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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 13



Episode 13.

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“yes a blood covenant,not like the normal blood covenant but one with the pieces of the broken Isis ancient Isis covenant”.hades explained leaving no line out which isabella quickly understand as a bona-fide royal princess.
“I never thought about that before but even if I want to,how can I go to isiama river without being detected by the water of life?”.isabella asked curiously with a crispy expression and hades smiled.
“the mirror of Isis is broken but not useless,even in it broken state only it can buy you time.i know bringing the immortal sword to earth is wrong but like a advance human will say ‘behind every action,there is a reaction’. Bringing it down to earth was for this purpose. Isabella, you have my blood ln you use the pieces of the mirror to make a mark on your hand then take him to the bank of the river and make the covenant between you, him, the mirror and the water”.hades elucidated and Isabella stare at her curiously.
“I still don’t understand,how can we step on isiama river without the Water of life detecting my presence?”.Isabella asked again and she glance at the dead marmaids who were playing and laughing sceptically and some few once among them were staring and discussing and she wonder what they were saying.
“I know you don’t understand,i know you will say that and I was waiting for you to say it”.hades said and a smile illuminate brightly from her lips.
“they are already in the three days of respect for Ethan and Grayson,they have a lot to do than watching the water of life.with the mark made on your wrist, the water will not detect your presence until when you are done with the covenants”.hade
s explain further and Isabella expression widen in excitement.
“thank you so much”.
“you dont have to thank me, you are correcting my mess and my wrongs”.hades replied.
“correcting your wrongs?,…how?”.Isabella asked filled with a curious mind.
“with time you will understand”.hades replied smiling brightly.
They walk around the cosmos and hades showed Isabella many important places in the cosmos. It was not like a prison has Isabella pictured in her mind before rather,it seems like a beautiful planet filled with Water and created to separate the dead marmaids from the living marmaids.
“that reminds me”.Isabella retorted when they had swam to a mountain at the hedge of the cosmos.
“does that mean I will never see Lucius nor my sons again?”.she asked and just like the latter time, hades smile again.
“the multiverse Are very many, no one knows the exact number of them all. Lucifer has been missing from the earth right after he succeded in planting his seed of dispute in the first man and account of him has been seen on earth only the work of his subjects are been seen on daily basis. For the fact that Lucifer is no longer seen on Earth does not mean he no longer exist, he might be in one of the multiverse controlling the affairs of it and sending his subjects to cause havoc on earth”.hades explained bluntly with so Much enthusiasm.
“that means Lucius,grayson and Ethan are somewhere in one of the multiverse”.isabella concluded aloud.
“you have started grabbing my words now, so yes they are but no one knows where they are”.hades uttered extravagantly and Isabella exhale.
“well,the last time I met you I remember trapping you with my dark pearls how come you are free now? “.
“I thought you will never asked”.hades replied still maintaining her bright smile.
“well,now I do so please tell me”.Isabella uttered bluntly in a pleading tune.
“this is my illusion,i summoned you to my world in an illusion created by me.age is wisdom and power don’t ever forget that, I hope you dont expect me to still be trapped even in my own illusion?……and for the question going on in your mind, yes I am still trapped at the spot your left me, no one not even all the dead marmaids you saw here can release me except the Greater power of your darkness which I will never allow to possess you again”.hades explained.
“now go back to the human world,go back to your existence”.she added flipping her fingers and Isabella spirit fade off from the cosmos like dusts.
I woke up panting so high as I wonder what had really happened.i know marmaids can create illusion with their powers but I have never done that before and I don’t know how it is done.i glance at the wall clock hanging on my wall and I saw it was still very late in the night and I quickly stood up wore my shoes.
“this is the perfect time to do what she said”.i exclaimed in my mind and I quickly went to my wardrobe to pick a piece of the Isis mirror before disappearing to wisdom’s room.
_____________AS NARRATED BY WISDOM__________
I felt something wet and sweet on my lips and I opened my eyes slowly in other to savage the sweet feelings only to see Isabella lips on mine and I gasped up in shock.
“isabella!!”.i exclaimed trying to maintain my balance.
“yes my love,i am the one”.
“are you sure??”I asked trembling in fear.
“Lolz.ofcourse I am”.she said smiling cheerfully as it seem she was enjoying my trembling expression, making fun of me. I glance at the clock hanging on the wall and I almost pass out in shock,it was still very late in the night just some minutes past one.
“what are you doing here by this time of the night?”.i asked trying to calm my Voice down inorder not to wake my mom up.instead of answering me, she brought a piece of silver mirror out of her side pocket and to my utter amazement,she draw up the length of her pyjamas from her wrist and she use the mirror to tear a line on her wrist right there in my presence as blood started hoozing out of the hand.alright,th
is is getting too absurd now.
“what the f–k is wrong with you?,what are you doing?”.i asked trembling in fear but she seem not to be bothered by the pain she inflicted on her wrist.
