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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 52



Episode 52.

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ride to Isabella house was totally filled with silence as my mind was fully occupied with different thoughts of what could be waiting for me there.i don’t know why but I feel it inside me like someone is watching. Mteew what am I even thinking self?,ofcourse God is watching me in his holy throne so why will I be thinking negative things in my mind?. We got to a beautiful white gate that look exactly like the gate of heaven that is usually used in nollywood movies.yes,that is the best word to use in describing the beautiful long magnificent white gate.the gate open automatically revealing a beautiful mansion and the driver drove in killing the car engine after parking in a space of the parking space filled with different cars and we step down from the car to see the most beautiful House I have ever come across.
“is this your dad’s house,i mean is this were you live?”.i asked rhetorically a question which I later awarded as the most stupid question of the year as Isabella stood smiling sheepishly like someone that won a lottery. Ofcourse she won a lottery,driving me crazy and making me feel inferior is a lottery to win.
“Anabella”.she called which drifted me off my stare at the beautiful environment I was standing on which could be best describe as magnificent.immedietly she pronounced that name which got me curious of who she was referring to,something run out of the back yard, yes something,a pink thing that is very huge it looks like a dog buy it is far greater than any dog I have ever seen and the most surprising part of it all isit is pink in colour. I ran toward the car struggling with the car knob in other to run inside for safety but unfortunately for me all the doors were automatically locked with the car remote which is obviously with the driver. My mind is already filled with regret on why I came there in the first place for a giant unknown beast to devour.
“Anabella stop. He is a friend”.i heard Isabella pronounced slowly and just like a remote control the beast stop abruptly licking Isabella feet with it tongue while Isabella was busy smiling.
“Anabella??? “.i asked after my nerves has calm down a little.
“yes,that is her name”.
“how can you name a…….. ”
“you call this huge beast here a dog?”.
“yes she is an Alsatian dog,my dog and it is as old as me”.she explained and I became surprised cos this beast before me which Isabella called a dog is almost up to my elbow with a mighty head of valor which i could best describe as aso rock.
“but why is it pink?,I mean pink dog don’t exist or maybe I have never come across one”.
“yes they don’t exist,her real colour is plain White but I spray it to my taste,to my favorite colour”.she explain surprising me the more.
“is there any spray that can change a dog hairy skin?”.
“Yep,now enough of the question Anabella go and Great my friend”.she commanded and the dog started heading toward me, though I was still scared but I gather my mind together waiting for her and just as commanded it started licking my feet happily and wagging it tail.
“nice dog,i think am beginning to like this dog but am still wondering why you named her Anabella our friend’s name”.i asked touching the dog Beautiful hairy skin.
“Lolz, I never knew by then that I will have a friend with that name,now let’s go inside”.she elucidated and we started going in as instructed by her followed by Anabella.
We enter the house and every maids that pass us greeted us like kings.i discovered Isabella parents were not at Home with her conversation with one of the maids and she instructed her on what to prepare for us which she nodded in affirmative heading to where I presume to be the kitchen followed by some of the other maids.saying that inside the House is beautiful is an insult of the highest order, I must say Isabella family really have a good taste for the best.i choose to omit the description of the sitting room cos if I do, we might not leave this place today so let’s save the imagination and focus on the real reason why we are here.
OK. Now am short of word’s, Isabella’s room is something else as we heard straight from the sitting room to her room which is upstairs and it took almost half of the flat.everywhere is pink, there is nothing with another color in that room.
“welcome to my room”she said smiling sheepishly and she sat on her very big bed also with Anabella whom she rested on her thigh even though there were chairs in the room and I stood stupidly staring at the beautiful and awesome room like and idiot.
