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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 02



Episode 2.

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The seven vipers.A dangerous group of seven boys creating havoc in imo state headed by uchenna Adams.they are the most dangerous group in the whole state sponsored by top politicians and drugs dealers for the sole purpose of doing their dirty work and they are known for delivering without failure as forgiveness is a sin according to their eleventh commandment and the only punishment they offer is nothing but death to anyone who crosses their part.
They consist of street boys who took to crime right from kindergarten headed by the over pampered son of a drug dealer,uchenna Adams. Uchenna father live outside the country Italy to be precised and he is known all around the international boundaries for dealing drugs all around the state.he actually sent uchenna to live in Nigeria to protect him from his numerous enemies in Italy and he place him under the care of his uncle another great drug dealer in Ezenite chief badmus Idem. Uchenna recruited street boys striving to survive in the street and together they form the seven vipers a dangerous cult known for violence,massacaring and every dangerous activities associated with death.they are known to be brutal,merciless and with the connections of Don Adams with top politicians,they found their way into the protections of top politicians who they intern do all manner of dirty work for without mercy.the fact that no one knows who they really are remains a mystery to everyone even though their cases are been reported all around the state and the country at large on daily basis.They are the seven vipers and they are only seven in number but now six after killing one of their own.
_______________AS NARRATED BY VINCENT__________________
Here i am in a hospital without a single sleep since yesterday likewise Isabella mom,adaeze,anabel ,the principal and some other classmate of mine.who will sleep when wisdom wealth a friend more than a brother is laying lifeless inside the hospital?,we have not even tasted anything not to talk of sleeping all we do is profound wailing and flows of tears which has become our only source of a calm mind.adaeze parents had already called and they told them the situation on ground which they took in and promise to check on us later in the day while my mom is here already with me.she came very early in the morning and she is actually here to console me.the good memories of my days with wisdom,the days i spent with him which are the best in my life,he is not just a friend he is a brother to me.a child blessed naturally for the best, created to conquer,nurtured to Change lives.a brother that surprised the whole school everyday breaking the school records,scored 42 goals in just one term,yes 42 goals i actually counted them.a boy that put smile on our faces in the governors cup final even though he broke his leg and fainted after that,a brother that sent a keeper to the hospital with a mighty clean goal,he is the best in the world and even when I came to this world over and over again I will still plead to be his friend.i remember his painful days,his embarrassing days,walking to school bare footed and hated by his classmate for no just reason now he is laying right there lifeless and oblivious of where he is when everything was almost turning around for his good.Isabella dad came out of the hospital and matched out with a straight expression without uttering a single word to anyone which got us curious filled with fear of the unknown as we watch him entering his car and his driver drove him out of the hospital as we all stare at the car exiting the gate wondering where he is going,and what the doctor who had called him earlier that morning as told him.
Come to think of it,where is Isabella?
They where together yesterday at the party and i have not for once set my eyes on her since the incident and no one is talking about it.isabella knows what happened to wisdom,it is either she did it or she is dead or probably kidnapped which i doubt and seeing her parents not worried about that now simply means they are hiding something or protecting their daughter.isabella knows what happened and only her can tell the fools that did this because she was with him all through the night.
“excuse me ma!!.i shouted on the top of my voice and everyone stare at me including my mom wondering who i was referring to but when they saw my gaze rested on Isabella mom they also did likewise.
“where is your daughter,where is Isabella?”.i shouted again in anger filled with frustration.
“Vincent calm down”.adaeze said holding my shoulder and i removed her palm from my shoulder by force.
“what has gone into your head Vincent?”.my mom retorted from where she sat and i stare at her with fully blood thirsty eyes.
“don’t tell me to clam down,no one should dare tell me to calm down tell this woman to provide her daughter,she alone knows what happened to wisdom.Isabella was with him all through the night”.i elucidated filled with anger and adaeze concured likewise anabel and the principal face widened in shock.
“you mean Isabella and wisdom where together in the party?”.
“yes sir!,we saw them leaving the party only to later see wisdow alone on the road in his own pool of blood,isabella knows what happen to him”.
“with all due respect ma!,where is your daughter”.the principal said directing his gaze to Isabella mom who took her bag and picked out her phone touching the screen and just as expected,she placed it on her ear.
“hello!,agartha is Isabella at home now?”.she asked the person on the other line.
“no ma,we have not seen her since yesterday when she had entered the compound and her room is empty.her car is here too we don’t know where she had gone to and where she pass out of the compound”.the caller said in a sober voice and from the conversation i deduced that she must be one of their househelp in the house.
