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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 10



Episode 10

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“if she is not a human,what then is she?? “.my mom asked springing up in settle his mind and swiftly stood up to calm my mom down and he mistakenly press the remote control on the couch where he sat oblivious to him and the TV screen pooped up aloud which diverted our attention and we saw some reporters asking mr.okenwa and Juliet some questions on the TV at the destroyed environment. My mom stare at it like her life depends on it, I know she is going to bombard Mr.Okenwa with questions and am really surprise at the kind of lie Mr. Okenwa was narrating to the reporters.I must say Mr. Okenwa is really a guru in terms lieing.
“when did this happen?,how can a full community be destroyed without a single clue on how it happened?”.my mom asked and Mr. Okenwa give the ‘I don’t know expression feigning ignorance to it which I also did.
“I and my wife where driving by when we saw the full area destroyed and we step down to check if there was any survival unfortunately there was non”.he said and my mom exhale deeply which am very sure she believed. I hate putting my mom in the dark, I hate lieing to her when there is light in the dark tunnel but I dare not tell her, enough kerosene is already burning I can’t add petrol to it all because I wanna be truthful, at times it is more preferable to lie than to say the truth.i don’t even know if she is still gonna accept isabella after she know who she is, how am I gonna tell her that it was Isabella who Cut the lives of all the people in a full community short?.all this while Isabella gaze was directed on the floor, I felt pain missed with pity for her, I know she is regretting all that she did in her dark state,i know it was not her fault but inasmuch as i hate to admit it, she is the one that did it and nothing can change that but i love her, I really do love her.the news popped showing the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria who promised to give four million naira each to the family of the diseased and i find myself smiling sheepishly when I heard that cos I know my people, the government are going to spend a hell of money cos at the mention of the name money, everyone is going to be a family member to the diseased Lolz.the news later stopped and my mom sat down staring at mr. Okenwa who inturn stare at his wife and then to us then he opened his mouth to speak.
“she is from the river,she is a marmaid”.he bluntly elucidated and my mom eyes sharpened wide in frieght.
“Isabella is a marmaid??”.she asked again staring at Isabella who refused to raise her head up since it all started and Mr. Okenwa nodded in affirmative.
“but how??,am confused here please explain to me”.she added and Mr. Okenwa exhale deeply.
_______AS NARRATRD BY MR.OKENWA_________
I never thought a time will come where I will be narrating my odeal with anyone,i thought I have out grown it having the best daughter in the world which I have not for once all started twenty-seven years ago two years after our Marriage with nothing to show from it. My mother in-law is one of the adverse women in ezenite who knows about the river World though she was not there when the clash happened but she was told probably by her parents or ancestors and as a wise woman, she believed jusy like I also believed.we did Every necessary sacrifice to the river pleading every time for a child for the period of ten years in good faith till the queen mother appeared to us one evening and granted our request.
Victoria and I had eaten our dinner that evening seventeen years ago and she was clearing the plate when the queen appeared in the sitting room as Victoria was coming out from the kitchen and we both gasp in shock shouting on the top of our voices in frieght and we made to dash out from the sitting room when she stopped us by calling our names.
“okenwa nkemija.victoria okenwa”.she called and we became surprised.i turned back in shock to glance her and I saw her, a beautiful woman with a silver crown on her head and different color of sparkling pearls on her body. She looks so beautiful than anything I have ever come across on earth,beauty was in her as I stood wondering who she was.
“how do you know our names?,Who are you?”.i asked amidst fear while my wife freezed in shock unable to utter a word nor take a glance at her.
“I don’t have time for irrelevant questions, you called for me and here I am. I am the queen of isiama river whom you have been calling upon for a child”.she pronounced in a sweet audible Voice and I quickly knelt down likewise my wife and we quickly glance at the floor in respect to her.
“four centuries ago one of your ancestor’s desecrated the water which prompted me to leave ezenite to their fate but I can see you are a man of faith, I will grant that which you dedire as a test to the human race to know if they deserve any seed from the river World again. I will send forth one of my own who will be accompanied with excess wealth to you, treat her well and bath her in the River when she clock one year.she will have powers beyond human control to differentiate her from the humans,it is your choice if she is to use them or not”.she concluded and she disappear immediately after she completed her speech.
