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[STORY] The Heart Of An Assassin (Episode 2)

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Episode 02.

..”Please calm down” Prof. Michael said to Chief Williams as Spartacus stood still at the door saying nothing
”Don’t tell me to calm down! That I hired him doesn’t give him the audacity to break my door. Aren’t there other better Assassins?” Chief Williams asked rhetorically still in anger but Prof. Michael still pleaded with body movement not because Chief Williams can do anything but because of what Spartacus can do
”Nonsense!” Chief Williams exclaimed and sat down on the couch still a bit angry
”Bravo, Mr. Williams” Said Spartacus with a deep low bass voice as he gave few steps away from the door
”Interesting but not Impressive Mr” Spartacus said walking more closer
”What’s this idiot talking about” Chief Williams said looking at Spartacus and back at Prof. Michael
”Just calm down” Prof. Michael said to Chief Williams aloud
”That you hired me doesn’t give me the audacity to bang your door Sir, but that you hired me still doesn’t hold me back from putting a bullet through your skull if you insult me again” Spartacus said with a red eye pointing his Pistol at Chief Williams head and immediately Prof. Williams went on his kneel pleading with Spartacus
”How dare you point that towards my face?” Chief Williams still bragged in Pride but Spartacus said nothing
”Spark!! One Bullet!!” Chief Williams yelled a loud call to his thugs but no one answered
”If you don’t put that gun down, I will call my boys to bundle you out of here” Chief Williams still said looking directly at the eyes of Spartacus
”Chief, why not keep quiet and beg him” Prof. Michael said still on his kneels
”One Bullet.. Spar….” Chief Williams called severally but was interrupted by Spartacus
”Don’t waste your strenght old man, they won’t answer you” Spartacus said
”What?!” Chief Williams exclaimed in surprise
”They tried stopping me on my way in here and I put them to sleep, not to worry, they will wake up once I leave” Spartacus said and Chief Williams began to shiver in silence
”Now, seat down Sir” Spartacus said respectfully to Prof. Michael and he sat down then he placed back his gun and began to rub his his hands. Chief Williams kept on starring at Spartacus and Prof. Michael in shock but he tried enough and calmed down
”I am a busy person, please hurry up, I need to leave” Spartacus said not looking at any of them. Understanding his words, Chief Williams stood up with his walking stick and hurried inside.
Few seconds later, he came out with a brief case
”This is your pay as promised” Chief Williams said with a shaky hands
”You don’t have to fear old man” Spartacus said to Chief Williams gazing at him with his masky face. He took the brief case and walked towards the door
”Thank you for paying your tithe” Spartacus said and left. Immediately he left, One Bullet and Spark rushed in with their guns and eyes opened wide like people searching for something
”Where is he?” One Bullet asked holding his gun with two hands
”Chief, hope you are not hurt?” Spark asked Chief Williams who was looking at them with an agry disappointing eye
”Lay low Boss, he is hiding” Spark said
”I wi…” One bullet tried to say
”Shut up!!! You good for nothing idiots!” Chief Williams yelled at them
”You two couldn’t stop one man” He added
”Why then do I pay you?” Chief Williams asked
”Answer me!” He yelled at them again and they looked at him startled
”You better get out of my sight before I unleash my anger on you two” Chief Williams said
”Sorry Boss” They said and left
”Sorry for yourself.. Buffons!” Chief Williams said and went back to the couch
”That man could have killed you, you know” Prof. Michael said to Chief Williams not looking at him
”What sort of a devil is he?!” Chief Williams asked Prof. Michael still wondering
”You better mind the way you talk to him. He is respectful but he has do’s and don’ts” Prof. Michael said and sipped from his glass of wine as Chief Williams starred at him..

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”Darling, hurry Up let’s go” Chief Williams voice was heard aloud from the staircase as his wife, Mrs Williams was still having her Manicure and Pedicure in her room
”I’ll be right there in minutes honey” She relied
”We are already late!” Chief Williams said again with a sober face looking tired of waiting. In Few Seconds, Mrs. Williams came out and walked down the staircase
”You are always in a hurry, the future First lady is supposed to dress well” She said and walk past Chief Williams who was just looking at her
”Let’s go now.. You are now standing there” Mrs. Williams said to Chief Williams and he slowly walked down the staircase
”Natasha! Natasha!” Mrs. Williams called out on the house keeper
”Madam” She replied
”Take care of the house” Mrs. Williams said and they left..

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