“Barbie, am beginning to fall inlove with pinks.this pink colour is beautiful”.i motioned and she smiled.a voice was head in the Telecom which Isabella responded to and immediately the locked door Swift open reveling a maid with a tray containing two cups,a red wine and a big plate.she greeted us which we responded to and she place the tray on Isabella bed as commanded by Isabella and she left.
“OK enough of the stair,lets eat”.
“what is that? “.i asked bluntly staring at her.
“pepper soup and wine as you can see”.gosh Isabella really knows what I like and that is one thing I love so much about her, I wanted to meet her on the bed when I sighted a shining mirror at the extreme of the wall facing the bed and as curious I can be I head toward it. I stood amazed staring at the mirror which did not look like just a mirror as it was sparkling emanating some silver rays even when there was no light reflecting it and I made an impact to touched it but was stopped abruptly by Isabella voice at my back which I don’t even know how she got so fast to my back in at the short period of time.
“don’t touch it!!”.she instructed with authority and I turned back shocked to see her cos she was on the bed before.
“but Why shouldn’t I touch it, is just a mirror”.i retorted with a shaky voice already filled with Fear.
“it is not just a mirror please don’t touch it”.she pleaded confusing me more.
“if it is not just a mirror what then is it called? ”
“the mirror of Isis”.she enunciated slowly and I stare at her wondering what she meant.
“I don’t think I have heard about that before but I don’t know what to say now”.
“please don’t say anything”.
“because even though I explain from today to tomorrow you will not understand unless when the Right time arrived”.
“hmmm,ok o.but what if anyone comes to your room in your absence and touch it?”.i asked bluntly.
“they can only touch what they can see”.
luscius swim very fast into the marmaids throne room located inside the palace where the queen mother sat alone on her throne in a deep thought which she was drifted from by luscious banged on the door when he came in.
“eze’nwanyimmiri kedu”.he said with an unsettled mind which the queen noticed and she picked up her mantle which was resting on her lap.
“calm down Lucius,i felt the strong presence too”.
“I should calm down?,is that all you could say?,for the past one month I have heard nothing from my wife, I don’t know what she is doing out there,she succeeded in blocking me from visiting her or feeling her heart,pains and thought and I don’t know how she was able to do that.she……”.
“Lucius!!!…….!”.the queen mother echoed in a loud voice interrupting Lucius lamentation with authority.
“I repeat calm down”.she added still with the thunderous voice.
“but she is my wife, my…. “.
“and she is also my daughter.the Princess of this kingdom,the most beautiful marmaid of all.when I say calm down you calm down,i am commanding you as your queen”.
“Gba’aram eze’nwanyimmiri”.lucious pleaded in igbo dialect forcing his mind to calm a little even though it could be visibly seen that he is boiling inside.
“I know what Isabella use, only one thing can be use to shot down telekinesis communications from marmaids”.
“you know?”.lucious asked fuming around the throne room like and a frustrated marmaid.
“yes.the mirror of Isis”.
“the mirror of Isis?”.
“the mirror of isis are a very powerful mirror belonging to the first clave of marmaids on the earth. They are the most dangerous weapon in the marmaids clave which can shot down a marmaids from seeing, communicating and felling another marmaid power and it can be use to kill another mermaid if it is use as authorised”.the queen explain and Lucius finally sat down on one of the available chair swinging his black tail swiftly in boiling anger.
“if there is such a weapon out there in the world why then have we not seen or heard of it? “.
“because I thought there will be no need to know about it”.
“where could we find this mirror of Isis or how can we stop it from functioning?”.
“what we should be asking now is how Isabella got her hands on such a dangerous weapon.the mirror of Isis can only be activated by the blood of a marmaid on it,for isabella to search for such mirror which no marmaids know about in this clave and activate that mirror simply means one thing.she has broken the Promise she made to me,only the human in her heart can see that mirror and no marmaids can come close to her, feel her thought and communicate with her as long as her blood is in the mirror.isabella has broken the ancient law made by the ancient marmaids guarding all the claves of marmaids in the whole rivers in the world.Isabella has fallen in love”.she explained and a tear fell of from her eyes turning into a silver pearls and Lucius roar so loud shaken the foundation of the castle in anger and his eyes turned black just like his tail.
To be continue…………..
The question is, how did Isabella got her hand on such a powerful weapon?.

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