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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 19



Episode 19

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“24 hours Isabella……..remember 24 hours”.she added and she disappeared.Isabella sat down on the floor staring at the wall like there is something on it that seriously needed to be seen.i know there will be consequences in the course we have decided to follow,our course for love but I have never for once imagine our parents,my mother to pay the price. Isabella river mom is really right,’when the tough get going it is really the toughest that will keep on going and as much as I hate to admit it which I must surely admit,she is the toughest in this case.also,when the desirable is unavailable then the available will become desirable.we are the desirable and we are unavailable, our parents are the available and they have suddenly became the desirable oh,what a life!!,what will I do??. I stood transfixed lamenting away my pains with tears flowing down my cheeks and I walk toward isabella slowly and I placed my hand on her shoulder in a bid to raise her up to her feet and console her. Inasmuch as I don’t want my mom to keep laying lifeless in the hospital nothing on earth will ever make me to allow isabella return to the river world. That will only happen over my dead body!.
“wisdom please let me be”.isabella said shrugging off my hand from her shoulder to my uttermost surprise.
“isabella!!…please calm down”.i said trying to place the hand back on her shoulder and she kicked it off her body standing up abruptly.
“I said leave me alone please,atleast for now just let me be”.she said soberly and I stood transfixed totally dumbfounded.
“please calm down for…… “.
“I should calm down!!!….is that all you could say?,I should calm is obvious you don’t want to let me be I think it is better I leave this place for you”.she poured out in frustration and disappeared out of sight with tears before I could even have a chance to plead with her.
“isabella!!!!”.i shouted crying on the top of my voice,a scream that attracted my friends toward me and they ran to hold me.
“why are you screaming wisdom”.
“I told you to calm down that your mom will be fine why are you doing this to us”.vincent asked pinning me to the wall ln a bid to hold me down as tears started streaming down his cheeks too just like mine.
“this is too much for me Vincent,am tired of it all”.i lamented in tears.
“I know…… It is too much for me too,for us. Please be strong for us,our strength lies in you. We are not just friends but a Family, we are in this together”.adaeze said in tears as she quickly hugged I and Vincent together.
“where is Isabella???”.Anabel asked for the first time as traces of tears could be seen in her eyes.
“she disappeared”.i find the word proceed from my mouth even before thinking about what I had just done.
“disappeared!!!”.they all asked at the same time disengaging from me and I became totally dumbfounded staring at them like a moron.
“wisdom,what do you mean by isabella disappeared??”.Vincent asked in a voice filled with curiosity on a serious countenance and I stare at them swallowing my saliva not knowing what to say.’should i tell them the truth??”.
Tracy and Belinda stood at a close Range to the water of life staring at isabella as she ran in a nonstop speed of lightening around mbaise with tears in their eyes.
“she is really placed inbetween the devil and the deep blue sea”.Belinda retorted in a sober tune.
“I really wish there is something I can do to help her”.tracy added.
“unfortunately,there is nothing you can do”.a voice said inside the water of life and Luciana flew out in the speed of lightening and she sat on her throne laughing so hard with an evil grin.
“you can’t fight me,even if you choose to,you can’t defeat me. You can’t kill me,even if I let you to kill me,their human parents will remain like that forever. I know you can’t let that to happen.i won’t call you a rebel for what is in your mind is not up to that yet”.she added smiling mischievously while Belinda and Tracy stood staring at themselves at interval in pains.
“but the humans shouldnt have been included in this.they are are just making it seem like the marmaids are wicked which we are not. You want history to repeat itself again”.tracy bluntly spoke out in outburst to the queen.
“like I care.who cares about any history??,no one is innocent when my daughter is out there defiling my having the last laugh which I promised her and Castros already so seat down and await the return of your friend,our princess and my daughter”.Luciana elucidated Laughing sarcastically on the throne and tracy sat down quietly fully dumbfounded in and short of words likewise Belinda.
I find myself running in an unimaginable speed away from my sorrows and my guilt. But how far can I run??, can I ever escape what I have done??. Mom really got me so hard in a place where it pains me most but the question still remain the same,can I outrun this??.i can do without my parents but can wisdom do the same for my sake,juliet has really tried for him,she don’t deserve this kind of fate.he lost his father at the age of nine,will he survive adding his mother to it in another nine years after??.lets take a look at some possible outcome if I choose not to adhere to my mom order.
