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[STORY] ISABELLA (Consequences Of Love) Episode 01




In the beginning after the creation of the heaven and the earth with everything placed perfectly at the right spot and the first humans to walk on the earth were created and placed in a beautiful garden which the Supreme one called ‘Eden’. Lucifer,an angel created perfectly endowed with cuteness and the most beautiful voice among the heavenly host. Loved and cherished solemnly by the Supreme one and His son the greater one,appointed by the Supreme one to lead the heavenly choir and instrumentalist to sing and Glorify His holy name with his melodious voice and ability to play all known instrument. Lucifer grow earnestly in fame and just like it was stated earlier that ‘stupidity,money and fame’walk hand in hand,he decided to rebel against the Supreme one,his creator with the help of some lesser angels under him and another arch angel ‘Hades’an angel created exceedingly above understanding with a perfect beauty whom Lucifer succeeded in planting seeds of confusion and dispute in her mind with his cunningness and together they launch the first and greatest war in heaven,’the battle of Armageddon’. Lucifer was a musician and instrumentalist crafted with cunningness,he was not a sword angel neither was he advance in war unlike Micheal the head of the heavenly army and other angels in the army. He stole the immortal sword’ a sword banned into the forbidden for trillions of years by the Supreme one and with it, he succeeded in gaining upper hand with the heavenly army. The arch angel Micheal fought Lucifer with all his strength and power but with the immortal sword filled with darkness, Lucifer gained upper hand on him and victory was almost sure for them when the Supreme one intervained and granted the arch angel Micheal the authority to wedge the ‘Holy sword’filled with the power of light and Micheal defeated Lucifer and his Co. rebels stripping them off their wings and they were casted wingless down to earth, banned from heaven to roam around the earth forever with the immortal sword, the greatest weapon of darkness.
After they were casted down, their angelic blood and powers combine with the different forces and elements of the earth twisted their body into different radiative forces forming different categories of beings. Those that landed on the earth crust filled with total darkness became vampires, those that fell into the thick jungle became werewolves with the aid of the direct sunlight supplying photosynthesis to the jungle. Hades and some other casted angels fell into the ocean of Isis Situated in the present days California and they transformed into marmaids.due to the respect of the lesser angels on Hades and her power as an arch angel while in heaven she became the queen of the marmaids,the greatest of them all and the most beautiful of them all. With the support of the immortal sword,lucifer was able to land on earth in his angel self without being affected with the forces of the earth and the earth elements.
back then in heaven before they were casted down,love existed but there was no sin of the flesh, Lucifer and hades were in total control of all other casted lesser angels that were casted down from heaven and in the process,they fell deeply in love full of sins and sharing all their outline of plans and how to control the other different beings together.
The garden of Eden was protected by the Supreme one to wedge off all casted angels away, but Lucifer with his cunningness and advarse memory discover a way to penetrate the protection of the garden. Lucifer and hades where together on the sea shore playing on the Isis beach when Lucifer shared his plan with hades.
“the Supreme one thought we will not be able to rebel against him by casting us down to earth, but I have a plan,i know what to do”.Lucifer said holding hades closer in his arm and she waggled her tail on the ocean widening her eyes in shock to Lucifer words.
“don’t you think we should stop all this rebel?,we are wrong, we shouldn’t have rebel against the Supreme one in the first place.You twisted our mind away from the truth with your cunningness, drifting us away from the truth, the opportunity to be in our home were we belong but nothing will change the fact that I love you.please let’s look for a way to plead with the Supreme one to forgive us”.hades explained pouring out her Heart to Lucifer filled with confidence as she stare directly to Lucifer gaze.
“I am not a weakling!!”.Lucifer shouted in a thundered voice.
“beside why should I crumble on my feet and apologize when I can stay and rule all His creation and love for mankind?.He thought sending me down will stop me, am going to do what is in my mind with you or without you,they will all pay for disgracing me”.
“OK!, I am what is the plan”
Hades asked listening attentively with rapt attention to hear Lucifer evil plan.
“with my arch angel form I can transform my spirit into an animal in the garden and convince them to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and of evil.planting confusion,destruction and every evil thing inside them and their generations forever including death which will be the end of them all”.Lucifer explained with an evil grin clapping his hands together in accolades to his evil plan.
“what??”.hades gasp in shocked with her mouth wide opened.
