredness as she was unable to fathom what happened to hades but she never give up as she set down running faster to cover the speed they were both reaching,doing what they were both doing even though her strength were sucking out from her combined with the power force hitting from luciana and her goons without giving up.
“hahahahahahaha…..lets see how long she can handle the forces alone”.Luciana shouted laughing sarcastically at the bottom of the shield which prevented them from coming up further.
“but wait a minute,where is hades?, what took her??……..any way that is not my business”.she said referring to no one and she stare at tracy again who made no move to assist them and she hissed again.
“increase the force….. Give her all you got”.she screamed in a commanding tune at her subjects who yielded to her command increasing every forces they were throwing at the shield.
We drove in hastily in two cars and they came down even before the car engines were killed.
“Daniel!!!”.mr.okenwa call at the guard on sight who quickly ran to him.
“Good afternoon sir! “.
“did anyone came through this gate today in our absence??”.
“no sir.we have been here since your daughter,wisdom and their friends left the house before. No one came here after then”.he explained and I exhaled. If she had not passed through the gates and pastor ben said she is inside just has he had stated earlier turning our head from the road that leads to Isiama River,then there is only one thing that can explain this ‘isabella did not work or drove into the compound,she disappeared into it”.i thought in my mind collecting the keys from the door and I opened the door for us to enter which we did only to see isabella laying peacefully on the floor and I ran to her shaking her vigorously to stand up in tears.
“let her be”.pastor Ben commanded and I did standing up slowly in tears and pains.
“let’s call down the holy Spirit to take control…… Wisdom lead us in worship”.he added.
Note: this is not just a child play or a mere story as you may think.join us with Faith and everything you need today shall be granted unto thee.sing with passion give praises to the I am that I am this morning if not for anything atleast for waking up this morning.


“holy Spirit you are welcome…… Feel this temple with you presence.
…..we wait on you….
….lord we wait on you…
…we wait on you…..
….lord we wait on you…..

)>if you have the song on your phone or any device you are using to read this story this moment please play it,give praises to the lord of host this morning. Kneel on your feet by fate and praise his holy name, worship his glorious name submit your problems to him this morning. Faith are things hope for,evidence of things which are not seen.It does not matter if you are a Christian or a Muslim
One way or the other you must have hear this song, join us in worshipping the king of kings and the lord of lords this morning.
We are all serving one God.
“holy Spirit you are welcome…….. Feel this temple with your presence……
….we. wait on you….
….lord we wait on you….
…..we wait on you….
…..lord we wait on you….


……we call on you on you….
….lord we call on you…
….we call on you…
….lord we call on you…..
Holy Spirit,you are welcome…
Feel this temple with your presence”.

“you are here,walking in our mist ”
“I worship you…i worship you.
You are here.. Healing Every heart….. I worship you…. I worship you.
You are here….mending the broken heart
……i worship you…. I worship you.
…..way maker,miracle worker,promise keeper lion of the dark place. That is who you are (2x)

…you wipe away all heal the broken heart… You are the answer to widow… Jesus!! (2x).
It does not matter what you are passing through this morning, submit your problems to the lord. The ancient of days, I am that I am, the mighty man in battle, the king of all kings, the lord of all lords, the lion of the tribe of judea, the rejected Stone that became the chief corner stone, the enternal rock of ages…… Call on him this morning by faith you are not bigger or better than the dead… So many are dead,so many are sick this morning, wishing they can walk freely like you, wishing they can see you,wishing the can hear youthis morning.but you woke up in gladness and fullness of the lord… Give him praise worship him call on him today call on the Holy Spirit this moment.
“Ori’she…iyanu.. You are the God of awesome Wonder…..(sing along with me).

To be continued…….

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