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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 06



Episode 6

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We follow wisdom in haste even though we were unable to catch up with him due to the speed which he was driving the car as i ponder on when he learned how to drive a car.we got to a place destroyed by earthquakes and thunder sound clapping all around with lightening sparkles and we parked the car close to where we saw his mom car and we quickly run to the car only to discover that he was not in it. there is only one explanation to all this my daughter is there creating havoc.
“it seems am still dreaming right now,was that really wisdom?,i mean the boy i saw dead?”.doctor Chris who had followed us there earlier,retorted fully perplexed and i exhale deeply not knowing the best way to reply him.
“we all saw him didn’t we?”.i asked and they all nodded in affirmative.
“what could be happening there and why the thunder clap and lightning sparkles?”.vincent asked and i stare at my wife who was totally mute with eyes swollen already due to the happenings,i don’t blame her though,all this is too much for her to take in,we both know the truth but can never say it Even at gun point.
“are you going in to have a clearer view?”.i asked and just like i prayed he nodded negatively cos i know he won’t survive anything Isabella is doing there which wisdom has mysteriously joined,no One can. come to think of it,how sure am i that he is not dead and has decided to be destroyed by his love?.what am i even thinking,how will someone someone presumed to be dead suddenly woke up just to die for love?.but why will he just go straight to where Isabella is when he suddenly woke up?.well,Isabella is mysterious and his waken up is also mysterious i pray they came out,i pray their love conquered so I can solve all this by asking them myself and I pray it is done fast before I loose my sanity due to excess thinking.we stare at the rumbling thunder filled with fear and curiosity but no one dare to cross over where the cars where packed and slowly people started gathering and the whole place filled up with people who were asking us questions of what might happen including media houses and securities but just like us non dares to cross and we told them that we just arrived there just like them and they stay patiently with us watching the scene and captioning the lightning and thorned ground with the cameras reporting the scene live.i am sure there will be no survival in that area as we can see everything fallen apart fully destroyed and we watch from afar but what will happen to my daughter when they find out she is responsible for the disaster?.their life are important to me to be sincere i weep at heart for them but i don’t regret bringing Isabella to the world for daughter is my priority,my family name is important to me.i can’t do because a goat is not good then i will hand it over to a fox to feed on.i stood there thinking so high on how to save my daughter from the authorities cos i know nothing will save her if the government got hold of her as i stood oblivious of all the words they were saying combined with the thunder rumbling,thinking on how to save my daughter and ofcourse wisdom even though we are still confused so much about him,great kings make hard decisions.suddenly,we saw the thunder clap going down and the earthquake stopped slowly also with the lightening and we became surprised watching the scene curiously.
“does that mean they are dead?”.i asked in a less audible incoherent tune with fear visibly seen in my expression.
_____________DEEP INSIDE THE RIVER_______________
The marmaids watch Isabella and wisdom scene from the water of live and they were shocked on how wisdom stopped Isabella,what they never thought could ever happen.
“yeahhhhh.he did it”.tracy shouted on the top of her voice and the queen smiled which infuriated lucious more.
“what are you guys talking about?,you are shouting and the queen is smiling when Isabella has violated the law”.lucious shouted in anger.
“yes she broke the law,queen mother she should be punished or is it because she is a princess?”.belinda added.
“would you have preffered it better if she had destroy the world and herself too?”,tracy shouted at them and lucious tried to speak but was stopped by the queen.
“yes queen mother”.
“”yes.the princess broke the law but for now we are to be happy for the twist of thing by a human,her punishment will come later but now,let’s be happy”.
“but my queen,she is my wife,i don’t like as Tracy is always badging into my words all the time”.lucious reply sarcastically with burning anger.
“and she is my daughter and Tracy best friend,always remember that too”.the queen elucidated and lucious became sober and mute.
“now she is your wife but when she was on the verge of destruction she was not”.Tracy exclaimed hissing in the process and lucious stare at her fully infuriated by her speech but decided to remain calm in other not to provoke the queen.
______________AS NARRATED BY WISDOM______________
The thunder clap stopped slowly as i and Isabella entwined in our kissing which has gotten so intense and her eyes returned to my normal Isabella.
“wisdom!!”.she exclaimed cutting the kissing abruptly.
“yes ‘my best!”.
“i love you so much please don’t leave me ever again”.
“i won’t my love,we die together,we will walk in the valley of the shadows of death together with our hands entwined,without any fear of the unknown”.i replied filled with boldness if only i knew that the tongue is really powerful i woudnt have said that .i mean,who will be talking about walking to the valley of the shadow of death after a narrow escape from one if not ijebu weed at work??.suddenly we sighted people coming from afar and i look at the surrounding and the disaster caused with dead people who where unable to escape lingering everywhere and i became scared for her.
