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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 56



Episode 56 (final).

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I opened my eyes and I saw myself in a white room on a white bed as everything in the room were white.gosh!!,am in a hospital but the big question is, at where?.
“doctor!.he has opened his eyes”.someone said from my side and I turned to see Vincent and Isabella seating close to me.the doctor walk in with a broad smile on his face as he place his stethoscope on my chest and I stare around the room without uttering a word.
“I told you he will be fine,he just need some rest and eat something”.
“thank you sir”.Vincent replied.
“am just doing my job,I see no reason why you should be thanking me”.the doctor elucidated rebuking Vincent last statement.he later left after promising to come back later with the list of the drugs they are to get for me, I hate drugs, I just wish they could just accept the fact that am alright now instead of feeding my stomach with chalks which science students do produce and will refuse to take them leaving them all in the name of drugs.
“alaye welcome back to the land of the living”.Vincent said and I smiled stepping down from the bed.
“shey i die before?”.i ask and He smiled. All this while Isabella was just staring at me without uttering a single word’s which got me wondering what might be going through her mind.
“Isabella??? “.i called staring at her direct gaze.
“it is my fault, it is all my fault I caused all this”.she said in a sober mood and I took her palm on mine smiling cheerfully.
“sunshine, I fainted on the field because I lost my strength. I should be the one pleading with you coz you warned me to rest but I refused to listen,i choosed to do otherwise,am sorry”.i pleaded in a meek tune and she smiled.
“wait.vincent where is this?,where is my mom?,did they give us the cup?”.
“one question at a time abeg,we are in ezenite, your mom left few minutes ago to get us something to eat and yes they gave us the cup. What kind of a stupid question am I even answering self?, we won so why wont they give us the cup?”.
“guy no think say because I fainted before say I no get strength o, if I punch your nose”.i said smiling which he joined too including Isabella.
“with which hands?”.
“this one na”.i said showing my my punch and he started laughing so hard.
“you call this ply wood hands?”.
“Mteew.I can’t feel any pains on my leg anymore, I don’t understand what happen to all the pains”.i asked Isabella diverting the discussion.
“the good thing is that you are fine now, we won the match so I think you should be more happy now instead of being Curious.remember curiosity kills a cat”.Isabella said and I nodded in approval relenting everything that happen to Miracle,as all my mom words started playing on my head God does not want us to loose the match,he is the I AM that I am and a God that owns all those characteristics bounded in one name cannot allow anything to happen to me knowing too well that I am her only eye,her World and her mom later came in and she was so happy to see me on my feet as she hug me instantly sharing tears of joy. We ate together in the hospital and that same evening I was discharge after Isabella cleared the bills and payed for the drugs the Doctor recommended for me and we drove home happily.
“Thankgod am not gonna sleep in that hospital for long,i hate hospitals”.i elucidated in an incoherent tune if only I knew a time will come where the hospital will be my new home.
I later finds out from Vincent more about tochukwu fathers death, how he took my place as the captain collecting all the medals and presents am suppose to collect which he gave to me before he left. According to him, tochukwu father died on his way to the airport which practically means that he was coming to owerri before to check if I still choose to continue the match and possibly give his hoodlums the go ahead to assassinate my mother. I don’t wish for his death, but planning to kill my mom is against my law so instead of my mom to be killed by him it is better he die instead,i just pity tochukwu who is partially an orphan now but why is it that anyone that dares or do anything bad to me always end up dead or mad?.hmmm, maybe my guardian angel is really a vibrant angel filled with wrath just like the principal said.
The following week was really a stressful one as we were celebrating our victory and ensuring that we are always there for tochukwu,whos father died the same day we won our match as that was the best we could do for him in those period of pains.the principal took time giving us the best threat for that week and also Isabella dad took time in fulfilling his promise to all the players just like we did.the main celebration for the cup which is organising a party to celebrate our Victory was postponed by the School authority to the end of the term where we are to do our end of the year party due to the situations of things on ground as we end up rounding the stressful week up by visiting different orphanage homes in the local government area, granting them gifts, food stuffs and scholarship to the brilliant students among them, though not all were enroll to prestigious kings academy we only select the excellent ones to join us and we enroll the others into other schools in the local government with the School fees fully on us.being a street kid is not easy,i have tasted it and I know how it taste like and am happy for contributing my own quota to their joy the way almond secondary school, mama ikenna and so many people had done to make sure I got to where I am now, the street is not favourable to anyone all you need to do in order to enjoy your stay is to be humble,that is the only acceptable ticket to a happy street life.

