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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 03



Episode 3

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______DEEP INSIDE THE RIVER _________________

The clave frightened in shock at what happened to Isabella in the human world as they all gather closer to the water of life totally filled with perplexity.
“what just happened now,who or what is what?”.lucious asked staring in freight at the water standing on his feet vibrantly unlike before when he was seating down.
“I don’t know,it was so fast”.Tracy replied as they quickly directed their gaze on the queen who sat on the throne hitting her sceptre on her palm at interval which jingled the pearls and jewelries designed beautifully in her hands.
“I don’t know either,it was too fast.this is all my fault I shouldn’t have permit Isabella to go to the human world”.she said with a strong voice with no single weakness attached to it.
“the river of life was unable to capture any scene there except isabella and a silver lightning simply means one thing,what took Isabella is not from this world and it is stronger than us,but why my daughter?,why will hades choose to reincarnate through my daughter?”.she added lamenting in the process.
“what if it actually took Isabella to buy us time so we could save the boy?”.Tracy asked and lucius Stare at her again with rage visibly seen in his black eyes Just like the colour of his tail which Tracy noticed but decided to remain oblivion to.
“do you think saving the boy will calm Isabella down?”.belinda,a marmaid with a green tail standing close to the bowl watching Tracy,lucius and the queen deliberation kingly just Like everyother marmaids in the clave finally elucidated for the first time.
“yes ofcourse,if Isabella will loose her mind and turn to darkness just because the boy was hurt then definitely she will be back to her normal self when he wakes up”.Tracy said and Belinda shaked her head in dissapointment which make her totally curious.
“why are you shaking your head negatively”.tracy asked.
“tracy, you are a friend to Isabella and you know her better than most of us here which am not gonna doubt but you have forgotten that common sense cannot be use to solve mysteries”.belinda said confusing tracy more.
“I don’t understand”.
“ofcourse you will not understand because your Heart is filled with compassion”.Lucius retorted bashing into their conversation which got Tracy confused wondering where the discussion is heading to as she stare at the queen mother who has decided to remain mute.
“you still have not understand that to create is far more stressful than to destroy,if Isabella loses her mind completely nothing, not even The boy will be able to stop her,she might even end up destroying the boy by herself”.belinda explained and tracy exhale understanding her words and she is definitely right.
“Hades or not,isabella broke our law and will be punished even when she regain herself Which I doubt will ever happen”.
“enough!!.enough of this crazy discussion we are talking about my daughter here the princess of isiama River”.
“but she should have….. “.
“no but. Mind your speech belinda”.the queen said with sparkling lightning in her eyes.
“forgive me queen mother”.she said entwining her both hands together and the queen stare at her filled with disgust.
“Tracy!!”.the queen called bluntly”.
“yes my queen”.
“you have took this human boy matter seriously like your headache since all this started,tell me is there anything you have started developing for this boy that you don’t want us to no about?”.the queen asked in a calmed voice and Tracy exhale in shock totally short of words as they all Focus their gaze on her for an answer including lucious who suddenly went back to his seat staring at her with his black eyes.
__________________CONTINUE FROM VINCENT NARRATION_____________
We stare at isabella mom filled with curiosity as we all await an answer from her which she seem reluctant to do.
“where is your daughter???,where is Isabella?…!!”.i shouted aloud in anger,i don’t care if she is her daughter,i don’t care if she is just a friend to me,i don’t care if she is the wife of a multi billionaire anymore I can’t lost two Best friends in just a night someone must unravel this mystery to me,someone must paid for wisdom pain’s and the hours he has spent laying lifeless on a life support oxygen machine,someone must pay for his mother pain and only Isabella can tell us what happen that night and how they came in contact with the seven vipers and how one of them end up dead.we were still urging her to speak which she was still reluctant to do when suddenly the door bashed open and Isabella dad walk in filled with curiosity seeing us all in that position and his wife quickly ran and hug him releasing her tears which she had try holding on his shoulder leaving him totally perplexed.
“what is happening here?”.he asked staring at our gaze one after the other.
“sir!,we are asking for Isabella,she was with wisdom last night and we want to ask her how it all happen cos we discover that………… “.i was explaining when suddenly the movie been displayed on the TV hanging on the wall suddenly changed which drifted my attention to it only to see what shocked the living hell out of me,uchenna picture broad on the screen with a bounty on his head sponsored by Mr. Okenwa.
“sir that is him, he is the one”.i quickly said pointing at the TV screen which they quickly directed their gaze to and they all gasp in shock.
“uchenna Adams!!”.we all exclaimed.
