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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 11



Episode 11

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There is a point you will reach in life and you will be left with no option than to accept things the way they are, that is the exact point we placed my mom that day and she accepted Isabella at the end of it all.i know Isabella is a marmaid already likewise her parents but what we don’t know is that she is not just a marmaid but their Princess and she had enunciated it bluntly that she is not going back because of me which practically means one thing ‘war’. The angel told me that only her choice and the greater light can grant me the Peace I seek which means even the angel know there is no peace for me, I fell in love with someone above me, someone greater than me, someone who’s face I would not have been permitted to see if not because she decided to come as a human, if not because of friendship,if not because of the power and uniqueness of love. I fell in love with a mermaid but what can I do when the heart is reluctant to let go?, can anyone object when the heart has spoken?,definitely no. I know the marmaid whatever know of Isabella plan for the first time I wish I could know their every move but I know it is not possible cos even isabella,one of their own does not,a dangerous feeling that can never be stopped, a feeling that has more wicked side than sweet but still yet when you enter no going back because there is no exit door.a feeling that has fallen so many mighty men,samson in the Bible also included, a feeling that can drive someone into insanity, a feeling that will make the strong weak and liable to be killed.i have discovered so early in my life that Behind every downfall of every great man there is love.i have walk in the valley of the shadow of death because of this same feelings,i know we have sounded the drum of the Spirit and they will surely invite us to dance along with the tune which I am ready to parents promise to always stand with us in the hard race after they blessed our union, they told us to always tell them our plans after Isabella told them not to worry that she can handle the river world and we assure them solemnly that we will always let them know which I know is not going to happen cos food that is prepared by the Spirit must be eaten by the spirit alone and ln this case,i and Isabella are the spirit.isabella promised them that she will take care of it all but I can see it beyond her words, I have read it in her eyes,Isabella is scared,she don’t know what to do. I sat on my bed thinking about the angel words while Isabella was still in the sitting room with my mom,discussing and laughing happily like nothing ever happened, that is why I love my mom, when she say it is alright, then it is definitely alright. I stood transfixed thinking about the angels speech by then Isabella parents had already gone home, the angel said only her choice and the Greater Light can grant us peace,we already know her choice which is to stay as a human forever and to love me earnestly,what then is the greater light?.
“Gosh!!.i am going crazy”.i exclaim loudly banging my head hard on my bed when the door suddenly opened and Isabella walk in with a bright smile.
“we are getting crazy my love not you alone”.she said in a voice as calm as a Silent river which melted my soul and I find myself smiling sheepishly.she sat on my lap and we kissed for some minutes marking it the second time but this one was more intense than the latter.
“my love there is a problem”.she said when we had stopped the intense kissing and I became observant and curious.
“the mirror has brokened”.she added.
“which mirror is that? “.i asked when my memory was unable to adapt to the question.
“the mirror you saw that day in my room,the mirror of Isis”.she explained and my memory opened instantly. But come to think of it, she refused to tell me what the mirror is been use for the other time why will she be moody now because it has broken?.
“is that why you are sad?, please cheer up my love”.
“the reason why we had been free from the marmaids right then in school was because of the mirror,it prevented the them not to see you and it also prevented them from coming close to us not to talk,hurting us”.she retorted in a sober Voice.
“now that it is brokened?”.i asked rhetorically.
“we should be ready for anything they decide to bring to us cos I believe they already know about our feelings”.she elucidated glancing at my feet and I quickly lifted her head up and I planted a kiss on her lips which took her by surprise, I am sure she was not expecting that.
“We are in this together, I have faith in you my goddess, my princess, I believe we can overcome this”.i said and she smiled.i succeeded in cheering her up and we started playing like the crazy lovers We are, I noticed she is thinking deep inside her but I refused to ask inorder to save the happy moment we are enjoying and I wish I could read her mind just like she always did to me.
_____________DEEP INSIDE THE RIVER _________
The queen took the fallen stone and the sceptre from the ground and she connected it to her mind. All the memory of what happened at the palace started replaying in her head.
“no!!!!”.she shouted in raging anger and red sparkling lightening emanated from her eyes.
“my queen what did you see? “.Tracy who stood close to the water of life which has already returned back to it normal silver colour,bluntly asked curiously.
