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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 14



Episode 14.

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The dark palace suddenly lightened up and a beautiful mermaid with red long hair and red marmaid tail was seen seating on a Golden throne.she look so beautiful with light rays emanating her fair skin.the throne was fully beautify hanging at the air with no support of a pillar holding it, the throne defile the law of gravity completely.the golden light rays from the throne was illuminating like sparkling Light mixing up with the whiteness of the palace.a big statue looking exactly like hades could be seen standing static at the sides of the throne, everywhere in the castle smell power,wealth and beauty,it was a beautiful sight to behold.
“Lucretia!,you and the Palace securities should give me a little privacy.prevent everyone from entering this Palace for now,i need to speak with an ex.sister”.castros said and the sharks swam out slowly,closing the large gate on themselves as they exit the palace.
“so where did we stop??”.castros asked Luciana who was standing laughing uncontrollably.
“won’t you offer me a seat First?”.Luciana replied.
“you should be happy I grant you access to my kingdom.the last time I checked,you are no longer one of us, I choosed to let you be, because of the Friendship we once shared or have you forgotten so soon how you rebel against me?”.Castros poured out without a single atom of emotion while Luciana kept on smiling brightly.
“maybe, you have forgotten some of them,so let me take you back to memory lane”castros added and she pointed her finger at a part of the wall and a wide screen appeared on it immediately.


Patience is a virtue always remember that. At times what seems like a journey of a thousand mile can just be at a close range to you in a blink of an eye. Yeah,patience is good but don’t let it become your habit, I hate The name patience and it twin sister ‘endurance’, those two values of life are very wicked. We were told a patience dog eat the fattest bone,what if the bone the other dog is eating is actually the last bone?, then the patience dog will go hungry.likewise endurance,have you ever noticed that people who endure alot don’t usually make it in life?,they let the value to dig deep into them and with that they end up moving like snails when their mates are running ahead like a cheetah.learn to take the bull by the horn at times, call a spade a spade and dont mistake it for a shovel. Patience and endurance are wicked virtue but believe me, there is nothing more wicked and dangerous than ‘love’.
The water calm down slowly and Isabella eyes return to normal likwise the lightening,hot sweat could be seen visibly in my face as I stare at her fully determined to remain quiet as she commanded in an outburst earlier.she took my hand and she blow some air into it and the hand heal like no cut was done on it before. I marvel at her mysterious power,i like it, I love it but I still wish I she is normal like everyone human. I wish nothing like this ever happened cos am scared, scared of what might happened to me, scared of my future with her, scared of the unknown and above all, I am scared of her.
“I am sorry for shouting on you earlier”.she apologized in a milk voice and I stare at her hand which she cut before to my surprised it heal too, I did not know her body can heal automatically without any form of power used.
“please say something, I said I am sorry”.she said again and I still maintain my silence.
“please wisdom, my concience and feelings is already judging me, please save me by replying me am sorry”.she said for the third time.
“well,am actually not angry with you. Am Just obeying your I even permitted to be angry with you?”.i asked and she smiled.
“I love you wisdom”.
“I love you too princess but I still want to know what happened just know,what did we just do?”.
“a blood covenant”.she replied bluntly staring at my eyes. The word seem like a bell in my ear but I find myself calmed instead of getting angry.
“but why???”.i find myself asking after some minute’s of silence.
“I did it to protect us from my River mom. With our soul entwine in a bond, they will be scared to hurt us inorder not to call upon my darkness again. I’m sorry……”.
“enough of the sorry,you did it to protect us right?”.i asked and she nodded positively.
“then there is nothing to apologize for,as far as it is you and it is for our own good,even if you need my head come and collect it”.i elucidated in a sincere voice and she smiled reveling her beautiful set of teeth and her fair skin which was shining brightly due to the illumination of the bright moon rays.