“you are going to do all this to them?,but they are innocent”.she added wagging her tail from the water to the sea shore.
“why are you shouting?,they are not innocent as far as I am concern,they are not innocent as far as they are His creation, They are not innocent as far as he loved them more than us,His angels”.Lucifer retorted filled with anger.
“you know that is not true, he loved us too”
“that was then before he created them”.
“OK!.so when are you going to do it?”.hades asked feigning ignorance with a mindset to tell the humans of Lucifer plan before Lucifer get to the garden cos she knows convincing Lucifer to change his mind is like pouring water on stone. unknown to her,lucifer already knows of her plan.
“at sunrise tomorrow”.Lucifer concluded and hades exhale deeply.
The next day,hades head go the garden at the early hour of the day long before the sunrise Walking around the fence of the garden that was used to separate the spot from other lands and wishing earnestly to see Adam the first man or Eve his spouse but non came to the edge of the garden at that hour of the day as they could possibly be asleep at That early hour.she was prevented from going in by the Supreme one protection of cherubim as she was unable to transform her spirit Into an animal having lost her arch angel form in connection with the water element unlike Lucifer•suddenly,hades felt a hand rested on her shoulder and she turned to see Lucifer at her back with blood thirsty eyes and she felt a Sharp pain in her stomach only to look down and see the immortal sword buried deep into her stomach.
“Lucifer…!!”.hades called slowly in a faint Voice gasping in pains as she knelt down painfully supporting her stand with her hands.
“that is the consequences of betraying me,He cannot stop my plan neither can you”.Lucifer retorted without a single remorse and he made to remove the immortal sword from hades stomach which hades used all her strength to trap inside of her preventing Lucifer from drawing it out and she disappear with the sword while Lucifer transformed his Spirit Into a snake on a cashew tree inside the garden gaining full asses through the Supreme one protection and the snake crawl down from the tree heading to the first woman who was walking around naked surveying the beauty of the garden when her husband was still deep into his sleep.
Hades appeared at the bank of the Isis river and she called loud to the other marmaids of the river who quickly dived out transforming their tails to feet and they ran toward her taking her up with her head resting on Castros her second in command arm.
“The immortal sword”.all the marmaids gasp shockingly staring at the dieing queen with the immortal sword, greatest weapon on earth buried deep into her.
“Lucifer will pay for this”.castro said in anger totally filled with rage and hades cough using her both hands to draw the immortal sword out of her stomach and it turned into a mirror on the floor to their utter shock.
“the greatest weapon on earth is in your hands, take it, protect it with your life for I will be back for it”.hades enunciated slowly in pains.
“you will be fine, you will heal please don’t leave us,stay with us let’s defeat Lucifer together, he caused us everything we loved,caused us to be casted down wingless from our home,he needs to pay for all this, please stay with us”.Castro Cried in a loud voice filled with anger as tears steam down her beautiful eyes.
“castro”. hades called and coughed Jerking off in the process.
“I cannot heal when the sword is the immortal sword, greatest weapon of evil. When Lucifer landed on earth he was no longer with his angelic form unlike we were made to believe,landing on the earth with the immortal sword has made Lucifer earth, Lucifer is earth now and the power in him now cannot be defeated by any of us.what he has gone to the Garden of the Supreme one to do today will affect the whole human race created by the Supreme one forever except if the Supreme one come up with another way to cleanse his people and bring them back to him,he is about to sow a generational seed of dispute between them forever,lucifer is the father of all evil and holding the heavenly weapon of evil will make him destroy all the Supreme one has created,all that was created by our sweat. that was why I use my strength to trap the immortal sword inside me, away from is my fault,I should have known better,i should have stopped him right then in heaven but was to blinded by love.remember Castros,”Falling in love is good but it has it consequences”.I will be back for you all.the mirror of Isis should be protected with everything you have,it is my mirror formed by my blood combined with the immortal sword,i will be back for it, to collect it and set everything I have done wrong,right the way they are suppose to be”.hades concluded and her eyes shot down.also,the light glowing from her tail went off slowly and she gave up the ghost.the marmaids watch with rapt attention as her body scattered into particles of star flying up into the sky aND the whole clave stare up at the remains of their leader flying into the sky in forms of stars.
