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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 07

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Episode 7

_____________AS NARRATED BY MR. OKENWA__________

I stood perplexed in total amazement seeing as all the people gathered Were leaving at once including those that came with me.
“Chris, Vincent.where are you going?”.i shouted but no reply come fort from them.what the hell is going on again?,first it was my daughter then wisdom now everyone around me are behaving stranged.
“what is happening?”.my wife who was as curious as I,asked.
“honey.are you OK??”.i asked without answering her First question.
“ofcourse am OK, I don’t understand what is going on, where are they going to?”.she asked again and I exhale.i couldn’t find my daughter and wisdom which we were busy looking for before they started acting strange, we came here to search for them,we only saw the car. Which acted as a prove that wisdom was here, what then happened?, who will I ask?, are they both dead already?.no, that cannot happen,i have Faith even though it is Little, I don’t understand what is wrong with this people even the securities,the press,mass media and health officials had all gone leaving us here all alone to ourselfs.
“since you are OK,so Lets keep searching I don’t know why they suddenly decided to leave.lets keep searching for them,if they want to go and they don’t want to help us,let them go”.i exclaimed in anger fully infuriated with their sarcastic behavior and I walk to and fro removing loads that fell on people in a bid to find my daughter or anything that can give me a clue to what happened to them.
Uchenna compound is such a marvellous one I must accolade the building structure and it has a large swimming pool and two cars parked in it, it is a duplex built in the modern way with different beautiful Artictecture used to beautify the exterior.i decided that Isabella should go in first which she Concured to and she went in as the door was opened wide which is to our advantage while I stood outside getting ready to give him a piece of my own cake.
_____________AS NARRATED BY ISABELLA_________
“Love”.a Great feeling that always make me feel fill wild, soft and strong which was forbidden by The marmaids but approved on by the humans.i thought I have lost it all, I lost hope for everything and I never believe I can see my wisdom again. A boy that make my heart to beat in joy, someone who’s love is sweet like tangerine.i am the reincarnation of Hades fully in love with a human whom am ready to give my life for. I felt lost into darkness,i felt deeply into it as it covered my heart completely then I heard is souting voice inside me proposing his love to me. And I find my self fighting the darkness I had already embraced into me out of pains and I ended up defeating my dark side inside me, I am Isabella,daughter of Luciana, reincarnation of Hades,princess of isiama river and the most beautiful marmaid on earth.i know I have beat the drum of the Spirit and it is just a matter of time for the Spirit to summon me to the dance floor which I am fully ready for even though I don’t know how am. Gonna do it yet, but with wisdom by my side,i have hope. I know I cannot be a human but one thing I know is,i am not going back to the river and that is final.
I walk in sceptically like a model and I saw uchenna with his phone in his hand trying to make a call and I smiled.
“uchenna Adams,my love”.i called which shocked the leaving daylight out of him and he turned around freezing in frieght as he saw me.
“Isabella!!!”.he exclaimed and I smile again seeing cold Fear gathering All around him.
“yes,in flesh and blood”.i said and sat down on a couch opposite him while he remain standing.
“how did you know my House? “.
“is that a way to welcome a guest who you always wish to be in your arms?, am here now. Anyway,there is nothing hidden under the sun”.i elucidated still in a bright smile.
“I don’t understand you”.he said and I giggle.
“well let me break it down for you. Hope you know the saying that the evil that men does lives with them?……I am your nemesis,i am always ahead of you in everything you planned”.
“you know I love you,so much.i love you than wisdom ever did,anyway sorry for my manner,may his soul rest in peace,i cried so much when I heard of his death”.he said forming sober and I almost burst into laughter watching him as he tried to divert the discussion but I controlled myself.his nerves is calming down now and I kinda like it.
“uchenna, let’s go down to memory are the leader of the seven vipers,you were planing to kill Richard Clinton before he got mad,you stabbed wisdom”.i elucidated bluntly and all My words hitted him like a bomb blast as he became restless filled with fear.
“I….don’t know what….how did you know?”.he asked and I smiled feeling his heart beating loud.
“you killed one of your member the same day you stabbed wisdom,before I came in you were trying to call your boys as their line were all unreachable”.i added.seeing him fighting with his sanity and body was so much fun I was laughing my a-s out watching his face like in horror movies it was so much fun.
“who are you???”.he said asking what I was waiting eagerly for.
“before I answer that,there is someone you need to see”.i retorted sharply.
“sweetheart!.you can come in now”.i said and wisdom walk in pulling his shirt up to reveal his stomach and chest which was fully whole.