The ancient clave council gathered together in the palace as Castros could be seen mounted on her throne.a beautiful marmaid with green tail and hairs could be seen kneeling down at the middle of the Palace with her gaze directed the floor under Castros feet.
“I call you here for another important information which I have decided to announce today”.castros spoke up announcing bluntly to the Councils and the councils listened attentively.
“Maria here has completed her service to the kingdom and she has been chosen to control the tribe of beta as the new head to a new clave at Switzerland……”
“what!!!…..”Luciana who is one of the council members shouted interrupting Castros unfinished speech and so many of the council stare at her in amazement.
“a new head to another clave again just like you have been doing since eight centuries ago.last century you gave the tribe of alpha to Celestina while am still here and now you are repeating it again?”.she asked in a loud voice.
“Luciana you are a council member here isn’t that enough?”.one of the best council member seating close to Luciana suddenly bashed In. “is there any law that stopped a council member from having her own clave?”.Luciana asked the marman.
“Luciana no there is not, but you are not are not ready to control a clave yet, when you do I will tell you”.Castros concluded which provoke Luciana and she left the council meeting in anger paying deaf ear to Castros call.
Castros summon Luciana later that day inorder to speak to her alone as a friend.they were both seen seating and discussing in the palace.
“I called you here to let you see reasons with me Luciana,you are my friend,more than a sister,you are not ready”.
“I am ready!!!”.Luciana blunted out.
“no!, you are not,believe me when I said you don’t.if you are ready why don’t you complete the your training and Service to the kingdom?,for close to fourteen centuries now you have been training but still have not completed your training whereas marmaids that were born in your presence are completing theirs”.
“I can see you called me here to insult me.castros,you have changed from that sweet and friendly sister”.
“I have not changed I just want to let you see the truth as my friend”.Castros riposted maintaining her stand.
“what does completing a service have to do with what am asking now?,I want to head a clave on my own, is that too much to ask from you??”.luciana asked and Castros smiled.
“it is not too hard my dear friend but you are not strong enough for it. I told you that you are not as so many things to do with it Luciana.beside why will you seek to have your own clave when we can stay here and head the ancient clave together?”.
“head which clave?,oh you could have just told Me you want me to be your dog forever, that is your plan but it won’t work”.Luciana said and she dashed out of the palace again.
Luciana become a pain on Castros head as days past by,she started using Castros name to gather the tribe of Reba, making them to pay alligience to her which they did and she storm the palace to announce her leave from the ancient clave.she took many of the ancient powers fully determined to leave.she payed deaf ears to all Castros said to change her mind and Castros decided to let her go due to their friendship even though she knows Luciana is not ready but not without giving her a condition.
“if you leave this place with the tribe of Reba,i won’t stop you but bear it in mind that you are no more an ancient marmaid,you are no more one of us and on no account must I see you in my kingdom again”.Castros uttered in anger.
“I agree,you will never see me again in this trap you call a kingdom “.Luciana elucidated and she walk out of Castros with the tribe of Reba now the isiama river clave.