_________2 MONTH’S LATER_______________

It has been two months since the last time we won the governor’s cup, two months of peace and no cause for alarm,two months of love,happy friendship and good friendship with Isabella keep growing day by day to the extent that everyone in the School knows we love eachother but no one knows that we are not dating yet except ofcourse my core friends. Adaeze and Vincent are now officially dating, he asked her out the week we started our examination and she accepted him.we are through with our examination a week ago and had even collected our result already and yes.i and Isabella got the same score, highest mark in the School which Isabella dad took his time celebrating for us. My life is now so cool, am no longer that street kid though the blood is still in me because there is no way you Will give a monkey comfortable treatment and it will not disgrace you because of banana Even though Isabella dad has take his full time raising me to the standard of his daughter. Today is the prestigious end of the year party and we are fully prepared already for the night Party which our parents had approved fully. Adaeze anabel and Vincent Were already in my sitting room waiting for I and Isabella as we match out from the room wearing the same pink fila top,trouser and snickers.
“now Vincent close your eyes”.adaeze commanded as we approach the sitting room,only her could see us as Vincent and Anabel were busy playing game with my ps2.
“close my eyes??, for what?”.Vincent ask not wanting to remove his gaze from the game.
“yes,pause that game and close your eyes, that is how you will do till today Party is over”.adaeze Commanded and Vincent turn his head curiously inother to see why adaeze was behaving strangely and he saw Isabella Freaking out instantly cuz of her Beauty and fair skin which match perfectly with her pink wears.
“why did you turn your head?”.adaeze asked Staring at him with an expression filled with anger as he remain lost staring at Isabella without a single blinks of his eyes and we busted into a huge laughter watching the two love birds exchange of words.
“am sorry, it was not really my fault she is just too beautiful and am sure this night is going to be all for her.guys go craze today”.
“I know it is not your fault that is why I told you to close your eyes”.
“my love am sorry”.
“did I say am angry?,I can be jealous because my boyfriend stare at another girl but definitely not Isabella cos I know my aunty bella is another person property”.
“who’s property?”.Vincent asked rhetorically and I became this guy mad or he is just trying to be funny?,or maybe he is high on a codeine diet.
“the guy standing close to her ofcourse”.adaeze replied twisting her mouth like a kid.
“look,as far as I am concerned, Isabella is single, we are the only dating pairs in this building am even thinking of wooing her for my cousin self”.vincent elucidated and I became shocked.
“Vincent!!!”.i called for the first time since I entered the room as Anabel stood laughing her ass out while Isabella sat on one of the couch watching Us kingly.
“what??, is she not single before? “.he asked futher and exhale with fear in my mind.inasmuch as I hate to admit it, Vincent is right,isabella is single, I am single which possibly means I have no right whatsoever to talk in a matter like this.
“ok let’s go, you are right”.i elucidated bluntly and I made up my mind to plan on the best way to ask isabella out if only I knew the night will mark a change to everything.
“yeah let’s go but that does not stop the fact that you disobeyed me”.adaeze said and Vincent draw closer to her petting her on her shoulder romantically.
“when the desirable is unavailable,the available become desirable. Everyone want Isabella,but I need you.always remember that my priceless Treasure”.Vincent retorted in a whisper on adaeze ear but clear enough to our hearing and yes again he is right As adaeze smiled happily at his lovely words.
“oya enough of the drama let’s go ooooo”.anabel shouted and we busted into laughter including Isabella.
“what again?,did I do anything wrong?”.anabel added filled with curiosity.
“no,you did not. But your pidgin accent mixed with English did”.isabella bluntly replied and we busted into a huge laughter again while Anabel stare at us with a surprised grin.
“gosh, you all are crazy”.she said picking up her handbag from the couch In the process and she catwalk out of the sitting room and we follow suit.
The party was a huge success and a very big one at that as we all eat, drink and dance to the extreme though acholic drinks were excluded and it was really banned with securities all around the hall in other to ensure peace and orderliness in the building.adaeze and vincent were already grooving on the dance floor moving sceptically to the music sang by a popular musician in Nigerian olamide which he titled science Student.anabel on the other hand was not doing bad either as she was busy grooving the trending dance step shaku shaku with a boy from the ss3 class and I must say she is really good at it far better than adaeze but not up to Vincent who is driving the dancehall crazy drifting attentions to himself with his dance steps.
“wisdom!”.Isabella called after sipping from a pineapple juice putting the tumbler back on the table where we sat discussing and viewing the performances on the hall.
“yes sunshine.oh sorry full moon I forgot we are in the night or should I say my eclipse of the sun”.i elucidated and she smiled.
“I want to tell you something outside”.she Said and I stood up immediately following her sceptically as she lead the way out of the hall.
“am sure you understand what Vincent was saying back then at home”.isabella said as we sat outside our class and I nodded in affirmative cos I already knows where she is taking the discussion to.
“wisdom we were already friends before vincent and adaeze, they became friends because of the Friendship we offered to them now they are dating. Wisdom I can’t wait anymore, I can’t keep yearning for you without having you for myself, yes. We are friends and our family bond is tight but that is not what I want.i want to have you all for myself I can’t wait anymore. I have waited for good three months for you to say it but you never did, since you have refuse to am telling you now,i love you Wisdom”.she poured out and I stood transfixed with my legs shaking on the floor Not knowing the best way to reply her.
“please say something”.she added and I opened my mouth to utter a word but no word Come Fort from it as my memory suddenly became blank.
“don’t you love me?,tell me. I know you do please reply me, tell me you love me,accept me”.she added further but my mind was fully occupied with Different thought not knowing the best way to answer her.i love isabella so much no single doubt about that. wake me up any day,any time,any where and ask me who my heart beat for I will shout Isabella name aloud but this is not the way I planned it.i planned on telling her my feelings in a grand style,telling her my feelings in an unforgettable experience that will forever be remembered between us. I was still thinking so hard when I noticed a drop of tears falling off from Isabella’s eyes and I made to grab her but she shoved my hands off her shoulder and she turn back suddenly and she started running off to the gate sobbing while I ran after her calling her name and pleading earnestly with her to stop and hear me out which she paid deaf ears to.
“take me home now”.she shouted at her driver hopping into the car in a flash and she locked the door on me.
“Isabella please wait,dont go please hear me out. I love…..”.i tried to utter but she commanded the driver to start the car which he did and I jumped out from the road watching the car which was already far away from me speeding fast on the free.
“you”.i muttered completing the statement and I sat on the tiled road with tears falling of my eyes and the consequences of what I have done totally downed on me.
“oh God, I have ruin a day that is suppose to be The best for us”.i enunciated aloud laying flat on the floor with tears falling of from my eyes uncontrollably.