“we need to go somewhere now”.she uttered bluntly and I almost shout on the top of my voice which she never let me did as I saw myself standing on isiama river in a blink of an eye.
“what are we doing here?”.i asked as the cold river warm my feet in that ungodly hour of the night.
“just shut up and let me do what brought us here in peace, stop distracting me with your persistence questions I will explain later when we are out of here”.she bashed out in an unfriendly tune which procure anger and I quickly shut my mouth up as she commanded before she will change it on me. I should shut up…. she actually utter bluntly that I should shut up. Someone came to my room at the middle of the night 1.o clock anti meridian and she is telling me to shut up. I saw her cutting her skin opened right befall my eyes and the next thing I saw my self inside a river I have never went close to before and she is asking me to shut up,alright I will shut up.
I watch as she use the mirror to widen the mark on the hand and the blood flowing out increased.
“give me your hand”.she pronounced and I wanted to exclaimed in reluctant when I remember the outburst she poured on me earlier and I quickly draw my hand forward to her even though I don’t know what she wanted to do with my amazement, she stretched the mirror closer to me and as swift and fast like rain drop she torn my wrist opened and I shouted in pains drawing my hand away from her immediately.
“give me the hand please”.she said and I find myself doing as she commanded even in my pains.she placed the mirror on my wrist at the open wound and she place her own injured spot on it too and lightning started sparkling in her eyes likewise our joined hands.the moment our blood from the hand fall landed inside the water,a loud thud more like an earthquake under the water was heard shaking us both and we almost fell into the water but we maintained our stand as the lightning increases in our body.
__________COSMOS OF DEAD MARMAIDS_________
Hades watched kingly as they did the covenant with the water and the immortal sword power,the ground shake vigorously even at the spot where she was trapped and to her utter amazement,isabella dark pearl which had trapped her inside the ocean of the cosmos, broke off and she became freed instantly.
“wow!!!”.she exclaimed totally short of words.
“what a creation with strong and powerful Spirit.the supreme one really created him for the purpose”.she added aloud in the water,smiling cheerfully with her eyes opened wide in amazement.
_____________DEEP INSIDE THE OCEAN___________
The kingdom shaked vehemently and the water of life bursted in a splash as all the marmaids in the kingdom started trooping in fast into the palace.
“no!!!…… “.the queen exclaimed aloud after viewing the water of life likewise the other marmaids.
“what happened my queen?”.Tracy asked curiously as She could not understand what has gone wrong.
“Isabella has done it again,she bonded her soul with that boy,her heart”.the queen elucidated and tracy stare at belinda wondering what she meant.
“bonded her soul?”.Belinda and Tracy asked at the same time in a coincidence.
“you both dont understand what I meant right?”.she asked and they nodded negatively then she stare at the rest of the marmaids and marman assembled who all nodded negatively too.
“that boy is Isabella’s heart,hurting him will bring Isabella darkness into her again. Isabella has done the ancient blood And soul bonding Which only a few knows about.i dont know who told her about it, I don’t know who she had been discussing with recently but one thing I know is the person is from the ancient marmaids clave.there is no way to force isabella to return here unless she decide to do it in her own free will. Hurting the boy will hurt Isabella,killing Isabella human body will kill the boy too and also activate Isabella darkness,she will not take it easy on us if she get here with her darkness,isabella will destroy us all”.the queen explained driving the whole Kingdom into total silence and undiluted fear.
“what are we going to do?”.Belinda asked after some minutes of total silence.
“I think it is time I visit the one place I made up my mind and swore never to step my feet on again,a long time ago.the person feeding Isabella mind on how to defile me must be from there, they owns the Isis mirror,they initiated the blood and soul bond, if there is any place on earth where the bond can be broken,then it must be from them. It is time to visit my forbidden family and friend,it is time to visit the ancient clave of Isis.
_____________AT THE OCEAN OF ISIS*CALIFORNIA_________
Luciana appeared inside the ocean and she started swimming very fast to the bottom of the big ocean,she got to a place sorounded by red protections spell and she unhook an amulet designed like a ruby from her neck and she held it close to the protection.the ruby shine brightly throwing sparkles of red rays and the protection opened giving way for her to enter the ancient kingdom.
The ancient clave which can be mistaken as heaven on earth designed beautifully with sparkling white was busy and crouded by marmaids and marman who were busy selling,partying with loud musics booming from the numerous clubs inside the river as everyone were having the best of fun oblivious of the stranger in their mist and Luciana walk majestically heading to the Palace.she pushed the Palace large golden gate opened and to her surprise she meet some sharks pointing arrows at her while some were with swords,hammer,spear and many dangerous weapons. She wanted to speak as she stare at them in rage getting fully ready for a clash when she heard a voice from the palace, a Voice which she could never forget in a hurry.
“Lucretia!!,…..let her in”.the Voice pronounced bluntly with command.
“as the queen commanded”.Lucretia replied and he commanded the rest of the sharks to clear the pathway for Luciana.
“hello forbidded or should I say………. banished sister”.the voice pronounced from the dark extreme of the large palace.
“hello!,Castros!”.luciana replied smiling mischievously.


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