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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 05

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Episode 5

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________COSMOS OF DEAD MARMAIDS____________

I watch with guilt in my mind seeing my vision coming sporadicly swift and true as I saw Isabella doing what I have always try to prevent with hope totally one will dare go close to her for the fear of not being destroy but I would have go,i would have sacrifice my existence to ensure she is tamed which I doubt can happen now that she has totally lost it. It is all my fault,i cause it all, I shouldn’t have pass through the reincarnation star,i shouldn’t have seek to be reincarnated,i should have stopped my spirit immediately I died. This was not my plan,i planed to come back and fall in love with the right person unlike Lucifer who is totally evil with no single emotion left in him. I planned to come back and seek for a way to plead with the Supreme one so he could forgive the marmaids.yes,the marmaids cos the other super beings like vampires,werewolves had already join Lucifer long ago in his evil quest on the sons of the earth. Only the marmaids have a twine of good in them all thanks to Castros even though Luciana tried to corrupt the acient claves which is the reason why I choosed her seed to reincarnate through I know she still have a little good in her but I don’t need marmaids with flaws,i need innocent marmaids all through who will be pure with no blood of the innocent in their hands.i promised to come back and set everything right, I promised to return and change the evil I had done with Lucifer back then in heaven and unite the remaining casted Angelz with pure heart back to the Supreme one but now, Isabella has tampered with my promise,she as render it useless instead of trying to achieve the aim which I promised to come back for,she is doing exactly what I was killed in the first place fighting against.
_______________DEEP INSIDE THE OCEAN_____________
“have you seen what I was trying to warn you about? “.the queen mother asked Tracy as they all stare at Isabella destroying everything At close range in anger fully covered with darkness and Tracy stare at her friend fully dejected with tears gathering in her eyes gland.
“maybe she want to be the next mermaid to die after so many centuries with no single death counted”.lucius said in anger watching and he hissed aloud.
“but mother,what will happen to the kids if Isabella is gone?”.he asked.
“not if she is gone but when she Is gone”.Belinda bashed in inappropriately and authoratively and lucious stare at her filled with anger.
“I never asked for your opinion Belinda,did I?”.lucious asked in a thundered voice.
“enough!!!”.the queen shouted in a loud Voice.
“nothing can be done,no one can face Isabella now not even Castros”.
“is this how I have lost my wife?.for ever?”.
“wife my foot,where were you when she fell in love with a human?”.Belinda bashed in again.
“belinda I am warning you,we are talking about my wife whom I am on the verge of losing”.
“and she is my daughter!!!”.the queen shouted at them both.
“this stupid act should stop now before I will be force to cast the both of you to the forbidden.if she is your wife why don’t you go out there and meet her to prove you are worthy of her”.the queen shouted and lucious remain mute totally downcast.
Silence return to the whole castle as they all watch the ground tearing apart and everything falling aside suddenly,the water of live turned from it silver color to blue splashing out the blue water like a fountain and they all became shocked.
“what happen?”.lucious and Belinda asked at the same time and tracy stare deeply into the blue water.
“what???.he is awake!!”.she pronounced in shock and they all draw closer to have a clear view.
_______________BACK AT THE HOSPITAL*WISDOM WARD_______
Two nurses where seen covering wisdom body closely with a blue long robe,arranging his feet steadily and his hands on the bed when suddenly he sniffed aloud shaking the whole bed and he immediately throw the robe off his body and the nurses took to their heel immediately shouting on the top of their voices in frieght.
_________COSMOS OF DEAD MARMAIDS____________
hades became shocked in frieght when wisdom woke up as she had saw it in a vision Right inside the water and her fright weird off replace with a bright smile.
“the Supreme one!!”.she exclaimed smiling cheerfully.
____________WISDOM POINT OF VIEW__________
The last thing I remember on earth before I died was uchenna stabbing me to death and I suddenly woke up in a hospital being covered by nurses who suddenly took to their heels shouting and prounoucing me as “a ghost” as they quickly ran out calling for help. When human think there is no hope with faith totally lost that is when God in his highly exalted Glory show his might and power as the ‘I AM that I AM’. the ‘Arugbo o’jo’ that is greater than ‘obasanjo’,The ‘oba’iku’that is far greater than ‘Atiku’.been awake simply means one thing,all what the angel told me where true,i have been given another Chance to live and set things right,i have been reborn.
