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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 12



Episode 12.

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Tracy stood shyly with her gaze directed to the ground as the queen stare at her persistently waiting for her reply.
“Tracy!.i ask again what did Isabella said?”.she riposted and tracy shring in frieght at her angry countenance and extremely audible Voice.the queen closed her eyes and connected her mind to tracy and all that happened between Isabella and tracy at the human world started replaying in her head.
“oh!, oh. So that is the reason why you refused to reply me?.i sent you to go and deliver my command to her as her friend whom I thought she will listen to and you went there for your own personal gain”.the queen said amidst shout.
“my queen it was not like that, I tried….”.
“shut up!!,just shut up before I shut it you up.what is my kingdom turning into?,Lucius rebel against me, my grand children are gone, my daughter has defile everything I thought her and now I sent you to inform her so she will be preparing to come back only for you to give more reason why she should not come back again,you promise to stand by her always Tracy…….stand by her in doing what?,defiling me?”.
“I am sorry eze’nwanyimmiri”.
“Tracy.I like you, don’t make me hate are my daughter friend does not mean you are no more under me….be warned tracy”.the queen warned and Tracy nodded in affirmative.
“thank you my queen”.tracy added.
“I always know Isabella will refuse to Return back to us, I know my daughter I know she is strong headed.she as left me with no choice than to kill her human body”.
“my queen we need to be careful in order not to invoke Isabella darkness again”.Tracy advice raising up her head for the first time and she face the queen abruptly with boldness.
“I know, I am not going to hurt the boy I am calling back my daughter which I am going to do immediately after my grandson’s three days of respect is one, I repeat no one should ever mention the name Lucius in this kingdom again and no one must respect is demise…… Go and announce it to the whole Kingdom now”.the queen informed in command and Tracy nodded in affirmative then she swam out of the castle heading to announce the queen command as the queen loyalist and subordinate.
“Isabella thought she is wise, she had forgotten so soon that I am her mother.i make her and I can always unmake her,i don’t care if she is hades or not”.she reposted with authority and sparkling rage.
I sent Tracy to my mother which she will see as challenge accepted,yes it is a Challenge and I stand by my word.I am not going to return back to the river.i know my mom so well more than any other marmaid she is cruel and she usually act without thinking about the effect of it on her subject but she usually take precautions to prevent her actions from hurting her.all I need now is to use her precautions against her which I will surely do,for love.marmaids are not wicked unlike what nollywood had make the human race to believe by twisting us to what we are not and will never be infact I and Tracy had been tampering and resetting so many human fates for over three centuries now, she is a friend, a sister and a humble loyalists whom I can always depend on.i remember the time a Trailer filled with people was to loose Direction and jump down a bridge, it was the fate of the people in it to die through it, but Tracy quickly informed me and we sat under our normal play ground which is under a fig tree at the hedge of the kingdom the same place I saw Lucius for the first time.we sat there and we twisted the fate of the trailer by stopping it abruptly. We stop a Trailer that almost jumped down the bridge and all the occupant of the trailer thought it was a miracle not knowing we are the ones that change the fate inside the river. Tracy is my best friend and partner in crime, she will never betray me for anything in the world,just like she pronounced,she will always stand by me.
It was a cool Tuesday morning and the sun was already high at the east as expected. I have completed all my chores and I sat down watching a movie title dominion seating on the couch with my legs on the couch too. Ever since my encounter with the arch angel I have fallen deeply in love with Angelz movies but come to think of it,does that means angels are not going to protect us according to the movie?,what am I even saying, the Micheal I saw in my revelation is far different from this one in the movie likwise it wings which are white unlike the ones in the movie.tomorrow is ekenna burial and I have make up my mind to attend it. Am still wondering how the doctor will feel seeing a corpse in his morgue without any clue on how it got there likwise the explanation he will give to his parents on where he find their son and what happened to him,well that is his business sha,let him deal with it.i was so deep into the movie when I heard a knock on my door.
“who is at the door?”.i asked listening attentively for a reply, lo and behold, I got one.
“open this door my friend before I break it down”.it was Vincent voice, gosh I missed this boy.i went to the door to open it and give him a piece of my mind before I will welcome him which I did but to my utter amazement, the moment I opened the door I saw my love and friends all together standing at the door.
“surprise!!…. “.the all said at once including the idiotic friend of mine if there is any word like that in the English language and my baby Isabella.