______________AS NARRATED BY ISABELLA _______________

‘Love’. A strange feeling forbidden from the marmaid kingdom because of an acient story from the acient marmaids about the death of the First queen of the marmaids,but approved and legalize on the human world.i fell deeply into it turned into a cold killer because of it which many people will hate me for. Yes,I lack sympathy and I don’t wish to have it, I am not a human and you don’t expect me to act as one for only one law is what I abide On,no one hurt my Heart and go scot angry,my heart has hurt me deeply with his silence when I am freaking serious.I waited for him for months to do the expected which he refused to do even when I know fully that he is in love with me.i reduced my dignity, my pride,my royalty to do what he refused to do and he was mute on me, taking me for a fool. I never expected that I thought he will jump on it the moment I said it but the reverse was the case. I took my first and second human life because of him, so many people wish to have me but I rejected them even in California I never knew I will fall deeply into it one day now I understand why my mother warned me to stay away from Love,definitely love is really wicked.i was directed in my dream by a marmaid who refused to show her real self.she directed me to go into an ocean which she described as the Ocean of Isis and demand for a mirror which I did even though I never knew a day will come for it to be activated but I did.I activated it,blocking myself from my family when I noticed I have started developing the forbidden,’love’.i did it for wisdom, he would have been killed,they would have killed him already by now especially Lucius whom I have prevented from seeing, feeling and communicating with me for months, I did it all for wisdom,i betrayed my family, abandoned them all because of him,all because of love. Am sure by now the River world will be in chaos,I know what Lucius can do, no one will have peace under the water because of what I have done. but I don’t care I have no plan whatsoever to return to the river. I am Angry, very Angry the same anger that made Isabelle to die without my knowledge.i was Angry with my human parents Some months when they insist I return to California to continue my studies which I refused.i actually came to Nigeria without their consent, I don’t know why then,but my mind was not at rest staying in California now I know why,my heart directed me here for Just one purpose,’to fall in love’.isabelle died because my mind was totally filled with anger mixed with my pains and I thought it was my pains when isabelle was mistakenly kicked by a car I never knew it was her calling for help.i have no intention of returning back to the river,am not going back,i am Isabella princess of isiama river the most beautiful marmaid on earth and I have choose to stay with the humans come rains come shine.

____________CONTINUE FROM WISDOM NARRATION________________

I stood up from the floor after crying for minutes, I dont know how long but I do know it will be up to half an hour if not more than. I brought out my phone and made to call isabella and apologized to her if possible do the most craziest thing I never wanted for us, proposing to her on phone.but the the unexpected happened again as I took out the phone and saw that there is no network.
“dun, not again”.i shouted cursing under my breath with anger as the urge to break the phone came surging through my vains but I overcome it with the sole objective of apologising to Isabella that day or never,if only I knew my decision will put the world at large in danger. Isabella took the car we brought to the party away but I must get to her place today,I must get to her I must apologize to her or so I thought as I decided to walk to the nearest bus stop and take a bus directly to her place, I don’t care about the risk, my heart is angry with me and I must apologize to her and seek for her forgiveness,she deserve the best from me, I will offer her the best cos she is the best.