“Ghost!!..Ghost, he is a ghost”.uchenna shouted gasping out in shock as he move backward slowly pleading with his hands shaking vehemently.
There is no better feeling than the one I felt when I saw uchenna gasping out in shock it was so cool,marvelous and funny.
“you think I am dead?? “.i asked smiling.
“please don’t kill me, please I am sorry”.he said kneeling down instantly and I smiled mischievously.
“you killed my friend just because he tried to save me”.
“he.. He… He shouldn’t have…. “.
“shouldn’t have done what?. save me? “.i shouted and he gasp in fear throwing a glance at Isabella who sat laughing her a-s out on the couch.
“nothing,please have Mercy on me “.
“why are you even scared self,we did not come here with guns”.
“OK. Enough of the chit chat before,you ask to know who I am?”.Isabella asked and he nodded raising his hands above his head and nodding like an agama lizard and she stood up from the couch.isabella eye colour turned to blue with lightning sparkling in them and her finger which trigger fear in uchenna body and he started shaking like a dry leave been control by the tune of the wind.
“not everyone you see is to be messed with. I made the history teacher loose her sanity likewise Richard Clinton,i also killed all your boys,they are all dead.i killed uncle Nick”.she said and paused moving closer to uchenna.
“i am Isabella,princess of the marmaids in isiama river”she bluntly added and uchenna eyes popped out in shock while I stood resting my back on the wall watching the scene coupled with uchenna shocked and scared countenance in joy.uchenna tried to speak so many times but suddenly lost his Voice in fear as he kept opening and closing his mouth At interval.
“and about how we came into your house even when the gate was locked, this is how we did it”.she said and disappeared, reappearing at his back and he gasp further.
“now that you know who I am,my love let’s go”.she said and I nodded in affirmative as she heard toward me.
“just like that??”.we heard uchenna retorted as we got to the door we turned back.
“yep. What more do you expect of us?”.
“nothing…. I mean did you… You…..”.
“yes i just came to show you who i am and also to show you my love who is fully hale and hearthy.lets Just say today is your day of Grace”.
“good bye uchenna Adams”.we both elucidated at the same time in coincidence and we went out before he could gather the boldness to speak.
We got to the compound and before I could object Isabella took my hand and we disappeared out stopping abruptly outside the gate and she raised her hand to the sky which emanate some light and lightening show off ln tge sky followed by thunder struck the house setting it ablaze and I exhaled.
“day of Grace my foot”.she said and switch us to invisibility again just like she did before as people started trooping into the scene shouting and calling the emergency line for help as the blazing fire burn like a petrol station why we watched steadily standing close to the road.
“I know you will not spare him”.
“why should I when he almost took you from me?”.she replied.
“you have not tell me how you managed to be reborn and the stab mark gone from your body”.she added.
“I will when we are free,we have so many explanation to give,i don’t know how our friends will take all That is happening to them now”.
“dont worry they won’t remember anything,they will not even know you were stabbed not to talk of I commiting all those dangerous act,their memory of all that happened has been tampered with”.she explained bluntly which gave me a dim of hope and I exhale.
“just know I will beat you for not telling me all this on time”.i retorted with a funny countenance.
“if I had told you will you have loved me?”.she asked and I smiled.
“maybe not.but now I do and am really enjoying disappearing Lolz”.
“Mteew.idiot,that is why you loved me right?,well am doing all this because there is no car here when a car is close to us we drive,afterall they were not bought for faction”.
“and your powers are not inside you for faction too”.
“wisdom!!!”.she shouted covering her ears and I stare around seeing the Fire brigades trying to put of the Fire as people sorrounded the house all in sober mood, but who cares!, it is cool as it seem like a fire outbreak,let his parents face the critical situation he would have put my mom and love ones by killing me.
“what?? “.
“this is human world,i was born here by a human and I should learn to be like one,after today no use of power again except for an emergency.if you need another car tell me I will provide it for you”.
“OK,i have heard you. And for uchenna,am not angry for what you did.he deserve it and even more but Promise me something”.
“I won’t kill any human again I promise”.she said smiling and I became surprised.
“how did you………, gosh you read my mind again”.i elucidated when I remember who she is and she smiled.
“yes my Best”.
“am going somewhere,there is someone I trapped somewhere I need to free her”.
“who is the person and at where?”.
“trust me you don’t wanna know”.
“just tell me, I want to know I might even decide to follow you cos a Wood that stick to a millipede always follows the milipede,so tell me,please “.i said in a pleading tune filled with confidence.
“cosmos of dead marmaids”.
“cosmos of what!!!”.i Screamed aloud in frieght.
“dead marmaids!!”.
“please go alone am not following”.i exclaimed in frieght.

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To be continue…….

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