“You all know him?”.mr. okenwa asked.
“yes.he is my Student also in the ss1 class”.the principal quickly replied.
“he was also isabella crush too just like everyother boy”.adaeze said.
“he as always been threatening wisdom to stay away from isabella”.i added bluntly.
“what???”.my okenwa and his wife exclaimed.
“and they never told me for once”.mr. okenwa added and we stare at ourselves totally short of words awaiting Isabella dad command.
______________UNKNOWN PLACE _______________
Isabella opened her eyes which emanated a bright light illuminating brightly before it. suddenly,it turned to black again and she saw a marmaid backing her with a radiative bright skin and a pink tail Just like hers.she tried to swim out of the water when she suddenly felt like her tail was gummed under the Ocean by pearls which are the only thing that she saw moving round her tail.
“who are you?,what have you done to me?”.she asked struggling to free herself.
“I thought you will Not talk,any welcome”.the other marmaid said and Isabella gasped in shock.
“where is this?,wh…..why did you look so much like me?”.she asked again still struggling to free herself.
“stop struggling cos you are gonna need all your strength here to enjoy your stay and as for your Second question I don’t look so much like you i am you and you are me,i am hades and you are my reincarnation”.
“I don’t care who ever you are, f–k you, f–k your reincarnation release me from here I have people to kill”.Isabella screamed so loud in terror with her eyes emanating sparkling lightning which is as a result of her higher frequency of pyrokinesis power (ability to control all the earth elements).
“this is harder than I thought,you are really turning away from your real self giving into darkness slowly…….look up”.hades said and Isabella did as told. She saw different stars hanging on the surface of the water and the cloud seem closer to them than on earth.
“welcome to the marmaid cosmos where all dead marmaids will stay awaiting for the sound of the judgement trumpet”.
“but I am not dead yet,release me or I will kill you when I eventually free myself from this place which I will surely do”.Isabella said again in terror and outburst of shout.
“You are no longer thinking with your head but your anger is doing your thinking for you,you are going to kill me when am already dead.well you are not dead yet but this is the place you will be forever if you don’t learn to control your darkness,this is the best place to keep you away from pouring your darkness into the human world,i cant watch you destroy everything the Supreme one has created which Lucifer has already corrupted but there is still hope for them…if you want to loose totally to darkness,loose it here afterall there is nothing you can destroy here”.
“I am not dead yet you can’t Just keep me here,that is wickedness,it means your are not different from Lucifer”.
“just like you destroying the world does not make you different from him too. I promise to return and set my wrong right which you were already doing in the human world before those sons of Lucifer breached my reincarnation”.
“I don’t understand,already doing in the human world?”.isabella asked in an echoed Voice.
“yes, but you won’t understand anymore,you would have understand if those humans have not corrupted my plan by hurting your heart,now there is no need to are me, I am you,my powers are in you, my darkness are in you,the dark immortal sword blood is in you,i can’t let you destroy the world cos that was not my plan when I promised to return to correct my wrong,you are staying here with me,away from the world,for good”.hades explained wagging her tail with her blue eyes illuminating a blue light.
“I am not destroying anyone….!!,I just want to kill those idiots that hurt me this much”.isabella shouted and bursted Into tears as her pearls fell freely Into the Water which does not even seem to move hades.
“emotions weaken the strong but it is good though,it is the best thing that everyone must Just want to revenge on those that hurt you,you are not going to destroy the world but you will,i saw the future and you destroying everything that was why I took the risk of breaching the protection of this cosmos to earth,i can’t Watch you destroying everything,it is all my fault,i shouldn’t have passed the star of reincarnation when coming here after my death,all this wouldn’t have happened, you wouldn’t have will loose to darkness completely when his heart finally stop beating”.hades said bluntly gathering some flying shining pearls in her hands which were illuminating light all over her.
“he won’t die,i will save him”.Isabella said with so much confident.
“he was already dead immediately he was stabbed,he lost his life that same hour,you have not turn fully into darkness because his heart is still beating which is what you are feeling.the mystery behind his heart beating when is body is already dead is what I still don’t understand yet but am sure his heart will give up soon”.
“arrrrrrrrgh!!!……….”.Isabella roared throwing some light rays with her eyes.
“free me let me go!!!”she shouted struggling hard with her tail and trying so hard to drag her tail away from the pearls.
“enjoy your stay in the cosmos of dead marmaids”.hades said and started swimming away from the spot as Isabella screamed,shouted and ranted woes on her.

To be continue…………..

Let the reactions roll for more suspense filled episode we are in a boat heading to mystery kingdom “THINGS FALL APART”.

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