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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 08



Episode 8

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Isabella took me to under a tree a little bit far from uchenna compound but it is still located in the same street as I could still see the blazing fire emanating from the burning house.and she disappear out of sight going to her cosmos of dead whatever. I refused to follow her and I also refused to go home.why will I go home when she told me that today is gonna be the last day I will have my free disappearing?,who will choose car to free vanishing?, lolz.i will stay here and wait for her till she come back and take me home by herself.
_____________DEEP INSIDE THE OCEAN____________
the queen mother invoke powers from her sceptre on the water of life searching thoroughly for Isabella who has suddenly disappeared out of the earth away from the search of the powerful water of life which could locate anywhere on earth when directed to.
“I can’t find her”.the queen shouted with a frustrating glance.
“she mentioned somewhere like cosmos of dead marmaids what could she mean by that?”.Belinda asked curiously and they all stare at her which possibly means they were fully oblivion of it too.
“Isabella is turning into something else everyday,we saw her taken from the earth in an unfathomable speed now she disappeared out of the earth on her own”.Lucius elucidated with a serious expression.
“the question is where is this cosmos of dead marmaids?”.
“keep asking stupid questions there instead of working together to bring Isabella back to this kingdom”.Lucius said replying to Belinda statement.
“isabella Will come back,she have no choice than to come back to us,her time on earth has been cut short she is going to return immediately she return from wherever she went to”.the queen said with authority.
“I think we should just take her life and let her body unite with the water again”.belinda suggested.
“no!., my daughter will come back to us willingly”.
“what if she don’t??,tell me what we will do if she don’t”.lucious blunted out in anger.
“stop all this lucious,isabella will come back to us.lucious I have told you time without number to always think about the possible outcome of an action before taking the action Have you think about what will happen if she come back here and find out that we killed her cutting her life span in the human world short?…have you thought about it?”.Tracy retorted and lucious exhale deeply.
“Tracy is right,Isabella will return back to us on her own free will”.the queen said in full confidence and silence took over the palace.
_____________BACK AT THE HOSPITAL________
wisdom mom woke up and attracted the attention of a nurse who was close by with a loud shout and she quickly came to attend to her.
“where Is my son?, my son cannot be dead. Tell me he is alive,tell me my only eye is alive”.
“MAdam!, which son are you talking about?”.the nurse asked and Juliet grabbed the tip of her uniform instantly.
“my son!!.my son that was brought here”.the nurse managed to free herself from Juliet grip and she bashed out to call the doctor while Juliet kept on crying on the top of her voice on the bed.
The Doctor came in some minute’s later which his stethoscope visibly seen rounding his Neck.
“Doctor where is my son?,tell me he is Alive.please tell me”.
“madam your son is not in this hospital,what are you talking about?”
“my son that you pronounced bluntly that his heart had Failed is not in this hospital?,what are you talking about?”.
“me!!.i think I need to place you on full treatment”.he said and went out of the ward while Juliet sat down on the bed filled with curiosity as she as it could be visibly seen written in her expression.
__________AS NARRATED BY MR. OKENWA_________
We search thoroughly for my. Daughter and wisdom but could not find any of them.some people have joined us in the rescue of dead bodies and they kept on asking us what happened.i Wonder what really happened to them, how can this kind of disaster struck and non of them remember when it happened?,some of the faces I saw where those that came before now they are here asking questions of what happened as the health managements and securities were been called by them already and am sure they are already on the way.i don’t know what happened to them but if it is what I am thinking and if my thought is right then it is better as it was done and God will bless the person that did it.I and a good Samaritan were pulling up a branch of tree that fell on a young girl when my phone rang in my pocket and I quickly abandoned the tree immendietely to answer the call, Lo and behold it was Chris.
“chris!.why did you suddenly left what happened”.i quickly asked when I have picked the call.
“left where??.look I just call to tell you that the woman you brought here is misbehaving here, she is asking for her son Whom I don’t know anything about, she said I told her earlier that her son his dead can you imagine that??”.chris blunted out on the caller end. This is really serious.chris forgot that wisdom came to his hospital,he forgot also that he treated him and pronounced him dead,he forgot how the nurses ran out shouting ‘a ghost’on the top of their voices and above all,he forgot that he came here.
“hello,okenwa are you there?”.
“yes…yes I am”.i replied stammering a little.
“I called to tell you that I am gonna put her on full treatment I think she is loosing her mind”.
“what!!….no, no don’t do that I will come and take her, I understand what is wrong with her”.i blurted out inorder to stop him from giving Juliet further treatment cos I know there is nothing wrong with her rather it is chris that need to be treated.
“didn’t you heard my last statemeet?, I said she is loosing her mind”.
“look Chris,dont you trust me?”.i asked.
“you are my friend ofcourse I do”.
“then please let her be, I will come for her”.i concluded and he exhale before accepting my plead and he ended the call later on. I quickly joined the guy in lifting up the tree and I went to my wife who was standing cos I restricted her from touching anything further and I started discussing my conversation with Chris to her.
___________COSMOS OF DEAD MARMAIDS__________
Isabella spark into the breached cosmos from the earth like a sparkling lightening and she saw hades still on the spot where she was trapped and hades smiled on seeing her.
“I thought you wont come back again”.she said and Isabella Stare at her without uttering any word then she set down making volume of pearls which she release on the dark illuminating large pearl that trapped hades but nothing happened. She tried it again and again for several time adding some lightning to her pearls and it still remaining and adamant to her forces.