“ok!.let me know immediately you see her”.she said and ends the call after the person on the other line had replied in affirmative.
“i don’t know where my daughter is”.she said to the shock of everyone who open their mouth in awe staring at her in fear.
This is serious,isabella is also missing”.i thought in my mind staring at the rolling fan with so many thought in my mind.i was still thinking very far when a thought popped into my head and i decided to check it out as i quickly stood up to the amazement of everyone and i went to a nurse at the counter situated at the extreme to end of the very large hall made for visitors.
“ma!,please can i see the corpse taken to the Morgue some hours ago?”.i asked bluntly cos i knew definitely that the corpse is the corpse of second boy rushed into the hospital with wisdom,the one with the gun shot straight to his skull.
“young man what for?”.the nurse asked dropping her pain she was holding and staring straight to my gaze.
“i want to confirm something ma,please help me,i know it is against the security of this hospital but please help me it is really important”.i said and she exhale in and out.
“follow me”.she finally said after some seconds of staring at me and we walk to the hall way heading to a room with the inscription “THE MORGUE” boldly written on the door.
We enter the room and i saw different corpses covered up in the cold room,very cold with each corpse covered subsequently and she pull a cover off a young boy whom i quickly recollect to have seen in my school before during the match with Almond secondary school,the boy that joined us in merriment when wisdom score the 5th goal against their school,who will forget such a remarkable funny boy?,well all thanks to my sharp brain.i took a deep look at his elbow and just like i feared it was there,the viper tattoo with seven heads.
“gosh!!”.I exclaimed aloud and the nurse came to take a clear look at what i was viewing and she quickly used her hand to cover up her mouth which prevented her from screaming in freight.
“the seven vipers,he was one of them”.she finally said after some seconds of shock and i nodded in affirmative.
I went back to the gathering while the nurse head to where i presumed to be the doctor office to report our discovery and i stare at them all,standing abruptly without uttering a word.
“Vincent you are behaving stranged”.anabel said and adaeze stare at me sceptically filled with an angry expression. Ofcourse I know she is angry with me but he will have time to be chasing rats when his house is on fire?.i watch them all seating on the couch then exhale deeply before opening my mouth to speak.
“things are worst than we thought”.i said and they became curious wondering what i was talking about.
“what do you mean?”.my mom asked staring and wondering what i am up to again just like everyone of them.
“the other boy that was stabbed is a member of the seven vipers,they are the ones that stabbed wisdom and i think they kidnapped Isabella too”.i said and silence return to the place like a graveyard.
“my daughter was not kidnapped”.Isabella mom retorted and we became extremely shocked as it could be visibly seen in our faces staring at her with our full gaze.
“you don’t know where your daughter is and you refused to tell us where she is,if she was not kidnapped where then is she?”my mom asked her for the first time.
“where is Isabella?”i added amidst shout cos it is fully obvious that she knows where Isabella is and she stare at us slowly with an expression filled with fear.
The marmaids were still together watching Isabella roaming from street to streets in the speed of lightening as they concentrated fully on the view with a blue protection on the top of the kingdom which can be seen blinking different colors of pearl’s as it was already activated incase Isabella finally loosed to darkness.
“Eze’nwanyimmiri.are we going to stay and watch Isabella destroying everything created by the supreme one including herself without doing anything?”.tracy asked again filled with concern.
“what will you have me do?”.the queen replied with a question.
“i still think we should do something about it Something,anything that can be done.maybe send me to the human world to heal the boy with my blood or transfer my strength into him”.she elucidated and luscious stare at her in rage again which he has always done anytime she raise an issue concerning wisdom.
“if you step your feet outside this place we will close the protection shield on you cos we can’t risk being destroyed because of your silly compassion.even the acient marmaid clave cannot stop Isabella when she finally loose it completely,it is obvious you don’t know the power of the darkness inside her.going to the human world is will be a waste of time because the boy is already dead.he can’t be heal,all his body functions are inactive,you cant heal or transfer strength to something that is already might not even get to the hospital when the heart will give up and Isabella will destroy you with everything in the human world”.the queen elucidated amidst shout filled with sincerity,autho
rity and anger and Tracy became sober totalled filled with fear.
___________________CONTINUE FROM ANNONYMOUS NARRATION_______________________
Isabella move in the speed of lightening around ezenite searching thoroughly for the seven vipers when suddenly a portal opened in the sky and as swift and fast like the speed of light a mermaid came out and dragged her into the portal before she could have Time to object and run and the portal close up immediately trapping her inside.

To be continue…….

Who took Isabella?,and to where?.

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