_____________BACK TO THE PRESENT__________
Victoria was our senior while in school and you know that,we decided to get married after obtaining our ND certificate cos there was no money to further my education which you also know about,while wealth decided to go further in education at Germany.all our wealth were extra bonuses attached to having a magnificent daughter which is Isabella before I added your late husband company and insurance which made me who I am am today,a multi-billionaire”.i explained glancing at Juliet who was totally dumbfounded staring at me like a statue.
“Juliet please talk to me, am loosing it with your silence”.i pleaded after some minute’s of silence and consistent stares.
“what do you expect me to say?,you did all this seventeen years ago and you hide it from I and my husband. If all this had not happened that means we wouldn’t have know this forever”.
“wealth knows”.i retorted and she became surprised.
“he knows???”.she asked again and I nodded in affirmative.
“I told him the very day we saw the queen and he was even present when we took Isabella to bath in the River.then,you were seven months gone in Germany.he told you he is coming to Nigeria to build a house so you both can come home which he did but I was the person that sent for him”.
“all this happened and no one seems to care about letting me know,wealth knows and he never for once told me,he lied to me”.Juliet shouted and at that instant I know her anger is rising up just like i expected which is not going to be good.
“Juliet please calm down”.
“I should calm down??,is that all you could say?? Alright that is all you could say after putting me in the dark for of all people connived with my husband and you both put me in the dark completely oblivious of what is happening around me and you are here telling me to calm down?”.she shouted again. Alright Juliet is taking this too far, what should I do when her husband choose not to tell her?,am I the one that should tell her when her husband refused to?.
“look Juliet shut up!, just shut up!!,stop giving me the impression that woman reason through the anus cos my wife and daughter don’t.wealth never lied to you, he did what he did because he knows what you will do. Would you have taken it easy on Victoria and i if you were told?, we knows it is against your Faith that is why we decided not to tell you”.i retorted in a loud voice echoing ln the sitting room and she became calm as realization finally down on her that it was not our fault but hers.
___________AS NARRATED BY JULIET_______
All this happened and I am just getting to know now, isn’t that funny knowing too well that my husband whom I love so much was a partaker of it all?.ofcourse this is a huge Secret to take in, how will I accept the fact that my friend seek for a child from the river and they were granted Isabella the most beautiful girl I have ever seen both in movies and in all my years on earth as a human.i always wonder where okenwa and Victoria got such a beautiful girl from cos his handsome feature combine with her beautiful physic cannot produce such beauty and I ended up accepting the fact that maybe it was from their gene.what they did is against my fate and oh yes, I wouldn’t have taken it likely With them if I had been told at then but now the deed is already done I can’t do anything than to accept the fact.i thought of standing against her relationship with my son, yeah am not blind I can see it vividly from their body chemistry that they are already dating.according to wisdom story he said the angel told him that he was created the day isabella choose to come to the human race which practically means they are soulmate,can I stop such a bond??,even if i want to,did anyone stopped mine with wealth when we were in school?.my late parents accepted us and advices us always likewise his parents so why will I do what no one had done to me in my own time?.I Sat down after okenwa outburst and I thought about thoroughly it in my mind and I decided to accept Isabella. Weather she is a marmaid or not as far as they love eachother then let love leads.
“Isabella!!”.i called the innocent girl who was moody glancing at the floor all because of my stupidity and she raised up her head staring at me with gathering tears and blue eyes, from her blue inhuman eyes I already confirmed what okenwa said but still yet I choosed to hear from the horse lips just like every typical Nigeria mother.
“tell me the truth are you really a mermaid?”.i asked and she nodded her head in affirmative then she stood up.
“I am Isabella princess of isiama river”.she pronounced bluntly as lightening started sparkling in her eyes which scared the living daylight out of me.
