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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 20



Episode 20

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The sky was already being bilwerdered with darkness when Isabella got to the hospital and she cleared off her invisibility heading to the main door that leads to the hall.
Meanwhile,wisdom and his friends sat at the large hall with all attentions directed to him with the same stagnant expression filled with fear and curiosity booming on his face as he stare at them like a kid caught stealing from his mother pot.
“you said you will answer us if we seat down comfortably here we are so answer us”.adaeze said badging into his thought.
“what do you mean by isabella disappeared??”.vincent asked in an orderly Voice which procure impatience as it could be visibly seen in his face.wisdom opened his mouth and was trying to say something when the big door suddenly opened and Isabella walked in slowly increasing his puzzle mind and he became confused whether to run and place her On a large embrace or to sit down and answer his friends who were also surprised to see her as they all sat down staring at her like bunch of psychos.
“wisdom said you disappeared”.vincent exclaimed after some period of silence and Isabella smiled seating down at a different couch were she could all see them on a clear view.
“wisdom i Iove you…….love is not that bad as we were told to believe infact it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.the day you walk into prestigious kings academy was the day my life started. You bring joy and gladness into my life you made me all I am today you brought out the very best in me.if there is something I will always love and be proud of, it is the moment i shared with are not Just my love,you are my life”.Isabella poured out smiling To cover her pains as they all stare at her totally confused at where Isabella was driving to with her words.
“vincent.meeting You was fun I can gladly say you contribute so Much to my put smile on my face always when am wedge down with sorrows of life.Adaeze,i never knew making friends can brighten up my life but becoming Your friend was something I can never trade for anything in the are simply the best,the queen of pidgin English, the prestigious queen and the most funniest girl I have ever come across in my 16 years on earth
You are a champion always remember that embrace your talent without fear for swimming is in you right from birth.Anabel,similar to my dog name….just like me beautiful and stunning with a perfect accent.though it might sound like a quack to some hearings but we are who we are we can’t change that for anything in the world.i love your courage,i love you sincerity and above all your self esteem.all your friends are dating,something that can ignite jealousy into friendship and can also make some girls to go astray in life with interior motives but you remain calm with it.i know you do feel bad about it a times thinking you are not beautiful or there is something wrong with you.nothing is wrong with you,you are perfect,you are unique.always remember that patience is always the has broken so many friendship but you choosed to remain calm and happy with us,i admire you. The days I spend with you all are the best in my life thank you so much for being so wonderful and good to me”.Isabella poured out with a forceful smile as tears were seen streaming down their faces.
“Isabella……!”.wisdom called slowly more like a whisper.
“yes my love”.
“why are you telling us all this??”.
“nothing my love, I Just feel like pouring out my pains incase anything happens”.she replied still with the smile. She look out of the window and noticed that darkness has covered the atmosphere already and she smiled again. She raised her head slowly and a bright light shone brightly from her eyes hitting the them so hard and they passed out immediately and she took a glance at them focusing her gaze more on wisdom.
“I love you wisdom…… I love you so much. But I need to do this,i hope you understand when you wake up. I will miss you all”.she said sniffing Her nose and wiping her gathering tears from her eyes and she walk slowly to the door.she opened the door slowly and took a last glance at them.
“I will always love you,i will never forget you”.she coerced in pains before shutting the door behind her.
___DEEP INSIDE THE RIVER ____________
Luciana laugh sarcastically like a psycho on her throne as she watch Isabella heading to the River. A big cup could be seen famely in her left hand as she kept on taking a sip from it at interval.
“hahahahahahaha……… I won,she is finally coming home.i told her power is not everything and she thought I was joking”.she shouted continuing it her persistent laughter and Tracy stare at Belinda in tears.
Meanwhile,back at the hospital,the door opened slowly and a man on a black coat neatly dressed walk into the hospital with a Bible and anointing oil in his hands and he shaked his head vigorously as he saw the friends laying lifeless on the different couches then he walked toward them tapping on wisdom leg who was more closer to him.
“stand up my son”.he said authoractively and wisdom stood up abruptly wiping his eyes in order to see the man clearly who had went to wake Anabel,adaeze and vincent up too just like he did to wisdom.
“Isabella…… Where is Isabella!!”.wisdom enunciated bluntly on the top of his Voice with his gaze fixed curiously on the couch Isabella sat on before as the other friends joined in the curious view.
“but she was here”.
“she sat here before we suddenly passed out”.adaeze and Anabel said at the same time coincidentally.
“calm down my boys”.the man said in a pleading tune and wisdom attention rested directly on him.
“pastor Ben!!!”wisdom screamed after seeing the man clearly And he ran engaging him in a tight hug.
“yes wealth,i am here. Where are your parents??,there is no time for the war has started Long before now”.he said and wisdom disengaged the hug and he leads him slowly toward the part that leads to his parents ward and the friends followes at their back filled with curiosity.
The water of life suddenly splashed up showing the scene at the hospital .
“what!!!”.she shouted throwing the cup away and the content splashed on the floor.
“who dares challenged my power,a mere human,from where?,how?”.she shouted as the she saw pastor ben anointing Juliet head speaking in tongues in the process.she took a quick glance at Tracy who stood erect watching the scene with an expressionless Face and she Stare at Belinda who stood opposite tracy.