“Isabella!!”.i exclaimed aloud jumping of the bed and I ran out in speed moving as fast as my legs could carry me, I had already know where she is.
_______________BACK AT THE VISITORS HALL___________
the nurses ran out shouting aloud and the stop abruptly at the gathering totally worn out in shock as Mr. Okenwa and the doctor quickly held them.
“what happened??”.doctor Chris shouted fully curious and perplexed.
“tell us what happened”.mr. okenwa added as they breath so high in soffucation while Anabel,adaeze,vincent and the rest stood bilwerdered and Curious awaiting for an explanation.
“A Ghost”.one of the nurses exclaimed holding her stomach due to fatigue,tiredness and fear and they all exclaimed aloud in shock while some stare around the wall in frieght and others clique to themselves shaking like a falling leave..
“which Ghost??”
Suddenly,wisdom ran out of the ward only in boxer and they quickly ran out of the way while Anabel fainted immedietely but suddenly woke up when adaeze and Vincent fell on her and he ran out of the hospital.
“doctor!!!”.they echoed aloud the hospital and Mr. Okenwa ran out only to see wisdom driving out of the compound in his mother car.
“Lanreeeeeee!!!!……. “Mr. Okenwa shouted and his driver who was hiding at the back Lister generator spot quickly run out and they ran into Mr. Okenwa car forcing themselves into the car including the doctor who left his car behind for the fear of driving alone.
“follow that car!!……”.he shouted and the driver ignite the car engine.
_______________DEEP INSIDE THE RIVER____________
The marmaids watch wisdom driving in haste on the high way of m’baise heading to where Isabella is,in total awe filled with a surprised espresion
“he is heading to where she is!!”.tracy exclaimed and she look at the queen gaze who had came down from her throne earlier when she heard wisdom has woken up.
“but we saw him dead”.she added bluntly in bilwerdement.
“how did he even woke up?,how possible is that?”.Belinda said filled with perplexity.
“there is only one explanation to this.the supreme one”.the queen retorted.
“and now he is heading to his destruction”.belinda elucidated.
“hahahahah, maybe he was woken up so he could die for his stupid is good though cos even if Isabella is gone and he is alive I will still look for him and kill him for causing me everything I lost”.lucious said with a bright wicked grin and Tracy stare at him filled with anger.
“love is forbidden,but to be sincere Lucius,you don’t deserve Isabella”.she enunciated bluntly and Lucius stare at her then to the queen fully filled in anger.
I don’t know how to drive infact I have never step on a car wheel before but at that spot I find myself fully determined as I match on my mom car heading to ‘umuogidi’ quarter in ezenite where Isabella is, without a single fear fully determine to meet with her at all cost which was the only thing in my mind as all other things were put on hold in my head. Definitely,there is no way a man who’s house is on Fire will be chasing rats.
I got to a spot where the car could not pass anymore due to the earthquake Which has fully demarcated the land into different pieces with thunder clap and lightening being heard from the front and I step down from the car moving with carefulness toward where the thunder were without any atom of fear in me. I know Isabella is there,i know who she is already and I have accepted what she is,i love isabella.
“Isabella!!!….”.i shouted aloud moving closer to her as she could be seen fully shinning brightly as lightning cover her full body and thunder clapping everywhere but known got to where I was as they were all passing by which I Understand why, ‘the arch angel protection’.
“I am sorry for not replying you on time,sorry for driving you impatient,sorry for making you Angry with me and sorry for dieing”.i shouted even though I couldn’t fathom if she was hearing me or not but my heart keep telling me that am doing the right thing as I keep walking closer to her on every seconds that passby.
“being mute on you was not intentional,i never thought of doing that,i am sorry.i was just scared because you are too perfect for me,I was scared I might go crazy with the dept of love buried deep inside me for a perfect angel like you,my love for you is brighter than the sun,swifter than air,pure and silence like the blue water. It is unconditional and can never be calculated with any form of mathemtical this spot today with the four element of the earth together as a witness and the sun shinning bright in the sky I hereby dedicate not just my love but my life to you,my feelings are so deep and and constant just like the ‘k’in variation,Boyle’s law,charle’s and the avogadro hyponthensis.i will love you like a fool!!!”.i exclaimed hugging her closely to myself and the lightning from her body sorrounded the both of us and I place an electrifying kiss her lips immediately and she gasp her eyes opened.

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To be continue……….

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