“gosh!!,you guys really got me big time”.i said and I hug Anabel and adaeze then I kissed Isabella.
“wait self,are you trying to make me jealous or what?”.adaeze asked fumbling her face like a kid and we all laughed.
“including me,dont come and spoil my innocent self o”.Anabel added and we all bursted into a huge laughter.
“what is funny again?”.she asked staring curiously.
“what is not funny?”I asked back.
“Mteew,you that Richard have disconnected all your fuse before he left the…..”.adaeze riposted but unfinished when Anabel suddenly hold her mouth.
“kikikikik,your secrets is save with me”.adaeze added.i went to where the idiotic friend of mine was in order to hug him likewise when I suddenly exhale out in frieght at his shoe.
“ACHALUGO!!!”.i exclaimed aloud and the two daughter of Jezebel suddenly bursted into an hell of laughter.
“Vincent what kind of shoe is this”.i asked. The shoe have worn out totally with holes at the top,there is no sane person that will see the shoes and will not laugh infact the shoes can cure a mad man craze (you need to see them in other to believe).
“bro you won’t understand”.he elucidated soberly trying to calm the situation down as they all stood laughing their their asses out.
“understand what??, what do you expect me to understand?, I should understand that you wear shoe that can cure craze……..this your shoe was the same shoe Moses wore at the burning bush that make God to say moses.. Moses,remove that shoe”.i retorted in a base voice and they all bursted Into a hell of laughter including the idiot wearing the shoe.
“we actually saw the shoe when we went to pick him up but we decided to feign cool so you will see them”.adaeze explained completely with a grin.
“Mteew,i was cutting our flowers at home bare footed when they came and pick me up.i searched for my shoe but was unable to find them so I took this old shoe from the corner so that I will not keep them waiting”.Vincent explained and I hissed.
“ your age, 17 years for that matter you dont know where you keep your seventeen mark Zuckerberg was already making cool millions”.
“and at 16 Hilton commit suicide”.he replied.
“what are you now trying to insinuate?”.
R#8220;that your mate are dead na, you can go and meet them”.
“Mteew,see bro take this money go and buy sense”.i said stretching my empty hand toward him.
“my friend remove this straw from my face.wisdom,i have always wanted to tell you this…do you know that your stupidity is like mtn?… It follows you everywhere you go”.
“and yours is like glo,it rule your world”.i replied bluntly as the girls continue their persistent laughter coughing at interval with tears forming in their eyes gland.
“aunty Bella you are just laughing are you not going to say anything?”.adaeze asked the laughing Isabella.
“what do you expect me to say?.oh!, I should talk so that you guys will say my pidgin English is awful right?”.
“yes. We won’t speak any English today we Dont want wisdom to face use”.anabel said concuring to Isabella word’s.
“let’s see if you can spend all day with us without speaking any pidgin English”.Vincent added.
“we will. Watch and see”.isabella elucidated.
We sat on the couches talking and laughing sceptically like nothing has ever happened,it seem like they have not seen us for long and they hve forgotten all that happened, me been stabbed,pronounced dead, the ghost aspect and all the rest.
“so wisdom,tell us wht happened na for three days we did not hear from you and Isabella after the both of you left the party”.Vincent said and I smiled.
“Chai!!”.i exclaimed in my mind smiling sheepishly. The person inside the river that swear for this people really tried well, the person did not just wipe their memory na swear the person swear give them.
“well, we went to a chill place to have fun as the newly couple’s in town”.isabella replied winking at me which I quickly exchanged back.
“I talk am. I was like how come wisdom kissed her just like that if they are still friends?”.adaeze said and we bursted into laughter again.
“but on a serious note wisdom don’t kiss Isabella anyhow in our present again o,you are not the only one dating here o”.Vincent bashed in inappropriately.
“yes.exactly”.anabel concured.
“you will now come and be kissing her anyhow just because she is as beautiful like the rising sun so that the World we know you are the one on top her matter, me that is dating bill gate son do you see me showing my self or kissing him outside?”.she asked and we all stare at her in awe.
“adaeze!, baby yoo, touch that girl body she no well,i can see Ijebu weed at work”.Vincent enunciated and adaeze touched Anabel neck then she remove her hand and she started blowing breeze on the hand.
“na true o, her temperature is one thousand degree Celsius”.she retorted sharply and we shouted aloud bursting into severe laughter.
“oya abeg go outside before you burn down my house”.i added in a joking manner and the laughter increase.
