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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 17



Episode 17

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We sat patiently doing other stuff to hasten up the time while waiting for the food or should I say poison has vincent had earlier stated. Suddenly,a sweet aroma hitted our nostril driving all of us off guard as we all stare at the kitchen door at the same time inconveniently.
“what is that aroma and where is it coming from?”.vincent asked stupidly and I stare at him fully determine to give him a heavy knock but I later decided against the urge.
“you dey craze o, I thought is only Isabella that is in love with an idiot I never knew am also in love with the god father of idiots”.adaeze retorted replying to vincent question.i just like adaeze unique self esteem, she don’t usually get angry and she will always tell you how she felt about you irrespective of who you are. I sat motionless with my phone in my hand as I stare at adaeze with past memories of how she fought Anabel because of me. It was so fun to remember, life itself is really a player.who can ever imagine that vincent and adaeze will end up dating as at then, considering the part vincent played in the clash between the two friends.’celebrity!!!,”I told you it will happen”adaeze and Isabella are fighting outside because of you”oh sorry adaeze and Anabel I mean to say not Isabella’
“Lolz that guy was crazy then and is still crazy now”.i exclaimed in my mind thinking about the fight.
“wisdom why are you Silent and smiling all of a sudden?, I hope is not what am thinking o”.Anabel asked and I smiled giving her the assurance that am fine.
“why won’t he be smiling when his girlfriend is bent on frustrating our lives with what I can best describe as heavenly aroma?”.adaeze enunciated in a question.
“but to be sincere, are you sure the sweet aroma is coming from this kitchen?………..,from Isabella?”.vincent asked pointing at the kitchen and we refused to answer him more like a planned work.he stood up heading to the kitchen and he tried to turn the knob only to discover that it was really locked from inside and we busted into laughter.
“do you think she was joking when she said she is gonna locked it from inside?”.adaeze asked as he walk dejectedly back to his seat. But why will Isabella lock herself in the kitchen?.
________As NARRATED BY ISABELLA ___________________________
vincent challenged me to prepare pounded yam and egusi soup something I have never done before but I have never loose a challenge and it won’t start now. I channel my power into the kitchen and I sat down comfortably watching as the soup and yam were cooking themselves,it was fun watching spices and ingredients adding themselves to the soup. I love the aroma emanating from it and I know at the instant that am doing a perfect job. The thought of what Tracy said earlier never left my mind though I tried shrugging it off so my mind could be free which was to no avail.the Reborn stone is a dangerous Stone who’s effect can only be undo by the person that used it which is the reason why the ancients clave Casted it into the forbidden.according to Castros,the last mermaid that used stripped her friend tail into feets and unfortunately, the caster died immediately without stopping the spell. Though the mermaid still have her powers fully intact and still live under the water but she now work among their pairs with feet.i perceive a strange power in the kitchen while trying to direct the Pot cover to close the pot and I turned back Lo and behold she is already there with me.
“mom!!!”.i exclaimed with mixed feelings unable to deduced if I should run and embrace her in a hug and I decided to stand still considering the fact that she is actually not in the human world for good.
“a mermaid princess who have everything in surplus in the kingdom is here cooking for the weak humans with her power “.Luciana said amidst smile and I bend my head to the ground in shame.
“yes mother”.
“is there anything you have ever asked and I never granted it?”.she asked and I nodded slowly.
“have I ever punish you or neglect my responsibility as a mother towards you unlike what you did to your sons?”.
“no mom and I never neglected my sons either”.i defended bluntly.
“ofcourse you did. You neglected them when they needed you most. If you had come back or you had not taken the part of the forbidden, they would have still be alive by now.i know you never loved Lucius unlike this boy flocking around you but Lucius cares about killed them, you wipe them out of existence”.she said and every of her word hitted me like an hammer to my chest.
“I did not kill anyone,they choose their part for never neglected me yes, but you have never tasted love, love is real, am feeling it, I love it, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.if you really care about me you will respect my decision”.
“hope you know that even if I leave you now, the water of life will still call you back to the kingdom when you clock thirty?, are you ready to leave him here in fourteen years from now?”.Luciana asked staring at isabella who shrugged abruptly.