“what is happening??”.she shouted when she has gotten worn out from making pearls.
“I thought you will not speak”.hades enunciated in an indefinite expression.
“I tried to warned you not to do it but you never listen,you trapped me with your darkness and only your darkness can free me”.
“I don’t understand”.isabella retorted with a surprise expression.
“what part do you not understand?, you don’t understand that you have trapped me for life or you refused to listen to me when I tried to warn you, or only your dark side can free me?”.she said and Isabella gasped hissing in the process and she started making pearls all over again combining them with forces in Her body and strength and she hit it on the illuminating large pearl again.just like the other trials,all her effort prove futile.
“if you don’t stop using your strength you will be trapped here with me for life cos you cannot breach out of this cosmos without your strength”.hades advice sincerely.
“just stop talking and tell me how to switch to my darkness and free you”.
“why do you think the immortal sword was banned into the forbidden in heaven after it was formed?”.
“I don’t know,was I there?”.Isabella answered with a question.
“oh sorry I forgot you are just a kid.the sword have some side effects which is the reason why the Supreme one casted it there and switching to your darkness is a part of it”.
“I still don’t understand “.
“you can only free me when your darkness is activated and accepted which I will not allow even if you plan to,i rather stay here than to let you return to That Monster inside us again”.hades said and Isabella became short of words staring at her with so many thoughts in her mind.
“you have decided not to go back to the River, I hope you know the consequences of that?”.hades bluntly added and Isabella nodded in affirmative.
“remember, what ever decision you make is our decision. I am always with you,if you don’t want to return to the water then so be it”.she added.
“I am sorry hades,i am very sorry”.
“you don’t have to be I you need to get going,i Will close the breach the moment you step out to prevent any other marmaid from discovering this cosmos, good bye Isabella”.hades said and Isabella nodded.isabella swim in speed gathering momentum together as sparkling thunder emanating lightening where hoozing on her skin.
“don’t forget to send my regards to wisdom. I wish he can kiss me too just like he did to you”.hades added and Isabella smiled then she spark out of the cosmos like a lightning bolt and Hades gather some pearls together hitting them hard on the open breach that she opened before and the breach close slowly locking her inside the cosmos.
“I am always with you my reincarnation,go and set everything right”.she enunciated with a bright smile.
“gosh!!.”I exclaimed getting nervous,impatience and I started regretting why I did not let her take me home before embarking on her journey to the cosmos of the dead marmaids or whatsoever she called it. I have been there for hours now being hitted solely by the hot sun which is threatening to pull my skin out with it hot rays.
“I am here lover boy”.Isabella suddenly said and I turned back only to see her there smiling like a new goat purchase from Russia,all those international goats.
“since when have you been here?”.
“Long enough to hear you throwing a stone at a dog that passby and exclaiming aloud”.she said smiling amidst smile.
“wait!!,are you kidding me?,I throw a stone at a dog over 30 minutes ago”.
“and I have been here since 50 minute’s ago”.
“what!!!!”.i screamed aloud.
“shiiii, stop shouting like the dog you stoned”.
“and you left me here?, on this hot sun”.
“let’s say………. You were to hocked up with your frustrated mind which you kinda poured on an innocent dog than taking a glance at your back”.
“mteew!.take me home joor”.
“are you so concern about going home or should I say getting free disappearing as if I am your driver than asking me what happened in the cosmos of the dead marmaids? “.she asked.
“wait,you just called somewhere cosmos of dead people….. Dead people o,and you want me to ask you how your visit was,am I mad???”.
“Mteew, just thank your star that I love you.have you forgotten so soon that You were almost one of the dead few hours ago?”.
“Thankgod God you said ‘almost’, there is difference between I was there and I shall be there”.i elucidated bluntly.i don’t know how she expects me to be asking whatsoever that happened in cosmos of dead marmaids not even living marmaids o, if it is even cosmos of dead humans now I wouldn’t have objected to ask her,i would have ask her about my daddy,ekenna,i might even go with her and see how uchenna is fairing there,Lolz.cosmos of dead marmaids,am I a mermaid?,no. So why will I ask about dead marmaids?.
“even when someone said she wish to kiss you there?”.she said and my eyes popped out in shock.
“kiss a dead marmaid??,Godforbid. Beside am not kissing anyone that is not isabella”.
“the person is me too”.she said confusing me more.
“what do you mean by that?”.
“whatever!.take me home abeg”.
“yes your highness”.she replied taking my hands.
“wait,who taught you how to kiss so yummy when you have neve kissed before? “.she suddenly asked and I smiled.
“let’s say,……..the spirit lead and I follows”.i replied and she smile then we disappeared and appear mysteriously in our seating room.
“welcome home,and get ready to pay me for all the free ride”.
__________AS NARRATED BY MR OKENWA___________________________
The health department,press,securities and media houses arrived doing what they know how to do best,just like the people that came before, non have a clue to what happened even though some where there before, na me them wan ask question?,Rara.i will fill their head with lies.the person that did whatsoever they did to their memory is a godsent, I wish I know who the person or people are. I stood watching kingly after searching thoroughly for hours without seeing any clue of my daughter or wisdom and I became extremely tired standing close to my wife as we watch the workers together when suddenly, my phone rang again and I thought it was Chris only to find out it was Isabella on the line and I became shocked which my wife notice instantly.
“who is that?”.she asked.
“Isabella…”.i whisper picking the call immediately.
“hi daddy”.
“Isabella is that you? “.i asked with my heart beating very fast.
“yes dad.we are at home,you guy’s should be coming home”.
“you and who?”.i asked again not sure of what I was hearing.
“sir!.we are in our house, please bring the car and my mom when coming”.i heard wisdom Voice on the receiver end and I almost gasp out in shock.

To be continue………

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