The ladies cooked some noodles for us and we all ate to our satisfaction.oh,i forgot to tell you guys earlier that my mom is not at home, she went out early in the morning, well now you know.
“you guys have eaten like hungry lions now and non of you can even say thank you to us”.isabella said and she stood up to pack the plates heading to the kitchen.
“Lolz, and no be say any of them sabi cook anything o”.adaeze added as she rested her legs on Vincent laps.
“especially this wisdom, I don’t think he can cook anything”.anabel said referring to me and I hissed.
“who told you I cannot cook?,have you tasted my hot Water before?,I bet you, you will lick the cup”.i said and they busted into laughter.
“Mteew… are just an idiot,but I love him like that,i am in love with an idiot”.isabella who was returning from the kitchen suddenly enunciated.
“that reminds me.wisdom,have you heard about uchenna’s death?”.Vincent suddenly said changing the topic and I became moved even though I quickly covers it with a sad countenance.
“which uchenna?”.i asked like I did not know as I quickly glance at Isabella who’s countenance has changed too.
“how many uchenna do we know?”.he asked.
“uchenna Adams?”.i asked again using the Nigeria custom and tradition Which he started earlier.
“no!, uchenna goat meat”.he replied using the exact statement I used on him while in School.
“Mteeew, that idiot?….ok!.now he is dead should I now go and fry watermelon?”.i asked.
“I know he was not a good friend of ours but atleast now that he is dead especially with the kind of horrible way he died I think we should Atleast respect the dead”.adaeze blunted out soberly and I hissed.
“OK!,I have heard you can I Now cook my stone in peace?”.i replied and they stare at me like am crazy but I definitely know Isabella is happy with me.i am surprise at Vincent question or has he forgotten also that uchenna is a cultist?,well that is not my business as far as I am concern even if uchenna wake up suddenly or walk out of that fire,I will kill him again.I don’t like what I hate and I don’t mind going to jail because of him.we play, chat,laugh and watch movies all through the day it was really fun and that is when I suddenly realized how much I missed them,there is nothing more fun than having friends who are as crazy as you.
Isabella suddenly find herself in the cosmos of dead marmaids and she stare around in shock,the breach was still closed as she stood marveling and wondering how she got there suddenly hades appears.
“don’t be surprise Isabella you are save”.hades uttered smiling brightly.
“ofcourse I know I am save am just wondering how I got here when I was on my bed few minutes ago”.Isabella elucidated filled with curiosity and hades smiled.
“don’t tell me you are already getting weak as a part human even when the war has not yet started.well you are still sleeping,i summoned you here in the dream”.hades said and Isabella smiled then she stare at the closed breach.
“about the breach,it is still closed, I called you here cos I told you before that I will always be with you”.hades added.
“are you the only one here?, I mean are you the only dead marmaid right from the beginning?”.
“no ofcourse,this is a whole cosmos almost half of the earth and there are thousands claves in the rivers of the earth so definitely there are other dead marmaids too.when I left you here where did you think I went to? “.
“I don’t know”.isabella replied.
“well let’s go and say ‘hi’to the others.catch me if you can”.hades said and she started swimming very fast to a certain part of the river of which Isabella follows in a hot chase.
They swam and busted out of a pink Universe completely pink and the stars where far closer to them than ISABELLA saw before likwise thousands of marmaids that were playing and they all suddenly stopped when Isabella and hades got there.
“wow!!, she is beautiful just like our queen”.one of the marmaids exclaimed and the others joined talking less coherently but they were actually talking about Isabella.
“welcome to the real cosmos of the dead marmaids”.hades riposted as Isabella stare at the beauty of the whole cosmos.
“well. It is beautiful but am sure this is not the reason you brought me here. If truly I am you and you are me, then I do know there is another reason for this August meeting”.isabella said and hades smiled.
“well you are right though,i called you here to tell you the precaution you need to buy you more time cos your mother is already planning on you.all she is waiting for is for the three days of respect to be over before she will hit you real hard. Believe me if you don’t use her precautions on her in this your unprepared mind which is already confused, you won’t know what hit you”.hades explained in lines.
“Hmmmm, so what is the precaution in this case now?”.Isabella asked curiously.
“you are to do a blood covenant with him”.
“what!!!……..”.Isabella exclaimed in shock.
“a blood covenant???….with wisdom??”.she asked again in shock.

To be continue…….

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