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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 04



Episode 4

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_________UCHENNA SIDE OF THE STORY__________

Wisdom wealth.oh sorry for That, late wisdom poor wealth.he thought he can just come out from no where and start forming live of a king here in my own state,prestigious kings academy, my territory.well he just ended up playing with his life am sure by now he will be in the morgue or they will be getting ready to bury his stupid corpse.his shinning exceedingly is not my problem infact it has never been my problem but his stars getting too much into his head to the extent that he was now seeing himself as one of us that were born with diamond spoon and braided with Diamond hands is my problem.he had forgotten so soon how he joined us in prestigious kings academy bare footed, how he spoil our prestigious sweet name with his poor a-s gifted away by almond secondary school on free transfer just like Manchester United did to Rooney when they discover that he has gotten old and useless to them.he also forgot so soon that before Abraham Jesus was,he dares challenged me,scorpion of the vipers created with blood,feed on blood,and in blood I live, forgiveness is a sin and death to anyone that dares challenge me.I don’t care who ever the person will be ,thunder fire the village witch that gave him the guts to challenge me.i fell in love with Isabella right from the First day she joined us in prestigious kings academy,because of her I vowed to change from a playboy to a real lover waiting for the right time to approach her the Right way just like every lover always did,i told all my friends in school to stay away from her including Richard Clinton who refused to listen and we ended our friendship in the process,he would have been the first person in that school to taste the viper venom infact I was waiting for school to close that day so i could end his life when he suddenly disgraced himself by running insane, well being mad is far better than getting killed,the goodnews is, he left the school and Isabella for me. Wisdom challenged me even when I openly warned him thrice,i like him because I know the school need him so much that was why I warned him thrice but he refused to listen,well let his deaf ears take him to hell and await me there for our judgment,as for ekenna,i don’t regret killing him,he disobey me just because of that fool,i will even kill him again and again if I have the chance to see him again.farewell poor wealth.
I sat in my house sipping a bottle of Hennessy when suddenly my door opened and my boys came in fully perplexed and I know instantly that all is not well.
“what happen?,why are you guys shaking like women?”.
“scorpion,on your tv and tune to any channel now”.Blood said and I stare at him disgustly before taking the TV remote on my table switching the tv on with it and I became shocked seeing my picture on the TV with a bounty on my head,two million for anyone that have a clue on where I live sponsored by mr.okenwa nkemija.
“this man get mind o”.i shouted in shock increasing the volume of the tv in the process so I could hear the details well.
“I swear,i was shocked too when I saw it”.another of my boy said.
“Hmmmm, when I have already started liking him base on say na my inlaw to be”.
“boss Weting we go do na?.blood asked and I smiled.
“dead body fit pay money?”.i asked.
“no!. No! “.
“not at all”.they said and I smiled again.
“with him Alive or not I will still get Isabella”.
“na so,no level for the innocent”.blood retorted proudly bouncing in ego.
“you all should go home and remain on locky till evening.we will storm his house and kill him with anyone that put his or her mouth Into the matter”.
“na so!,all correct boss”.
“blood for blood,we are destined for greatest in Panama”.
“every die na die,forgiveness is a sin”.they replied and they took bottles of wine from my bar pooping drops of drinks into their head, and I smiled mischievously as i watched them and mourning my upcoming father in-law a sound and clear road to hell to meet his poor wealth and if possible,ekenna.
_________AT THE COSMOS OF DEAD MARMAIDS_____________
Isabella shrugged restlessly in pain inside the water trying to break hades force at all cost and cursing hades under her breath. She cried releasing more pearls into the water as her pearls emanate black flames instead of the normal bright light but she never give up.suddenly,she gather her momentum and power from her body to her tail as the pink tail glow dark flames and she scream so loud forcing all her powers and darkness To hades pearl and in a speed of lightening hades pearls shattered in dark flames releasing her tail and Isabella smiled mischievously then hades suddenly appeared and was shocked to see Isabella tail freed.