School was fun throughout as the friends greater than family really make out happily together. Wisdom got home after school and opened the door wide bouncing inside the house happily.
“mom!!”.he shouted but suddenly became moody after realising the fate he had fallen into, a fate which his friends tried so hard to make him forget and they almost succeeded but now they are not with him at home to calm him down make him forget is sorrows, pains and worries and he sat down on the floor still in his uniform crying on the top of his voice.
It was a great day for the students who just graduated happily as they all gathered at the large school Hall for their graduation. Isabella,vincent,anabel,adaeze and ofcourse wisdom walk In pairs heading to the hall but suddenly stopped as wisdom became moody All of a sudden and tears started streaming down his cheeks.
“wisdom!!”isabella called and she quickly ran and placed him in a tight hug.
“but why is he crying??”.vincent asked filled with curiosity.
“my mom!!”.he said bluntly and the friends suddenly remembered what he is passing through for years.
“she has always looked forward to this day.a day I promised to hug and thank her for All she had done for me. I promised to take care of her,i promised to conquer mountains for her sake but here I am mounting to the hall for graduation while she is still at the hospital sleeping and fully oblivion of my existence…..she doesn’t even know if am graduating today or if am still alive….. She does not know”.he poured out In tears and the friends quickly hugged him crying together as tears stream down freely from their cheeks..
It was a very great day,a day that everyone have always been anticipating and looking forward to with every of their last breath and blood running through their vains. The day two multi billionaires, isabella okenwa is to wed wisdom wealth.the Ceremony could be seen fully on as the national stadium could be seen filled up with people far and near.isabella dance sceptically with a cup of wine in her hands to the bilwerderment of everyone as cheers and shout of joy could be heard from the thousands of crowds at the Ceremony.her beauty could be seen fully out shining brightly like mirror attracting the rays from my sun and giving the sun more reasons to be jealous.she dance and knelt down offering the wine to wisdom in a gathering of his friends and loved ones which wisdom collected happily but suddenly became moody as tears started streaming down his cheeks to the utmost surprise of everyone.
“it seems the groom is so covered in joy.tears of joy are finally flowing out freely.he seem so happy that he is finally getting married to the gorgeous queen of all beauty”.the mc announce and cheers from the crowd took over the crowd.
“I missed my mother”.wisdom suddenly coerced soberly to the crowd hearing and all their joy and happiness suddenly turned to pains.
The new couples mounted down from the bed after a marathon sex as isabella could be seen smiling happily on her husband back while wisdom expression which was filled with gladness suddenly became pale and Isabella came down from my bed kneeling at his feet.
“my love……i know you missed her, we all do but don’t you think it is about time you take it easy on yourself,atleast for this night,our night??”.isabella asked.
“my mom is still laying lifeless at the hospital after seven years.imagine what she would have done today,imagine her joy.but now her only son got married happily today to a woman she loved so much while she is laying lifeless at the hospital……she doesn’t even know if we married today or if we are still alive.i missed my mom,…..i missed my second god”.he poured out in pains and started crying as isabella quickly place him in a tight hug in tears too which she tried so hard to control from falling down.
All the possible outcome that can happen are All against me. No matter how I will try to make him happy, one way or the other the thought of his mom will always find a way to creep into his mind spoiling his joy and happiness.wisdom loves me,i know.i also know quite right that he will never allow me to do my moms bidding but does he actually deserve loosing his mom all for me?,will I be happy knowing fully well that our love is the caused of The pains that always creep into his mind?. In twenty four hours from now my friends will join our parents on the bed not to mention other innocent people that my mom will hurt too.i can’t let my mother to keep hurting The innocent because of my decision of love,great kings make hard decisions. ‘I Will do it,i will return back to the kingdom,wisdom will be hurt but he will understand,he needs to understand, he must understand”.i thought in my mind and I started running back in my invisible lightening form back to the hospital to wish my love and friends,’the last farewell I can offer’.

To be continued…….

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