“they are coming for us”.i said and Isabella smiled.
“i know but they will not see us”.she said and scroll her finger on my face and some pink lining appeared on her hands which she used to point her forehead too while i watch kingly wondering what she was doing.just like she said,they came including her parent and my friends and they pass us by without seeing us and i smile then i remember my mom,i can’t believe i actually woke up without asking of my mom,i don’t know what might have happen to her,oh my god,my mom i exclaimed in my mind.
“your mom is fine”.isabella said and i remove my hand which i used to hold her waist abruptly.
“how did you know??,you can read mind too?”.i asked fully perplexed.
“how do you think i use to know every of your thought while in school?”she asked back using the tradition of Nigeria which i hated so much but i think with the question i have understand fully what her answer is.actually nigerians don’t answer questions with question as we were made to Believe,that question is the answer you need it is now left for you to use your common sense which is not always common to answer your question on your own.we watch kingly as they were dragging out bodies and ransacking the place for any survival including our friends and family that where looking for us not knowing we are actually close to them watching them and smiling brightly.oh sorry i forgot to tell you guys that i saw a top in my mom car which i later put on,wait.where you all expecting me to stand with Isabella with my bare chest opened wide?,no na,that is the most absurd thing i have heard so far.i am wisdom wealth,i am back.
____________DEEP INSIDE THE RIVER_________________
The whole clave watch the scene in the human word in silence then suddenly,tracy cut the silence abruptly with her words.
“there is no way Isabella will escape from the government,they will punish her,they will dig deep into this and punish her”.she said soberly and the queen stare at her with missed affection.
“Isabella broke the law yes,but she is our princess,if anyone should punish her it should be us,we cannot put our Princess at the mercy of the humans”.belinda said and Tracy stare at her slowly and happily that she was actually taking side with Isabella for the first time.
“you are right belinda,she cannot be left into their hands,we can’t let them punish her”.
“what are we going to do my queen?”.Tracy asked and the queen smiled.
“we will use the ancient stone to wipe of their memory,they will all forget it ever happened, it will wipe out of their devices and technologies,non will remember it happened and the destroyed community will be like a mystery to them but we will spare the memory of their earthly parent”.the queen explained.
“yes. They need to know what is happening with their children,okenwa,victoria and Juliet need to understand everything so we can get Isabella out of their grip easily which we will surely do”.the queen elucidated and she stretched her hand to the sky and a Little stone formed Like a tear appeared on her hands. She used her sceptre to control some of the water of life and she Connect it with Her heart and the stone emanate a blue light which pooped out of the water to the human world and they watched as people started leaving the scene oblivious of what they were doing.
“why don’t we just use this stone to wipe out Isabella and That boy memory let them forget they ever met and Isabella forget that she had ever gone to the human world “.lucious who was watching The scene steadily suddenly suggested.
“the ancient stone cannot wipe out love,nothing can wipe love,love is stronger than anything on earth.if you try wiping love memories you will end up clearing yourself off existence.isabella will come back willingly,she has no choice”.the queen explained and lucious nodded in affirmative with another interior motive in his mind.
_____________________CONTINUE FROM WISDOM NARRATION_____________
we watched them in our invisible state as they all filled up the place doing their different activities.suddenly,to my utter amazement everyone started going home just like possessed beings including my friends and the doctor.perplexity and shock took over the faces of Isabella parents as the watch all the people leaving at the same time as they both shout and call on them but it seem a mysterious forces has blocked them from hearing.
“what is happening??”.i asked Isabella curiously.
“something has been done about it from the water”.Isabella said with a bright smile and I smiled too even though it still remain uncleared in my memory but who will be dragging argument for an explanation with a mermaid?,I know what she is, I have seen so many things she is capable of doing so am no longer surprised, if she said something has been done about it and she is smiling,it definitely means what was done is for our good.
“don’t you think there is a place we need to visit??”.Isabella asked switching me off my thought.
“where is that??”.
“uchenna Adams”.she elucidated and I concurred with a bright smile.
“oh!, yeah let’s pay him a visit”.i added then she took my hand and just like it was always done in the movies,we disappeared, I said we disappeared together.i am in love with a mermaid,i disappeared with a mermaid and we appeared mysteriously in uchenna Adams compound.”the evil that men does lives with them”,today is his judgment day,we die here…!!!.

To be continue………

I told you guys I was not feeling fine before,but am fine now.
When you have crazy friends who will always shake your glass table that as one leg but still you can never do without them.
Princess adewale adeshewa opeyemi I respect you,thank you for colouring my day yesterday, sky Love’s you,if you know you know.
This weather is just doing somehow on my body Mteew.
Ghost readers,partial ghost reader,humble ghost reader,proud ghost reader let’s shake the table this morning joor.

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