After Hades death,the marmaids crown Castros as their new queen and she set up a new councils of marmaids to control and constitute laws to Guard the marmaids forever.the councils deligate on Lucifer and Hades case for days at the end they decided love is an enemy of earth, making the strong weak and liable to mistakes and death.they banned love from existing within the marmaids forever setting the process of combat in winning a bride among themselves rather than feelings with the law enforced on them,sending anyone that break the law into the forbidden and so it has been for zillions of centuries waiting in Faith for the return of Hades their First queen with the dark Blood of the immortal sword to set everything she had done right Just like she had said in her dieing state.this might seem as a mythology or superstitious to a Modern man but the truth is, marmaids,werewolves,vampires and the new sect introduced into the world and headed by Lucifer ‘the witches’ exist in the world filled with the seed of dispute sowed inside us by Lucifer from the garden of Eden and they walk among us everyday doing their everyday activities.mystery as always exist among us.

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Episode 1

_____________SACRED HEART HOSPITAL____________________

An ambulance rushed into the hospital followed by Mr. Okenwa car which stopped abruptly in the large hospital compound and the door swing opened to reveal wisdom and ekenna placed on two stretcher lifeless and the nurses quickly raised them up followed hastily by doctor chris who walk steadily into the hospital and also followed by the nurses without uttering any word to anyone.suddenly,juliet wealth drove hastily into the compound killing the car engine and she jumped down from the car straight to where Mr. Okenwa stood with his wife.
“where is my son?,what did you say happened to my son?”.she asked impatiently with her gaze all around the hospital searching for wisdom among the population in the hospital.
“calm down Juliet”.mr. okenwa said assuring her confidently.
“I should calm down? Where is my son where is wisdom”.
“he will be fine just calm down”.Victoria elucidated sharply in a sober Voice trying to hold her tears which tried to fall off her beautiful eyes.juliet walk straight to where Vincent stood with adaeze,anabel and some of the students and grabbed him on his shirt choking The life out of him and shaking him vigorously as people quickly run trying to remove her grip from vincent neck while other student begged on his behalf.
“he must provide my son, tell Me where he is, everyone is hiding him from Me tell me Vincent,tell me”.she cried out holding the grip tighter.
“wisdom is inside the hospital, he was stabbed with a knife”mr.okenwa shouted grabbing her hands from Vincent shirt.
“Now I have tell you leave the innocent boy alone”.he added and Juliet swiftly remove her hand from Vincent shirt who was totally filled with hot sweat as he coughed continuesly trying to maintain his balance. Juliet went down slowly like she wanted to sat on the floor as she suddenly remain mute with her mouth opened wide and sweat protruding on her body.suddenly,to their utter shock she fell down and fainted lifeless on the floor.
“nurse!!! Nurse!!”.everyone shouted echoing aloud in outburst as the nurse quickly ran out taking her into the hospital with the stretcher and Victoria with so many of the women and some men loose their confidence and busted into a huge wailing,crying out their pains.
_______________AS NARRATED BY MR. OKENWA_______________
I never had a son, I wouldn’t have had a child if not for the help from the river World now am on the verge of losing them both at the same time on the same day at the same hour of the night. Isabella vanished into thin air behaving and acting stranged,she acted different from the daughter I know standing in her room with water steaming out of her body calling wisdom name as the only word that came out of her mouth before my daughter beautiful eyes turned black with white light emanating our of the Black spot. What have I done to deserve this, why am I wealthy immensely and still filled with troubles?,don’t I deserve to be happy?.i don’t know where my daughter is, I was happy finding wisdom and her mom after so many years of thorough searching,i was happy i finally have the chance to fulfill wealth last wish and Promise I made to him now am on the verge of losing him just because of my stupidity, stupidity it was all my fault,i shouldn’t have allow them to go to that party in the First place,i should have rebuke them when they said it, I should have stopped the School authority from doing that.alright,I cannot do that when my daughter insist on going but I should have sent all the guards to follow them contrary to her wish,it is all my fault.oh,what a black night, to crown it all my best friend is laying Right there with her son, wealth where are you,wealth are you seeing all this.wealth, Spirit do see from afar, where are you?,intervain on this wisdom cannot die neither your wife,come out friend,come out and tell them to stand up to their feet, they will listen to you they always listen to you.i don’t know those that cause me all this pains but I swear with my last breath I will bring their generations down, I will wipe them off from the surface of the earth with the last drop of my blood. Wisdom cannot leave me here,he is my only son, the son I never had,dieing is not an option”.i lamented in my heart seating on the floor as the sober cry of people emanated all in the hospitaL environment watching as they cry sporadicly and I wish for the First time for a miracle even though I had never been a religious man.definately,money is not everything,even the rich do cry.
