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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 18



Episode 18

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________ANCIENT MARMAID CLAVE__________

Castros sat on her throne watching the ugly scene happening at mbaise from the large pond of the water of life situated at the middle of the palace.she could be seen shaking her head negatively in disappointment at Luciana doing.
“Luciana!!!…..”.she chorus aloud with an expression filled with disappointment and rage.suddenly,the palace foundation shoke vigorously and the ocean started boiling up on her skin as she became surprised jumping down from her throne in fear.
” who dares penetrate my protection shield?….show your self now!!,face me if you are really strong as you claim to be”.Castros shouted and she suddenly scream in pains as the boiling rate of the ocean increased in fold with steam and vapours coming out of the boiling Ocean.
“ahhhhh…. Please stop forgive me who ever you are and what ever I have done to you”.she pleaded as her fair skin could be seen boiling Up beyond her control.suddenly,the large Statue she made at the palace started shaking and she came out moving in teleporting speed of light toward Castros and she pin Castros neck to the Palace wall.
“queen Hades!!”.castros called trying to remove Hades hold from her neck but was unable to as Hades tighten her hold more on her neck.
“why did you allow Luciana to move out of this palace with the reborn stone of all stones here?”.hades retorted amidst shout as her eyes became sparkling red with silver lining at the middle which signify anger.
“I did not give it to her she stole it!!”.castros cried out in pains coughing in the process.
“and what did you do when you discovered that the stone was missing?,did you make a move to collect it back from her?”
“no…..I never did….i never knew Luciana will go as far as to use it after seeing what it did to Celestina…..i am sorry my Queen”.Castros cried out more in pain.
“will your sorry stopped the damages Luciana has caused and still planning to cause to my reincarnation,her Heart and everyone close to them??”.hades shouted pressing her hold more Castros neck and Castros started crying as she was unable to bear the pain likewise removing hades hold from her neck as all her tears turn to piles of pearls falling down freely on the Palace floor.
Few days after the outburst of Luciana at the council meeting
She refused to attend their meeting again. The council thought that it was because of the little clash between Castros and Luciana not knowing that it was all a plan work by Luciana to do her interior motive.the council gather together discussing a relevant matter concerning the clave of Lowell at Uganda with the little clashes they are facing with the people and how to ensure that continues unity exist between the humans and the marmaids.not that they can hurt them as marmaids were always far powerful than humans but it was deliberated on,just for the sake of Peace as Ariel the queen of Lowell clave could be seen in their middle and they were using the water of life to watch and see the view and plans of the humans. Luciana seized this opportunity as an advantage to invade the forbidden a place where no marmaid is allow to enter except the queen.she use the queen Rebel comb to penetrate the protection of the forbidden and she stole the reborn stone.luciana watch sceptical as she was exiting the forbidden and she saw some guards approaching the area which prompted her to swim faster away from the area and on the process, the comb of rebel comb fell down oblivion to her.the next day,she Storm the palace and stated her leave bluntly which Castros accepted after giving her the conditions that she should never step her feet at the ancient clave and Luciana agreed. Few days after Luciana left,a guard saw the Rebel comb where it fell into and he took it to Castros.
“Luciana!!!……”.Castros exclaimed in fury after watching how Luciana stole it and viewing the past and all that happened in the water of life.
“my queen,i suggest we go after her and get it back”.Lucretia suggested but Castros shake her head negatively in disapproval.
“she is no more one of us, let’s let her be”.Castros said after thinking about all the good moments they had shared together as friends.
__________________PRESENT ____
“I am……sorry”.Castros managed to say again as hades grip could be seen still holding tight on her neck pinning her to the wall and the light in her tail started going low slowly which signify tiredness and draining of strengths and hades finally let her hands off her neck and she fell down coughing.
“I must commend your effort in this kingdom you really tried and a perfect replacement of me. But get it in mind that the next time I come here because of your mistakes,i will kill you. I can’t let you put the world in danger and also those i choosed for the changes”.hades said staring at the statue built for her.
“but it is just one mistake”.Castros managed to say standing up from the floor.
“yes. Just one mistake but a mistake you shouldn’t have made…….infact get ready we are going to Nigeria!”.Hades said bluntly in a loud voice more like an outburst.