_______CONTINUE FROM ANONYMOUS NARRATION_____________________________

The Solar light on every side of the road Illuminate the dark road Giving it light which made it possible to see clearly as I walk majestically on the lonely and silent road fully determined to get to my destination when I heard a movement from my back and I turned back to see seven persons with dangerous weapons approaching me.
“am not a criminal please I just want to go home”.i shouted on the road which echoed back followed by a profound laughter with a Voice that seems familiar.
“I warned you didn’t I? “.a bass voice said among the seven persons.
“warned me about what?,who are you?”.
“I told you to stay away from my girlfriend and you refused to adapt to my warning,you took my words for jokes”.gosh, was uchenna Voice. “wisdom is that you?”.another voice sounded which I recognised fully to be ekenna.
“yes it is me, am the one”.i shouted back and he ran toward me with fear visibly seen in his eyes.
“uchenna, you brought us here to kill my friend?”.
“who cares if he is your father?, remember the commandment disobedience means death And forgiveness still remains a sin”.
“what…. what.. is he talking about?, what did I do?”.i asked
In fear.i don’t understand a single thing from what they were saying all I knew is uchenna first statement which is practically a lie.wait the snake tatoo, it is them, they are here to kill me.
“wisdom run”.Ekenna shouted and I took to my heel without a second thought.I had not ran up to two kilometer when I heard a gun shot and I turned my back immediately seeing ekenna lifeless Body on the floor.
“gosh a day cannot be this bad,everything cannot total mess at the same time in just one day. what will I do, who will save me? “.i lamented aloud in fear running as fast as my legs could move per seconds.uchenna shot ekenna,his friend. ekenna that always got my back everywhere,fighting for my sake and now he is died because of me.
“do you think you can run?”.someone asked from my front and I stop abruptly when I saw three boys heading toward Me from my front and I turned to the back only to see three more boys heading toward me.
“what do you want from me?, please don’t kill me”.i pleaded.
“so you can actually beg?, you reduced me to nothing and also took my girl from me,is that not enough reason to kill you?”.uchenna said stopping abruptly with a gun in his hand.
“Isabella is not your girl”.i shouted aloud.
“oh so you can still talk?”.
“scorpion let’s burst this boy skull open and leave this place”.another boy elucidated referring to uchenna.
“to kill him with gun too easy”.uchenna replied and before I could spell Jack a knife went dip into my stomach and I screamed so loud in pain.
“uchenna!!.i called holding his shoulder to support my stamina as blood came rushing down from my mouth and my strength failing my body.
“remember the name seven vipers when you get to hell”.he Whisper into my ear removing the knife in the process and dipping it back into my stomach the second time. I could feel my life been sucked out oofy body as blood popped out from my mouth and I passed out.

________________CONTINUE FROM ANONYMOUS NARRATION _________________

Isabella was seating on her bed inside her room when wisdom was stabbed and immediately a sharp pain Pierce through her heart and she screamed so loud with her voice echoeing all around the building shaking the foundations and the mirror of Isis fell down in the process shattering on the floor and her blood Which she used to activate the power of the mirror Pours out of the shattered mirror to the floor.isabella eyes turned to silver lining with black spot piercing through them immediately as she stood up from the bed with water streaming down her body. suddenly, the door opened revealing her parents.
“Isabella,calm down?”.mr. okenwa asked curiously with an expression filled with fear.
“wisdom is in danger!!”.isabella said in a thundered voice and she disappeared right there in their presence.

________________DEEP DOWN ISIAMA RIVER ________________

Lucius swim very fast wagging his black tail And he bashed into the throne room were all the marmaids were .
“I can see Isabella now,the mirror has broken but I don’t understand what is happening to her”.he shouted on the top of his voice.
“the prophesy”.the queen replied in a sober Voice which procure fear.
“I don’t understand which prophesy?”.
“the return of the first queen of the marmaids, I never knew she had return and is with us all this while”.
“I still don’t understand what you are talking about”.
“Isabella have dark power inside her just like the first queen of the marmaids which can only be activated when her heart is hurt. Isabella is the reincarnation of Hades the creator of the mirror of Isis, hades is back, Isabella is hades,we had unknowingly released what will destroy the world Into the World,isabella dark side has been unlocked by The pains in her heart no one not even us can stop her from destroying the world.

========= THE END. =========

Who is hades?.
Is wisdom dead?
If so, who Will can stop Isabella from destroying the world?. What are will Happen To The shattered mirror of Isis?
What is the fate of the seven vipers?.
Will Isabella ever Return to the marmaid kingdom again?
Who are the Isis?

Find out the answers in the intrigues suspense filled story ISABELLA season 2 (consequences of love) Falling in love Is good but it has it consequences!.
Don’t miss it………….. Watch out!!!

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