“how….how did you…..i mean how did you?”.
“you mean how did i break your protection force?”.Isabella replied her with a mischievous smile.
“you told me that your powers is in me, your darkness are in me likewise the darkness of the immortal sword, all I did is to accept my darkness and believe in my self with determination and popped,your weak pearls broke down”she said demonstrating with her hands by waving them inside the water.
“…… I promise to kill you when I break off right? “.she asked and hades smiled.
“You want to kill what is already dead?”.
“that is your grace now,it is a pity you are already dead”.Isabella retorted.
“look Isabella you can’t go out there,the race of the whole human race depend on it,just stay here and I’ll look for a way to teach you how to control your darkness”.hades explain filled with enthusiasm in a calm voice.
“they hurt him!!.they hurt me….!,….they kill him but I will heal him,i will save him”.she said in a thundered voice.
“what part of he is already dead do you not understand?. There is no hope,he is dead!!”.
“he is not dead!!!”.Isabella shouted.
“he is dead,his body is dead,your love,our love is dead”.
“hades!!!!”Isabella shouted so loud on the top of her voice.
“Leave my way”.she added with anger visibly seen in her face.
“you left me with no choice then”.hades said and started forming pearls with her hands and she throw it at Isabella which Isabella shove off with the back of her hands emanating dark flames and they shattered into pieces shocked hades beyond words.
“oh! have accepted the darkness inside you”.
“I did not accept the darkness in me,i am dark!!…you also leave me with no choice”.
“no isabella dont,dont do it if you do that,you can never undo it please don’t”.hades pleaded trying to run away from isabella and as swift and fast like a tornado,isabella formed mighty pearls and she throw them at hades which hades tried to over run but was unable to as the pearls caught her cover her tail completely making her tail to stuck down under the ocean.
“let me see how you will stop me now”.isabella retorted with a bright smile.hades flashed into the future and saw Isabella destroying buildings,roads and everything in the human world totally filled with darkness as her dark flames shine brighter and her eyes completely black she cause earth quakes everywhere shouting on the top of her voice as people ran heater scatter then she returned to her normal self.
“no. Isabella no!, don’t go please don’t!!”.hades pleaded amidst shout and Isabella giggle.
“don’t worry about freeing you,i will come to free you after killing them”.
“you don’t understand,you can’t free…….”.
“bye hades,enjoy you stay”.Isabella interrupted her without waiting for her to complete her statement and role in speed sparkling lightning all around while gathering momentum and she strike out of the Water like a ball of lightening.
“….. Me”.she said completing her statement and she sigh totally dejected with no atom of hope to be free from isabella dark pearls which got her right from her waist to her fin.
________CONTINUE FROM VINCENT NARRATION________________________________________
Mr. Okenwa stare at us dejectedly and I wonder why, I mean why will he be looking at us in that manner?, are we the ones that told wisdom and Isabella not to tell him that they were been threatening in the school?. Well, no one is above mistakes but there are some costly mistakes that are suppose to be prevented and inasmuch As I hate to admit it, this mistake is one of them.if they had told him earlier I believe this would have been long prevented.ok!,it seem we have forgotten the reason for this gathering,we are here because my brother was stabbed and his girlfriend is missing,dont ask me any question on why I called her that just accept it like that.i wanted to raise the topic again Co’s I have gotten tired of Mr. Okenwa stare piercing us with his eyes when suddenly the TV interrupted us again by stopping abruptly for an emergency news which we quickly directed our gaze to and were shocked at what we saw”.
“A lightening bolt set 5 house ablaze burning all the occupant and everything in the houses down at different areas in ezenite”.was seen vividly on the heading of the tv as the newscaster went on with the details showing how fire fighters where running Heather scatter to put the fires down.
“when did lightning bolt started setting houses ablaze early in the morning when the weather was not cloudy and no rainfall?”.i asked curiously totally confused at the screen in my mind.