“princess???”.we all asked at the same time in awe as it was fully obvious that known of us knows about that aspect of her and she nodded in affirmative.did you all just heared that?,she is not just a marmaid but their princess and if what is in my mind is true which I definitely know will come to pass,then we are doomed.
_____________DEEP INSIDE THE RIVER_______________
Isiama river clave have a specific day ln a week for fun just like the saying goes ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.the fun which is done in form of swimming and dancing contest.many marmaids practice all through the six days in a week just to be victorious over their pairs on the seven is always a fun fill day where they play all through keeping all their problems aside.the marmaids gathered around a very large pool, larger than a full community all thanks to the large river sorrounded by fence right there inside the river.persistent cheers Could be heard so loud as it was the turn of the queen mother and tracy to contest and they both step into the pool smiling cheerfully Awaiting the anchor marman whistle.
_________AT THE THRONE ROOM____________
Lucius used the opportunity to take out his interior motive as the whole palace could be seen totally empty at that period of time. He swam away from the pool spot when he was sure the queen and Tracy were deep inside the pool and he enter the palace, stretched his hands upward and commanded the ancient stone which was always hidden at the top of the throne. The stone landed on his palm and he smiled fully determined to wipe out Isabella love memory so she could return to the river World.
“she thought she is smart, let’s see where that smartness will take are mine forever irrespective of the stupid feeling you Harbour inside you”.he said in a less coherent tune and he raised the queen sceptre which was resting on the throne.lucius connected it with his mind stretching it to the Water of life but nothing sprang up from the water unlike when the queen did it and he became surprised.he tried it again and again for several time but all his effort prove useless.
“maybe my strength is Not enough to do it”.he retorted and he tried it again,just like his other trials,nothing happened.
Lucius connected His mind to Ethan and Grayson his children begotten from isabella and he summon them with his mind, just like the Obedience young boys they are, they came.
“dad what are you doing with the queen sceptre and the royal ancient stone??”.ethan asked in his beautiful soprano harmonic voice.
“there is a way to bring your mom back to us but the queen has refused to do it, I think she don’t want her to come back”.Lucius said in a convincing tune.
“but the queen is on it”. Grayson said.
“that is what she made us to. Believe.the truth is she does not care about any of her subject,i notice that recently”.
“I still think taking her sceptre and the royal stone is wrong when you are not royalty”.Grayson added.
“You are right,am not royalty but you both Are”.
“Yes we are but we still can’t take the royal stone nor touch her sceptre without the queen consent,she will punish us when she finds out”.
“look Ethan,there is no time at hand do you want your mother to come back or not?”.Lucius asked.
“yes I want her back to us”.
“what about you Grayson?.
“am in too”.Grayson replied.
“good.lets worry about the queen later for now connect all your power to me”.Lucius commanded and his two son did as commanded as they shut their eyes and mind connecting all their power to Lucius who heard the sceptre stretching it to the water of life with the stone which suddenly started glowing blue in his hands and he smiled. The water started glowing from the bowl and he concentrated more as it refused to burst up into the sky just like it did when the queen used it, he saw Isabella eyes sparkling lightening in the human word and wisdom hugging her tightly likewise her human parents and wisdom mom and he became angry at the scene.suddenly,the stone started Glowing red and the water turned black ln colour which took him by surprise and he tried to drop the scepter down but was unable to as it suddenly became glued in his hand. then it happened,ethan dusted into thin air and Grayson followed likewise to his utter dismay,he felt his spirit being s—-d out of his body and he scattered into the air.the sceptre and the stone fell off his hands on the ground and the palace foundation shaked vibrantly torning the palace into two at instant.
______________BACK AT THE POOL___________
the loud echoed of noise from the palace prompted their festivity to stop abruptly.
“no!!!! “.the queen shouted on the top of her voice diving out of the pool and she started swimming very fast toward the palace.
“what happened my queen??”.tracy who was gaining on her in speed likewise other marmaids and marman who followed immediately.
“Lucius has wiped himself out of existence”.she shouted and they gasp out in shock.unknown to them, Ethan and Grayson where gone too.

To be continue……….

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