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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 16



Episode 16

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We waited patiently for Isabella to come up from the pool suddenly two head started emerging from the pool.vincent and anabel were busy cheering for Isabella who suddenly became pale when she saw the girl.
“ohh! Sweet,i forgot there is a human who can see me in my invisible form now”.the girl shouted and I know at that instant that she was referring to me. I was surprise when my friends never showed any atom of frieght when the girl came up from the water but now I understand why, she actually switch herself to invisibility form before coming up from the Water.i know everyone will be wondering what am talking about.well,the earlier explanation that I stated was a Display that I picture in my head on what might possibly happened when I saw the girl emerging from the water not knowing that she is in invisible form. (kikikikik,i got you guys real hard there).
“what are you guys staring……”.Vincent tried to ask but suddenly became freezed as the girl raised her finger to the sky and suddenly everything stopped.the perching of the beds on the trees and school field, the sound of musics,scretching of tires,horning from cars movements and everyother vehicle on the road stopped abruptly even Vincent who’s mouth becamen wide opened as he tried to complete his sentences likewise Anabel and adaeze who’s movement freezed just the same way they were before the girl freezed time.
“sorry I need to do that,there is an emergency”.the girl elucidated in a pleading tune.
“I noticed all is not good the moment I saw your appeared abruptly here”.Isabella said and the girl smiled.
“your thought is definitely right,i forgot there is a third Party who can see me now, if I had remembered I would have reconsidered before appearing here just like that”.the girl said shapely referring to me.
“there is no need for that tracy,he is one of us now”.Isabella defended immediately.
“alright,if you say so.isabella,all is not well as you have earlier said,your mother went to the ancient Isis clave”.
“what!!!…..the ancient Isis clave??, for what? “.Isabella asked totally filled with curiosity.
“she went there because of you,she went to find out if the bond of the covenant which you initiated between him and you can be broken”.tracy explained pointing at me in the process.
“but Castros and my mom are not in good terms”.
“they are not in good terms?…. What do you mean??.
“my mom told me that she left the ancient clave with the tribe of Reba without Castros consent and Castros told me that too when I went to collect the Isis miror. She said my mom is not an ambassador of the ancient clave and she is no longer part of tham”.Isabella explained filled with enthusiasm. I stood there watching steadily even though I was unable to understand what they were saying.they were speaking English quite right, but everything seem like noise in my ear as I was unable to draft out a meaning to any of their Convo.i took a glance at my friends and a smile escape my lips as I watch Vincent mouth still opened with his teeth fully on display.
“that is not even the main problem now”.tracy retorted drifting me to the conversation once again as I was thinking and smiling before forgotten so soon that a serious conversation was going on.
“the queen came back with bruises and pains in her body,i know it must be as a result of a clash but never knew why… I know.your mother went into the reborn isabella”.
“what!!!…how can my mom do such a thing?? “.
“the same question I and Belinda were asking ourself back in the Kingdom”.
“the reborn stone contain extremely dark power which is extremely dangerous when used which was the reason why it was casted into the ancient forbidden and my mom stole it before leaving the ancient clave.She want to use it to clash with me knowing fully well that my darkness can only be called by pains, she want to use darkness to fight me”.
“I thought of that too but I know very well that the power inside you is more greater than that of the reborn stone”.
“I know too, but when I am not in darkness my mom will be powerful than me, my light power cannot clash with the reborn stone darkness it can erase me out of existence and if possible, killed me”.Isabella said in a sober Voice and her last word echoed in my ear like a gun shot.
“killed you???”.i asked in frieght and she nodded in affirmative.
“but don’t worry,i will never leave you wisdom”.
“like it is even possible to leave him here in the first place,have you forgotten that if you die,he dies too?”.Tracy elucidated and Isabella smiled.
“am not scared of death as far as it is with you am more scared of loosing you”.i said boastfully.i attended ekenna burial today were I was crying, something I have not done for a long time now and here I am saying am not scared of death.well,am already deep into it,there is no going back.i am wisdom wealth,the only person that has stood and discussed with arch angel Micheal the head of heavenly army,can I die easily?,well time will tell.
“no one is dieing,i will not even allow the queen to hurt any of very certain that Luciana is not planning to kill Isabella or wipe her out of existence,she just want you to come back home.but,i am sure she have an evil cooked up plan waiting to be boiled,i just came here to warn you both to be careful from now henceforth cos the reborn stone is not something to play with”.tracy explained and I find myself smiling, I like this girl she is really good just like Vincent….. Wait,did I just say Vincent?,well maybe though but I think she is more of ekenna than Vincent.vincent always advice me and at times,he do fight for me while ekenna always stand by me to the extent of taking bullet for me,ok she is both ekenna and Vincent.
