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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 15



Episode 15

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Tracy and Belinda were alone in the lonely palace which could be seen fully obvious that the queen absent is affecting them greatly combined with their period of respect Which was still going on for Grayson and Ethan.they were all alone in the palace as belinda had become closer to the queen and Tracy after the departure of Lucius and she had been the perfect replacements for the rebellious fighter. Suddenly,a bright light shone on the throne which got them up to their feet coupled With lightning strikes and Luciana appeared on the throne with her white robes covered with dirts and bruises of pains which reflected on her fair skin and has refuses to heal,could be seen visibly on her body.
“All hail eze’nwanyimmiri!!,the heart of the sea,power above measure,the great conqueror…..a queen above everyother queen,the power source of the River,the benevolent queen, greatly appreciated and love by his subjects….your subject’s feel your absent,we miss you dearest queen,isiama river cried at your absence”.tracy And Belinda both chorused, pouring praises on Luciana with their head bend down in respect to the Queen who sat on the throne staring at them with an expression filled with anger as it could easily been seen displaying like a movie in her eyes.
“udo,do kele do
Udo do kele do
Isiama o….
Udo do kele do
Isiama mmiri..
Udo do kele do
“udo do kele do……..”.
“stop!!!,just shut up!!.i command you to stop”.the queen shouted stopping Tracy and Belinda dancing and joyful singing in praises of her and the river at large.her scream ignited fear into their body as they suddenly shake vigorously like leaves about to be fallen off from trees and they quickly knelt down instantly with their gaze on the floor.
“we are sorry eze’nwanyimmiri”.tracy uttered immediately.
“sorry for your selves. There is no time for singing and dancing or showers of praises when there is war !”.luciana said and she raised her both hands to a side of the wall close to her which suddenly cracked opened and a hole appeared on the wall more like a casket with wools used in the design of the inner structure.luciana stood up and she pulled all her wears standing stack naked with her beautiful ass swinging vehemently and her thighs,curves and structure protruding out her beautiful self and she walk slowly taking a step at time till she enter the casket made on the wall Which mysteriously closed up and the opened wall covers up just like it was before,locking her inside.
“the reborn!!!”Tracy exclaimed with her mouth wide opened as she face Belinda who was more or less shocked about the scenario too.
“I know something was not right the moment she came back abruptly with bruises on her body”.belinda riposted with a sober expression.
“we need to warn Isabella,please Belinda I have never ask you anything before but please I have no choice than to ask now…. “Tracy said but unfinished as belinda quickly interrupted her.
“you don’t have to beg me tracy,some of us in the lower kingdom have always thought the upper Kingdom are cruel and self centered but now we are having a change of Heart. I might not be that close to the princess but I know she is a good girl though if I was in her shoe I wouldn’t have done what she is doing now probably because am not strong enough unlike her to do it or because am not a Princess. Nevertheless,i won’t stop her from doing what her heart wish for rather I will try my best to help her the Little I can….Go Tracy I will cover for you”.Belinda elucidated and Tracy quickly hugged her immediately in a lost moment overtaken by emotion.
“we are good now, am sorry for being on your nerves before, go very certain you know the reborn will take an hour and half of the human time to be completed. Hurray and get back before she awakens and please extend my greetings to the Princess above everyother princess,our leader,our head”.Belinda added after dessengaging the hug and Tracy smiled before teleporting her self into the water of life heading to the human World.
Death!.that dangerous name that is fund of putting fear in everyone mind.if a close friend or a brother tell you he cannot be remosful even if someone died tell him that he has not seen anything yet or better still use the street language for him ‘you never jam’.he that slept and woke up sound and healthy does not know what God has done for him,so many are in the mortuary,some are deep inside the ground already being fed on by termites,some are in the hospital unable to move freely unlike you. While you were sleeping probably snoring oblivious of where you are and what is happening around you someone up there is watching over you restlessly,is not because you are too righteous or because you are wealthy,wretched,beautiful,ugly,dark,fair or irrespective of your country. Is just because of his grace that kept you alive, you are not better than those that are dead just like vincent said earlier that at my age Hilton committed suicide.always think about your positive sides and give Glory To God and never be self centered,you are better than many out there and when you see them,help them the little you can. No one is swimming in an ocean of honey,everyone have good and bad sides, advantages in their life’s also, disadvantages,merits and demerits the best way to wash your hand clean is by applying the help of the other hand,everyone have an attitude for the fact that you are covering it with smiles doesn’t mean you are perfect without flaws. I stood steadily and transfixed at a spot watching as they lower ekenna corpse to the grave with tears in my eyes as Isabella placed me on a hug trying to console me,this was a person that was killed because he wanna protect me, because of our friendship, someone that always got my back through thick and thin.i remember how he always fought for me at almond secondary school,the case with the football boys the first day I started prestigious kings academy:
>so because he did not injure that was why you will not apologize to him right?<.the fight between him and smokelife all because of the same me:
>bros if you don’t tell me why you slap that boy today we die here <
>yes! Yes! Yes! <when I scored the sixth goals against my alma mater.
>uchenna, na my friend you bring me here to kill<
>wisdom…!!! <and then the gun short that end his life all because of the same me. I have seen many people died in my presence, those that Isabella destroyed, uncle Nick,uchenna,tochukwu dad and the rest of the seven vipers that Isabella killed, though I did not kill them but it was all because of me.few weeks ago,this same fate would have befallen me I can’t imagine how my mom will weep to stupor just like ekenna parents, siblings and relations are doing now,my mom would have cried to would have been me if not for His grace I am not better than ekenna,i missed him so much,he died protecting me.
Ekenna was buried at the early hour of the day and we left that place after putting some flowers in his grave and also handing a huge some of money to his parents.the money cannot bring back their son but let’s call a spade a spade, it will go a long way in helping them financially that is why we did it.
We sat moody in the seating room and just as expected my mom was not at home she went to her supermarket. Later on,vincent and the two daughters of Jezebel came and they were surprised at our mood then we explained to them the cause of it even though we did not go into details and they advised we go out for fun to cheer us up which isabella concured to. Though it was not from my mind but I had no choice than to follow if only I know what was likely to happen there i would have opted and remain at home. We decided to the school to while away time and rekindled past fires and we set on the journey back to prestigious kings academy in Isabella’s car.
We got to the school gate and the securities likewise the gateman granted us access into the school after thorough checks and questioning which we replied and we all stare at the lonely area that was once filled up everyday now with no student close by. We played around and would have opted for football but unfortunately there was no ball in the field not that I expect the school authority to leave any ball there though.
“now that there is no ball let’s swim please”.adaeze pleaded and Vincent concured likewise Isabella.
“how are we going to swim without any swimming vest with us? “.i asked curiously.
“”oh Fada lord!!……wisdom how did I met you self?, no let’s me sincere how we take became friends?”.Vincent asked shocking the daylight out of me with his question.
“which kin question come be Dat one na?”.
“am asking because if you were my brother by now I for Don take your exchange packer……if you don’t have swimming vest can’t you swim with your boxer or your full wears?”.
“Abi o,help me ask am o”isabella enunciated and I hissed.
“me I can’t just use my boxer to swim o”.
“wetting you dey hide self?,we that are gonna use our underwear shey we no get sense ba?”.
“he is hiding all those fifteen hairs in his pubic rejoin na”.adaeze added replying to Anabel speech in her funny pidgin accent and they started smiling .
“you want to see them but sorry madam I will not sure you”.i riposted smiling sheepishly and they bursted into an hell of laughter. They pull their wears and they jumped into the swimming pool.anabel and adaeze were wearing tights and an inner shirt not like they were swimming with their bra o while Isabella was in a vest like underwear and they want me to pull my trouser and shirt,me that was putting on just a singlet and a mini boxer,kikiki,rara their plan no go work. Vincent on the other side was wearing a mini boxer and a long one and he is pressurising me to pull my wears when they came partially prepared. I join them with my fila top and short,wetting concern me?.
The swimming was getting intense and sweet as we play deep inside the Water,at times Isabella will go down making us to be worried but will suddenly burst up from the water smiling. Adaeze was contesting with her in the hide and seek game and we were counting the minutes, sorry the seconds adaeze was using and the minutes Isabella was using.adaeze eyes have turned brown already due to the game lol, I just stood on the water shaking my head in pity for the girl,she don’t know who she is challenging.isabella went down for minutes and we were counting and waiting for her patiently to come up.suddenly we saw two head coming up from the river and a beautiful girl emerge with Isabella To our utter surprised and she dived up revealing a white tail.
“Jesus!!!…… A marmaid… Marmaid o”.Vincent and the girls screamed jumping out in pandemonium as anabel passed out in shock likewise adaeze who was behaving funny while Vincent started shaking vibrantly in shock.
“Tracy what is wrong with you?…….even if you want to come here must it be without the use of power and physical legs?”.Isabella bashed out in fury as the girl watched totally short of words at the disaster she had cause with her sudden appearance.

To be continue……

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