“to Nigeria!!!….for what??”Castros managed to ask.
“To kill Luciana!!”.hades said in an angry Voice.
____________AS NARRATED BY WISDOM__________
The ride to sacred heart hospital seem like an infinity one as the journey seem like it is not going to end in thousand years from now. I have notice that when someone seem to be in hurry,that is usually when the speed of nature and other artificial creations always try all their best to slow him down as it was my case now. Vincent and I decided to go to my mom supermarkets which we did while adaeze,anabel and Isabella went home to meet the ugly seen which the maid said that it has happened. Mr. Okenwa and his wife dead, no! That is not possible and to worsen it all my mom is laying lifeless in the car without breathing too,all at the same time.i thought of my life without those three people on it, how it will be, my fate and I decided it is far better I join them than to be left behind. According to the people present in the supermarket,my mom suddenly screamed when she was checking the records of the day and she fainted immediately.they requested to follow me but I refused,i don’t know why I refused I just find myself refusing to their request,i never knew it was the best decision I have ever made in my life as the beginning of the end was not just approaching but was already knocking at the door.the question is, will we survive it?.
Isabella rushed her parents to the hospital few minutes after we got there and doctor Chris set down to work immediately.she insist her parents are not dead and it was visibly seen that they were all in the same Fate just like my mom without breathing and I find myself praying that isabella should be right.the doctor came into the hall and summon isabella and I to his office which we reluctantly did with so many thought invading my mind.
“I have done Series of test on your parents and I discover they are all in the same fate.all their body system are Working except the heart, they are very much alive.they are dead and they are not sorry to tell you this, what happened to your parents is beyond medical practitioners,it is more supernatural than physical and I have not come across a case like this in all my years in this medical field”.the doctor elucidated leaving us in total bewilderment.
“wisdom!!”.Isabella called as we were leaving the doctor office in pains and I stopped abruptly staring at her.
“am sorry we ended up this way, there is nothing I can do”.she said and I started wondering were she was driven at.
“I know who did this”.
“your mom?”.i asked and she nodded in affirmative and i became dejected.tears escaped my eyes gland and I find myself hitting my head on the wall in frustration, totally short of words and powerless. I know we will be punished in our course of holding tight to our decisions of love but I never imagined it will be done to our parents,my mom, my second god.
“wisdom please stop”.Isabella pleaded holding my hands and I stare at her eyes seeing the tears gathering in her eyes.
“I love you!!”.she added thing I don’t want to happen is Isabella crying in the hospital, I have a lot in my head already than packing of pearls. I wipe her tears with my hands and I stare deeply into Her eyes.
“I love you too Isabella.but please do something, anything. You said you will handle the river world please don’t let my mom,our mom,our parents to die”.i said bursting into tears.
“there is nothing I can do,am sorry. This one is more than me”.she said surprising me with her words and I wonder what she meant. I wanted to ask further when someone I have never seen and never thought I will ever see appeared right before us laughing on the top of her Voice.
____________AS NARRATED BY ISABELLA_________
“mom!!!”.i said in anger slowly inorder not to draw attention to us as i saw my mother laughing at my pains.
“mother please leave them out of this,i am begging you.its me you want not them.leave them and face me”.i pleaded which trigger the rate of her laughter.
“when the tough get going it’s only the toughest that will keep on going”.she said and started laughing again.
“if you really care about me you would have let me be. You don’t care. You want me?, face me and leave the innocent human out of this,face me if you think you are really strong enough”
“it’s only a fool that will Face someone with the darkness of the immortal sword in her blood.legends never win their battles by strength alone my daughter.i gave birth to you,i am your mother sometimes age is not stupidity but increased in knowledge.Tactics and plans matters alot when fighting with greater power.yes.i want you not them,but when the desirable is not available,the available become desirable.julie
t,okenwa and Victoria can only stand up to their feet when you return back to the kingdom.i give you twenty four hours of the human time to return back to the River or watch everything you both care about crumble at your feet including your friends who’s fate will become Just like your parents fate on my Next visit”.Luciana bluntly elucidated with a mischievous laughter combine with an evil grin.
“24 hours Isabella……..remember 24 hours”.she added and she disappeared.

To be continued…….

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