“you said you will never step your fit in this kingdom again what are you doing here and why have you decided to come here?”.Castros asked after switching the screen.
“I want to know find out some things from you”.Luciana replied.
“I told you before that you are not ready but you refused to listen to me before you went want to find out who is feeding your daughter with the ancient words,why I gave my your daughter the mirror, if the bond can be broken,and if Lucius,ethan and Grayson can ever be found”.castros said and Luciana nodded in affirmative.
“let me start from the end.lucius and your grand sons cannot be found as there is no power to undo the misused of ancient power.nothing can break that bond all I can advice you now is to be careful now in the dealings with your daughter if possible let them be…….”.Castros retorted but unfinished.
“I will get my daughter back,my only daughter cannot be left with a human”.
“you have already made the mistake already by letting her go to the human world,it was your fault right from the beginning”.
“I know, and I will do anything to bring her back”.she said and Castros smiled cheerfully.
“hades promised to return to the and set all her wrong right.the moment you gave birth to your daughter I felt a greater power in existence likewise the other leaders of claves I appointed. But you were too weak to know. I told you that you are not ready didn’t I?. the moment she step her feet inside this river I commanded the protection to be opened for her cos I saw hades in her lo and behold she matched with Hades statue I created here.when she came and demanded for the mirror claiming someone told her to come and collect it here in a dream I know it is time for hades prophesy to be fulfilled”.
“but you shouldn’t have given it to her, atleast not without my consent”.luciana reposted and Castros bursted into an hell of laughter.
“your consent?…..the mirror belong to Hades not you and hades demanded for it. You are not my friend anymore neither are you q member of this clave. Why do you think Hades choosed your offspring to reincarnate from?……she did because of your rebel against me. I would have destroy you and your clave already if I want to but now that you have created what will destroy you then it is an advantage for me”.
“my daughter cannot destroy me”.Luciana bursted in courage.
“we shall see about that.hurt her where it will pain her and see if you will not become history”.Castros replied with a sarcastic expression combine with a bright smile and Luciana exhale deeply.
“as for who is feeding your daughter with the ancient words and rituals,just like you i don’t took part of the water of life, if the one with you is unable to see where she always go to away from the human world,what makes you think the pond here can detect that too?”.
“Hmmmmm,please what can I do to remedy the situation?”.Luciana pleaded as Confusion was fully written in her expression.
“even if I know I wouldn’t have tell you, but the bad news is that I don’t know.your pompous and over zealous mind has made you to plant the seed of your destruction. If you were here with me non of this would have happened”.
“so there is nothing that can be done?”.
“yes. Nothing can be done to the bond”.
“well then I think it is time I do it my own way.she is my daughter,a okro Plant cannot be taller than the Owner”.
“I advice you today Luciana as a friend whom I cherished so much before,trend with caution with your daughter.i can see a greater light approaching this clash which you have started with your daughter,if you discover that the war odd is turning against you, I advice you to turn it to play. It is just an advice,take it or leave it. It is your choice………..i am done with you now leave my Kingdom!!!”.Castros shouted on the top of her voice Shocking Luciana Witg her outbursts and immediately Lucretia And the other sharks swam Into the palace standing with their weapon fully positioned for Castros other.
“are you ordering me out of the ancient kingdom?”.Luciana asked and Castros pointed at the wall again reveling the screen once again and Luciana last word on how she will never step her feet on the ancient kingdom again started displaying.
“you are no longer an ancient marmaid long ago,you denounce your position from being one of us,I have told you what you seek so now leave “.Castros retorted and Luciana stood in bilwerdement totally short of words.castros stretched her hand forward to Luciana and the amulet on her neck disappeared and appeared in castros hands and Luciana quickly hold her neck searching for it but was unable to fill it.
“looking for this?? “.Castros said waving the amulet to the air.
“Castros!!!”.Luciana shouted in amazement.
“this is the ancient clave amulet and since you are no longer one of us,you don’t have what it takes to hold it…… sorry for asking politely”.Castros said and she stretched her two palm to the with force toward Luciana and a heavy powerful force blow Luciana out of the palace as she was screaming in pains as Al attentions of the marmaids outside the castle stare at her flying out of the palace. The force blow her and the protection shield opened automatically blowing her out from the River and she landed on the River bank in pains.
“only a fool WIll bite the finger that feed her, I will gladly join her to destroy you when call upon”.Castros elucidated with a grin.
It was already day time when Luciana landed on the bank as people were already filled up on the ocean bank playing. She quickly ignite her invisibility and they saw only the heavy wave that blow her out wondering what might be the cause as they all stood staring at the heavy wave blowing toward them.
“you might seem powerful Castros but believe me,you will pay for what you did today,i will find a way to destroy you”.luciana shouted struggling to stand up from the bank in pain.

To be continue ……..

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