“Ethan and Grayson are gone too”.
“what???”.tracy,belinda and many other marmaids shouted and the started searching for them in their mist.
“my queen please do something, please bring them back if not for anything for the sake of your daughter,isabella”.tracy pleaded.
“and your grand children”.belinda added.
“Lucius is a rebel,i always know he is a rebel.if there is something that could be done I would have done it only for Ethan and Grayson but unfortunately,there is non”.
“my queen.please do something, anything please”.tracy pleaded further and the queen swim to her throne and she sat down on it.
“many ancient powers have no reverse that is why there are laws guarding the usage,lucius broke the law above all he insulted me!”.she shouted in rage.she connected her sceptre power to the water of life searching for them as the other marmaids concentrated solemnly on the water, they search thoroughly but where unable to find them anywhere.
“nothing can be done tracy”.she said and stretched her sceptre to the broken side of the Palace and it become just like it was before, perfectly fit.
“Tracy go to the human world and tell Isabella that her children and husband are no more, tell her to prepare her self and come back to isiama.her period in the human world has been cut short I don’t care if she was given thirty years or not,tell her I said she should come back”.the queen commanded in raging anger.
__________AS NARRATED BY ISABELLA___________
I have just 30 years to spend as a human now I have just 14 years left when am just starting to enjoy my stay on earth?, am in love oh yes I am. I have decided to thrend on the dangerous part of life but how can I stop myself from dieing when I clock thirty?,I sat in my bed thinking so loud as I had already arranged the pieces of the broken mirror from the ground hiding them inside my wardrobe thank my stars that my door was locked by my parents in my period of darkness. I thought about the people I killed for love, all the crazy things I did for love while in school, I thought about my friends adaeze,anabel and Vincent, I thought about my heart and it feelings, how will I tell wisdom that I have just 14 years left on earth?,I have already hitted the drum of the Spirit,inasmuch as I hate to admit it, I am scared but there is no going back in the part that I have decided to thrend,even if there is, I won’t go back.
Isabella sat on her bed reminiencing on everything happening around her when Tracy mysteriously appeared seating on the couch which stood giganticly opposite her bed and Isabella sprang up in shock.
“Tracy!!”.she exclaimed immediately.
“yes friend am the one”.Tracy replied smiling cheerfully.
“I missed you so much”.isabella exclaimed and they embrace in a tight hug.
“I missed you too,more than you ever did”.tracy said in a whisper.
“all is not well my princess, the queen mother sent you to me”.tracy said after they had sat comfortably on the bed.
“I perceive that since you came here tell me sister, what happen?,is the queen calling for me?”.
“that is part of the reason why am here but something more dangerous than that has happened”.tracy elucidated staring at Isabella eye brows.
“Lucius has tampered with the ancient stone and he has wiped himself and your children out of existence”.
“Lucius did what??,Grayson and Ethan are what??”.isabella asked in a sober cracked tune that signify her pains.
“we tried our best to undo it but they where never traced any where by the ancient water of life. We warned him when he initiated the plan to wipe out your memory with the ancient stone, believe me we told him.the queen sent me to tell you and also to inform you to prepare and come back”.
“I am not coming back”.isabella bluntly said clearing off her pains from her Heart.
“what about lucious?,you know we are to offer him and your sons three days respect and you need to be there”.tracy said trying to convince isabella to see reasons with her.
“in all our years as friends tell me in one word, what character do I exhibit most?”.Isabella asked.
“you are the most cold headed and most stubborn being I ever know”.
“good. I ask you for one and you gave me two.Look tracy I have felt the forbidden, I am in love and it is so sweet and beautiful”.Isabella said demonstrating it with her hands flapped into her both side.
“I know but Cant you see it is causing more havoc on ground now?”.
“I know but I just can’t stop it even if I have the power to I won’t stop it .this is the best part of me,please stand by me sister, don’t leave me now in my time of troubles”.
“I can never leave you isabella I will always stand by you through tick and thin but please atleast for the sake of your children,come back to us”.
“I don’t have any child”.Isabella shouted.
“what???,you are kidding right? What about Ethan and Grayson?”.
“how old am I?”Isabella asked.
“you are 16”.tracy replied.
“can a sixteen years old give birth to two boys that are over two centuries old?”she asked again and tracy nodded negatively.
“but you….”.
“there is no but here sister,nothing like but life inside the river is different from the one I am leaving now,i have human parents,i was born like every human.the queen gave me 30 years so go and tell her that am going to use my 30 years complete.tell her I am ready for whatever she is bringing for me.nothing,i repeat nothing can take me from here not even death.

To be continue……

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