_________________CONTINUE FROM MR. OKENWA NARRATION_______________________
“Isabella”.that was the first thing that came into my mind the moment I saw the TV scene and I quickly through a gaze at my wife which she nodded signifying that she understand.i know what I brought to the human world,she is a mystery which must not be solve by anyone to keep our family name and dignity likewise the government who will set to get to the root of it all digging out ancient mysteries opened, mysteries that only advarse old people of ezenite know about, not that they were there when it happened but those who were told about it like a folk tale or history line of which Only the wise will believe. I don’t know what the occupants in the houses did to her but what am sure of is, that is my daughter handiwork. Am no longer scared of her display of power ever since I saw her disappeared twice in my presence and her eyes turning black with light emanating from the black spot.i wanted to take an excuse from the scene and go in search of my daughter when Juliet wealth.yes,juliet wealth walked into the visitors hall and we all stare at her wondering what she is up to again,i don’t want her to grab my shirt just like she did to Vincent I have always know Juliet have a hot temper buried deep in her Beauty.
“don’t worry,am fine and very strong now”.she said standing in our middle which seem like she knows what i was thinking about.
“are!….are you sure?”.Vincent asked stammering a little and she nodded forcing out a smile.
“but I still have a question which I want to know now”.she added.
“what question MA?? “.he asked again as I stood watching them totally transfixed at a sport with so many thought of how to take excuse from them and go in search of my daughter ravaging in my mind.
“my son.what happened to him?, how is he now,where is he?, I want to see him”.she poured out and her voice cracked down with particles of tears gathering in her eyes.
“am fine. Don’t worry about me,am fine”.she said reassuring us and sniffed wiping her tears with the back of her hands.vincent stare at me and I inturn stare at the principal then to her and we all nodded in agreement that we should let her know rather than putting her in the dark,she deserve to know if only we knew what would happen to her when we told her,we would have just kept it in our mind without her have a single clue to it. I open my mouth to start my explanation when the doctor walk into the large hall in haste from the ward and he became mute staring at us.
“doctor Chris.any improvement?,tell us please”.i quickly went to him and asked i him but he was reluctant to speak rather he kept on staring at Juliet without a single smile.
“tell us doctor,i can take it in Just tell us please,i am fine now”.Juliet pleaded in a sober Voice.
“we tried all we could to save him,we are sorry his heart has stopped beating”.doctor chris said and tears escape my eye gland and my legs started shaking on the floor as my wife,vincent and his two female friends bursted into tears while to our surprises Juliet stood staring at them.
“I have failed wealth”.i said amidst tears and doctor chris tap me on the shoulder.
“I am sorry”.he retorted and I quickly dragged my leg which seem heavy to walk to a couch and I sat down staring at the roof with so much regret as tears and wail took over the atmosphere.
“wait,i don’t understand why the tears?, who’s heart failed?”.Juliet asked curiously and then understand why she was not remorse.
“am sorry madam,we lost your son”.the doctor said and Juliet stare at us all which got us curious then it happened again, she fell down and fainted on the floor again the second time.
_______________CONTINUE FROM ANONYMOUS NARRATION_______________
Meanwhile,isabella lightening bolt ran in speed heading to uchenna house when wisdom heart gave up the ghost which affected her immediately as she stopped abruptly letting out a loud scream and the little light emanating from her eyes turned completely black and dark flames emanated from her whole body and her long hair stood up with blazing dark flames with thunder striking every houses in the area, a huge tornado formed in different part of the area blowing everything at sight and earth quakes were seen breaking out and separating the earth crust In the area as buildings,mass and everything were seen Falling apart while she kept screaming continuesly and so loud in pain.
To be continue…….

What happened Next?
Who will save the earth?
Who will stop Isabella now that hades is trapped,wisdom gone and the marmaids has left the earth to it fate?

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