“Doctor,how is the situation of things on ground, how critical is it?”.i asked Doctor Chris seating opposite him in his office on the early hour of the day and he shake his head exhaling deeply.
“his mother is already awake,she is on treatment now and the other boy that was shot on the head is dead”.he replied soberly. I know Doctor Chris, He has been my friend and family doctor for a long time now and this hospital is his the best in the state with every modern facilities and equipment inside it to ensure the best of treatments.
“what about the boy??”.i asked staring at him kingly and He exhaled deeply again confirming my fears.
“if there is a need to send him abroad for treatment tell me I will do it,if you are incapable to treat him tell me Chris”.i shouted becoming impatient.
“calm down friend,calm down and stop shouting at me afterall am not the person that stabbed him”.he shouted back and I exhale trying my best to control my anger.ofcourse he is right,it is all my fault and the last thing to do now is to be looking for someone to pour my frustration on, yes I am frustrated,completely frustrated and worn out.
“this hospital is the best in town all thanks to you and some other influential persons in the state, have I ever failed you?”.he asked and I nodded negatively.
“good.anyone close to you and loved by you is also close to me, your son is my son and I will do everything I can to give him the best treatment I can offer.he was stabbed in the chest five consecutive times and two in his stomach, he is on life support machine now and we will try our best to revive him”.he said and I listen attentively filled with fear.
“five consecutive times Plus two on the stomach?”.i asked again not sure of what he actually said and he nodded in affirmative to my utter amazement while I Open my mouth in shocked.
“can you help me track the person,like the finger print or something?”.
” I have already done the best I could in that aspect too”.he said Opening some files on the table and he came up with a blury photograph of a boy handing it to me which I collected staring at it and trying to recollect if I had seen anyone with a twingling resemblance to the person but all my thought and concentration yield no reasonable result.
“we couldn’t find the gun neither the knife what we used is a skin contact from wisdom skin which was possibly done when he stabbed in deeply with the knife,so we don’t have any clue on who the person is”.he added and I thanked him immensely with the sole objective of searching for the boy with the last drop of my blood even if it means ransacking this whole country for him and I shake hand with him in gratitude promising to send any amount needed for wisdom treatment and I stood up heading to the door with the objective of distributing copies of the picture to all the social houses, networks and magazines with a bounty placed on the boy.
“Mr. Okenwa”.doctor Chris called back when I made to open the door and I turned back immediately.
“there is something else”.he retorted leaving me curious and I urge him to speak up which he did and he told me the most heartbreaking of it all which left me totally shocked,speechless and lost of hope.
“all the functions of his body are no longer active,they are dead already,the only part still beating fine inside him is the Heart which is strange and I am sure it will give up soon”. He elucidated in a sober Voice leaving me totally speechless.
_________Deep inside the river________________________________________
All the kingdom gather together in the throne room watching Isabella Spirit from the water of life situated in the center of the room on a large boil.they watched her spirit roaming around ezenite filled with darkness and blood thirst in bilwerdement and fear as lucious sat on one of the seats totally lost in thought.
“what are we going to do?,we cant let Isabella destroy the human race completely with the darkness of the immortal sword,hades Promise to come back and set things right and not to destroy the world”.tracy,a beautiful mermaid with a blue tail enunciated bluntly and the queen exhale deeply.
“there is no hope!!”.she uttered in a sober Voice.
“what do you mean by there is no hope!”.lucious shouted from where he sat standing up in anger.
“Hades promise to come back and set all her wrong right and it would have been done if we had allow Isabella to transform into her reincarnation here in the River World “.
“so what are you insinuating now? “.lucious asked again this time a little bit calm filled with curiosity.
“we have tampered with the Supreme one creation again just like Lucifer did in the beginning.the deed is already done and all we have to do now is to activate our River protection shield which I am sure other claves are doing already”.the queen explained with pains visibly seen in her eyes as her voice became sober cracking at interval.
“what if we go into the human world and heal the boy?”.tracy asked again and lucious stare at her with rage which she saw but decided to put it behind.
“we are too late,isabella has not been totally taken by darkness because the boy heart is still beating,he is already dead.

To be continue…….

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