“thanks sister,i appreciate alot,my regards to Belinda tell her I missed her and the entire Kingdom at large”.
“I will sister.i need to go now before she awaken”.tracy said and she started going slowly inside the river only to come up again.
“that reminds me, where do you always go away from the earth and the eyes of the water of life? “.she asked smiling, a smile which Isabella reciprocated.
“I know you will asked. Well I went to meet hades”.
“wait….. Hades??, Asing the first queen of the marmaids…the one you reincarnated?”.she asked and Isabella nodded in affirmative coupled with a smile.
“what??…i mean how?.but she is already dead,do you use to meet her Spirit?”.
“yeah she is dead,i do meet her in another cosmos which she called cosmos of dead marmaids”.
“you mean there is a cosmos out there for all the dead marmaids??”.
“oya, be going back to the kingdom before my mom will awaken and finish you off for coming to the human World without her consent”.Isabella riposted inorder to stop the wrap of questions been throwed at her.
“as the Princess commanded”.tracy said with a bright smile and she pointed her finger to the sky again and the time return back to normal the way it was before.
“as for your question,yes there is”.isabella said and Tracy smiled before disappearing out of sight.
“yes there is what??”.adaeze asked and we quickly turned to face them.
“oh!,he was asking me if there are sands inside the water and i said yes”.Isabella defended and I smiled.
“yeah,ofcourse there are particle of sands at the end of it, am sure they will remove the water and wash the pool before school resume”.Adaeze explained and I smiled at her ignorance.
“so where did we stopped”.Vincent asked happily.
“Isabella won na”.Anabel replied.
“let them do it again am enjoying the show”.Vincent said again.
“me too”.
“me three”.Anabel said after me.
“alright,lets go ada-eze”.isabella said stressing the name and they went deep into the water while I, Vincent and Anabel started counting again,ofcourse I know who will emerge as the winner…..i-sa-bel-la,can anyone challenge a mermaid with water?……
We got home that day after thorough swimming and plays,it was fun all through.i noticed Isabella was worried just like me and I know it is because of tracy friends were fully oblivious of all that happened and it is better it remains like that. I wonder how they will feel if they find out that isabella is not Human but a marmaid,will they even believe self?.who is going to tell them cos as for me I will never tell them or so I thought not knowing that the end of the dark tunnel is approching faster than expected.
“I am hungry o,babes what are we going to eat today?”.Vincent asked speaking exactly what was in my mind.
“exactly,am hungry too”.i added.
“let’s settle for indomie na”.adaeze said and Vincent hissed.
“indomie again??,is that all you guys know how to cook?”.i said with a serious expression.
“I tire o….wisdom congratulation!!! “.Vincent exclaimed and I turned back to face him filled with curiosity as anabel and Isabella were busy flipping through pages in their phones.
“congratulations for what?”.
“am congratulating you for the future na, you have just succeeded in starting the race of becoming a bona-fide customer to kada plaza,resturants and fast food joints cos I know isabella cannot prepare anything apart from indomie”.He said and Isabella dropped her phone on the couch likewise anabel and she stood up arm akimbo while adaeze was busy laughing her ass out and I sat watching the scene not sure of who to support.
“who told you that?”.isabella Asked.
“am saying it because I know,girls that are too beautiful don’t always know how to cook especially now that your are over beautiful.prove me wrong if you can”.
“is that a challenge?”.
“which food should I Prepare?”.
“prepare pounded yam and egusi soup for us”.Vincent elucidated and we exclaimed in shock laughing so hard.
“challenge accepted.but,no one must come into the kitchen,infact am gonna lock the door”.
Isabella said and she started heading to the kitchen.
“alright,we will be waiting for the poison”.Vincent said loud enough to Isabella hearing and Isabella smiled.
“Vincent,this girl fit surprise you o”.adaeze said.
“surprise me with what?,she can only surprise me with the poison na”.Vincent shouted and we busted into laughter.
Tracy and Belinda sat down patiently waiting for the queen reborn.suddenly,the wall started cracking again and the casket cover opened revealing Luciana who was sparkling clean with sparkles of beautiful stars and lightning sparkling all over her body.her skin shone brighter than the moon on earth,it was an horrifying scene and the two marmaids have no choice than to cover their eyes away from the bright light emanating from her skin. luciana seem,look and smell new as she match naked into the middle of the throne room standing erect in the middle.few minutes later,the light faded away likewise the lightening and the stars and Luciana opened her eyes slowly.a black rays of light emanated from them hitting a wall at the far end of the palace and it busted a hole in the wall.
“a okra plant cannot be taller than it owner,it is time to go to the human World and do this myself. Isabella is strong,but one thing she don’t know is…… Luciana is cunning just like Lucifer”.she elucidated and she wore her cloth slowly before disappearing into the water of life.
“it has started!!!”.Belinda exclaimed and Tracy shaked her head slowly with particles of tears gathering in her eyes.

To be continue …….

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