“you!!”.she said amidst shout pointing at Belinda.
“yes queen Mother”.
“go into the kingdom and sound the drum of war.gather enough warriors you can gather,we are going to the Human World”.
“to Fight against a mere human??…….but we have always been maintaining peace with them,we loved them just like the Supreme one loved them too”.tracy defended badging into the queen unfinished command.
“no!!…. To fight against the rocks and trees in the human daughter must Return to this kingdom willingly or by Force without no obstruction.i don’t care if it is marmaids,humans,vampires,werewolves or even Lucifer,i don’t care”.
“by doing this you are breaking all the rules guarding the marmaid claves”.
“rules were created to be broken…. To hell with the rules”.she shouted further getting fully impatience and her eyes suddenly started emanating red flames.
“with all due respect queen Mother,i don’t mean to disobey you.but with all you have done now you are no longer better than Luci……..”.tracy elucidated further but unfinished as she suddenly saw her self pinned to the wall with her life sucking slowly out of her as Luciana pressed her hand further shouting in anguish paying deaf ears to Tracy screams.
” I like you tracy but that does not gave you the right to talk to me anyhow.i am Your queen,head to this clave don’t ever mess with me again in your existence”.Luciana shouted in brazing anger then she released her palm and Tracy fell down hitting the floor on a loud thud.
“I am sorry queen mother”.she said holding her neck and trying to maintain a static balance.
“sorry for your self”.Luciana replied.
“and you what are you still doing here!!”.she exclaimed referring to Belinda who was stood transfixed watching the clash and she quickly swam out to do the queens bidding.
“no one rest when my daughter is still out there”.she added bluntly with an evil grin.
Back at the hospital,juliet stood up slowly and she was surprised to see everyone together including Mr. Okenwa and Victoria staring at her.wisdom ran and hug her tightly crying on her shoulder.
“I missed you mom,i thought I will never see you again”.he said amidst tears.
“I missed you too son”.his mother replied.
“Juliet you disappointed me”.pastor ben spoke up and all eyes were directed to him.
“you of all people should have understand that this battle is not of carnal,i expected you to have call on the lord even before it got to this extent”.
“am sorry pastor,i thought the marmaids are evil and since we were dwelling and dealing with one of them,i thought it will be unwise to add darkness to the light and holiness of God”.Juliet said soberly and pastor ben shaked his head once again.
“Just take a straight look at what you are saying.he created everything,without him nothing that was made would have been made. He created the sky to the highest mountain and he also created the little stones and the dust,he still remains and will always remains the I AM that I AM,the omnipotent God,he created them all. If you are having problems with any of his creations are you not suppose to call on him?…i was praying this evening when the Holy Spirit directed me to you, He waited for you to call on him but you refused to and out of his benevolent Grace and mercy He decided to help on it own,he still remain the Greater light and will always be…….”pastor ben poured out educating them on their mistakes but unfinished when wisdom interrupted him cutting him short.
“the greater Light??”.
Pastor ben poured out his speech on us and we listened attentively. The moment he mentioned the greater light everything started replaying in my head.the angel said everything the earth needed and peace to be granted is already on the earth,he asked me to embrace the Greater Light which am already into.all this while he was talking about submitting our problems to Jesus Christ which we never did,if we had maybe things wouldn’t have been worsed up to this level now non of us knows where Isabella has gone to,where are we going to start from??”.
“the Greater light??”.i asked curiously.
“yes the greater Light which is in jesus Christ,the one you should have embraced closer long before now……….we thankgod He choosed to give you a second Chance to set your wrong right”.he concluded with a smile.
“I don’t understand a single thing from what is going on here”.vincent elucidated with enthusiasm.
“me too”.
“me three”.adaeze and Anabel added and I walked to them slowly fully determined to tell them the truth now,they deserve to know.
“I am sorry for putting you all in the dark all this while I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me.the truth is,isabella is not a human”.i said and paused to check their reactions and just like I expected it was filled with Shock and curiosity.
“if she is not a human what then is she?”.vincent asked.
“Isabella is a marmaid”.
“a marmaid!!!”.they chorus together in an outburst.
“how???”.vincent added and I stare at isabella parents who stood upright in shame with their gaze directed to the floor.
“there is no time for any explanation again we are Running out of time”.pastor ben said cutting our discussion short and I kinda love it so much cos I wasn’t in a good mood to start any story my great grandmother told me which i would have done if the pastor had not cutted the discussion short.
“where is the girl???”.pastor ben asked And we stare at ourselves at interval unable to decipher a single word. Pastor ben said some things in tongue and prayed for some seconds then he smiled.
“she is heading to the river. She want to return to the river just to save her parents and your mom”.he coerced Bluntly and my head sprang up like a volcano about to erupt.
“Isabella did what!!!”.i exclaimed with my banging head as it seem i was not hearing clearly.
“calm Down wisdom”.vincent who was the only person adapting to the changes a little as Anabel and adaeze were still completely short of words and dumbfounded.
“I should calm down?, is that all you could say??. Isabella want to le…….alright I will calm down”i lied just to cover my pains.and we set out heading to god knows where.
Isabella ran in the light speed and was almost at the beach of isiama river when suddenly two powerful speed more faster and swifter than her speed overtake her and dragged her into a portal Leading to another dimension.

To be continue…

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