“I have no intention of leaving here when I clock thirty.i will bypass the water of life”
“over my dead body will you do that abominable act because of a mere are a mermaid,you have powers beyond are a princess,you have powers”.
“if there is anyway you can take my powers please come and take them”.isabella said in a serious countenance and Luciana became shocked.
“what!!!,you will give your powers just because of a Human? ”
“yes. I just want to be normal for him.i wish I can be a human. I just want to feel love, be loved by him,i don’t want him to be scared of me anymore”.Isabella said surprising her mother further.
“I don’t want to be a princess again, just let me be”.she added.
“hmmmmm, I can see you are really serious now. I can see allowing you into the human world is really a big mistake. But be rest assured now that I will correct my mistakes. Hades or no Hades my only daughter will not be left with a Human. You have seen every aspect of me but there is one thing you don’t know about me,”luciana is cunning”.we shall see how many days you will still hold on to this your decision”.Luciana said and she disappeared before Isabella could even uttered a word as she stood motionless thinking about her mother last statement.
_________LATER AT THE SEATING ROOM_______________________
Isabella came out with the food dishing out on plates for us and she sat down to eat hers.i noticed she was not happy but later relent that maybe it’s because of the cooking cos preparing pounded yam is really not an easy task. Vincent was the first to open her food cover and a very sweet aroma hitted all of us immediately and we quickly opened up ours too exclaiming aloud which ignite a smile on her beautiful face.
“see abeg I wan use anything that you all cherish in life to beg all of you. As am about to settle down for this food I no wan hear peem.let me eat my food in peace cos am about to minister with angels while eating”.vincent said and we all busted into laughter as we washed our hand and started cutting lops of pounded yam.
“but this food sweet o”.vincent said again after taking the First swallow and we busted into laughter again.
“I thought you said we should not talk while eating?”.adaeze asked.
“see abeg leave me.if I don’t talk while eating this food wetting I gain??…..but wisdom I will never forgive you for what you did to me”.he added and I became surprised.
“what is that?,and why can’t you forgive me?”.
“I would have be the one dating Isabella now enjoying all this delicious yummy forever if not for your stupid interruption.see your head ‘who love help??, na money be fine no Help anybody why are you now dating her?”.vincent asked and I smiled swallowing another cut of the delicious food as Isabella was busy smiling.
“but I get money now na”.
“love does not help you na, so you are not suppose to be in love……you stopped me from achieving all I have been dreaming since last year to get”.
“if not for me would you have been able to seat close to her like this? Not to mention dating adaeze and eating this delicious food?”.i asked and he stare at Isabella.
“you are right though…….i can still remember when she was an angry bird”.he said and we busted into laughter again as Isabella made a move to stone him with a cut of pounded yam which he tried to dodge but nothing come fort as Isabella withdraw her hand slowly smiling brightly and we busted into laughter.
“look at what you are even saying without a single fear of your girlfriend presence”.i said and adaeze smiled swallowing a cut.
“he knows I can’t be jealous of him crushing on isabella”.
“but why??”.anabel asked.
“stopping a boy from crushing on Isabella is like fighting a lost battle.i Am also crushing on her too if only she is a lez. I wouldn’t have think twice before wooing her above all, I trust my friend she will not even agree to cheat on wisdom for anything in the world…… If na person like Anabel then the Fight would have started again”.adaeze explained and we smiled.
“ that have a Canadian boyfriend”.Anab
el said and we busted into laughter.
“so it is no longer bill gate son it’s now a Canadian boyfriend”.vincent asked.
“fine girls like us na dem dey rush us na”.
“well as for me, I don’t care who is rushing who, if anyone rush close to my boyfriend they will rush you to the mortuary. Infact they will rush your obituary and will even rush your spirit to hell”.adaeze elucidated bluntly shocking the hell out of us as we all stare at her totally dumbfounded of what to say. Suddenly my phone rang relieving the ugly moment and I picked it up with my left hand.
“is this wisdom the son of Juliet okenwa?”comes the voice on the caller end and I became alerted.
“yes!!,yes! I am”.
“please come over to the supermarket it is an emergency your mom fainted right now”.
“what!!”.i exclaimed aloud.
“my mom.she fainted at her supermarkets”.i elucidated and they became shocked staring at themselves.isabella line started ringing immediately and she picked the call placing it on her ear.
“Agatha what is it?”.
“aunty isabella your parents are dead”.

To be continued…….

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