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[STORY] The Heart Of An Assassin (Episode 8)



Episode 08.

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….”Don’t forget someone that chose to dance surugede should know that surugede is the dance of the spirits” Chief Ali said
”And who is the gods? I am the gods. The darkness that that overpowers light” Chief Williams bragged
”Hahahahah” Chief Ali laughed
”And do you know that I can just kill you here and now” Chief Ali said to Chief Williams who wasn’t shocked at all. One bullet rushed down the car immediately with his gun pointing at Chief Ali. On seeing that, Chief Ali’s thugs corked their guns ready to fire.
”Hold down you fire” Chief Williams said to One Bullet
”You are beating the drums of war, and bet me, I have started to dance to the tune” Chief Ali said
”Go and tell that to the gods” Chief Ali said
”Ali!!.. Ali..!!” Chief Williams called again and walked into his car
”Let’s go” He said to One bullet who entered the car immedaitely and drove out by the side
”Let him go today.. Tomorrow is another day” Chief Ali said
”Move me out of this place” He added and entered the car.
”Prof. Mich! This man is getting on my nerves” Chief Williams said walking restlessly in Prof. Michael’s house
”Do you know he nearly killed me today” Chief Williams said and Prof. Mich spat out the wine in his mouth
”What??!!” He exclaimed and stood up
”Yes..” Chief Williams said
”This has gotten too far” Prof. Michael said
”I don’t know why Spartacus is wasting time” Chief Williams said
”Isn’t he capable to do this” Chief Williams asked
”Don’t say that Chief” Prof. Michael said
”Let me call him” Prof. Michael added and picked up his phone
”Hello..” Prof. Michael said on the phone and kept quiet for some seconds. He hung up the call afterwards
”What did he say?” Chief Williams asked
”We should meet him at No. 9 Roger lane now” Prof. Michael said
”What are we still waiting for, let’s go” Chief Williams said and the left immediately

”This is an uncompleted building” Chief Williams said
”Who will be living here?” Chief Williams asked
”Let’s wait since he told us to wait” Prof. Michael said
”But this is a lonely road. I can’t stay here much longer, it’s dangerous. Look at all the bushes around” Chief Williams added and kept quiet..
”Now Prof. I have had it enough. Take me out of here” Chief Williams said
”Let’s wait a bit longer” Prof. Michael said
”I have been waiting for the past 10 Minutes, and you want me to wait longer” Chief Williams asked in anger
”I’m out of here” Chief Williams said
”I can see you don’t want to take me home” Chief Williams added and alighted from the car bringing out his phone to call One bullet to come and pick him up.
”Why are men so impatient?” The voice of Spartacus sounded from above the car and just then Prof. Michael came out from the car too
”What the…!” Chief Williams exclaimed in shock
”What are you doing up there?” He asked
”Well, I have been here for the past 8 Minutes waiting for you” Spartacus said
”Waiting for Us? How?” Prof. Michael asked
”Nevermind.. But, next time don’t sit one place waiting for a miracle to happen, come out and watch it happen” Spartacus said and jumped down from the car
”Who the hell did you say you are” Chief Williams asked
”I am Spartacus Sir” Spartacus replied
”You are a devil” Chief Williams said
”Well, you can call me whatever Sir” Spartacus added and kept quiet
”Anyways, what are you still waiting for to carry out your assignment” Chief Williams asked
”You Sir” Spartacus replied
”Me?? How” Chief Williams asked
”Pay the cash and I do the job” Spartacus said
”I thought I will pay after the job” Chief Williams said
”What if you fail?” Chief Williams asked
”Failure is for those that doesn’t plan. Are you ready to pay or not?” Spartacus asked
”Give him what he wants Chief, let’s leave this place” Prof. Michael said
”Alright, I will pay you. Just go ahead with the job, please” Chief Williams pleaded
”Done” Spartacus said and rubbed his hands
”You can go now” Spartacus added
”And while going don’t follow your left, follow your right” Spartacus added
”Why?” Chief Williams and Prof. Williams asked same time but Spartacus didn’t reply, he turned around and began to walk away.
Chief Williams and Prof. Michael entered the car immediately and drove off.
”Why did he say that?” Chief Williams asked
”But we came from the left” He added
”I can’t tell. I guess he wants to control Us or something” Prof. Michael added
”I don’t know the way right..” Prof. Michael said
”Let’s follow our left… He is just trying to take control of us just as he brought us out here for the past half an hour” Chief Williams said
”I guess so” Prof. Michael said and turned left..
For few minutes, their ride was peaceful but not until two black coloured cars overtook them..
”Get down!” A voice shouted from one of the cars…

To Be Continued..

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