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[STORY] The Heart Of An Assassin (Episode 14)

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Episode 14.

Everybody sat still talking abouth the death of Chief Ali. Chief Ali’s wife sat also still in pains of her husband’s death and revenge in her eyes. The hall was a bit noisy. Police Officers stood at various edges of the hall.. Chief Williams and his wife sat also but didn’t say anything. Just then President Donatus walked in and everywhere became silent as they all stood up to greet
”This day is a very sad one for all of Us here” President Donatus said standing up.
”I am not going to rephrase the story neither will I say what happened because we all know that we have lost another pillar in this country” President Donatus said and raised up his head a little
”Politics is supposed to be a peaceful ground where people are their brother’s keepers but it’s now a battle field” President Donatus said and shook his head
”This nonsense won’t continue. We will pin down the culprit of this!” President Donatus said
”Yes! That’s it!” They all agreed but Chief Williams looked at them all not saying anything
”Now Chief Williams” President Donatus called and sat down
”We all know you and Chief Ali had a serious problem which almost led to a fight.” President Donatus said
”What is you say in this” He asked Chief Williams
”And what are you trying to insinuate your excellency” Chief Williams argied standing up immediately
”That I killed him or what?” He asked rhetorically
”You killed my husband Chief Williams” Mrs. Ali said in tears
”Listen woman I didn’t kill anybody” Chief Williams defended himself
”As a matter of fact, Chief Ali sent his men and shot at my thug and my househelp. As if that wasn’t enough, he sent his thugs at me twice to kill me” Chief Williams said angrily
”And how sure are you that he was the one?” President Donatus asked
”This is not a law court your Excellency. I didn’t kill him and that’s final!” Chief Williams said hitting his hands on the table
”You can’t deny it Chief Williams. We shall meet at the law court because the police is seriously investigating this matter” President Donatus said
”You are a killer and you will pay for it” Chief Muhammed a friend to Chief Ali said adjusting his agbada directly looking into Chief Williams eyes
”I bet you all will regret this statements of yours after the court room!” Chief Williams said and looked at his wife
”Let’s get out of here” He said to her and Mrs. Williams hissed at all of them following her hisband
”Chief Williams!” Mrs. Ali called out and he looked at her but she said nothing. Chief Williams turned around and left the arena and everyone began to murmur again
”We better settle this matter amicably, he might not be the one so as not to cause another problem” Chief Mustaphar, another prior member of the conference said but no one replied or reacted to his statement. Soon enough, the hall began to be empty as they left gradually..
”These people are daring me!” Chief Williams said as he entered his house with his wife
”But honey did you kill him?” Mrs. Williams asked
”Why shouldn’t I.. Or do you want him to kill me first?” Chief Williams said to his wife who fully supported it.
”How then are you going to deny this in court now even the President is involved” Mrs. Williams asked
”Leave me to think woman” Chief Williams said
”I don’t want my name to be on the television as the wife of a murderer, better think fast” Mrs. Williams said and went upstairs. Chief Williams paid deaf ears to her last statement looking very worried. Just then, One bullet and Spark entered
”Boss, you look worried, tell us what it is and let’s handle it Boss” One bullet said looking serious but Chief Williams looked at them
”Boss, your face no carry signal. Roger the matter make we handle am nah” Spark said but Chief Williams smiled
”Don’t worry my boys. I will handle it my way” Chief Williams said and dismissed them..
”Guy, I no tell you” Spark said touching One bullet as the went out
”Wetin?” One Bullet asked
”I tell you say Oga wan use style take replace us but you no dey hear am” Spark said
”Guy, I don dey reason that thing ooh. But I no sure say he go dismiss us out nah” One bullet said looking worried as he flung his gun on the table outside
”We better know wetin go happen next ooh.. Make we feel this new guy wey oga take drop us ooh.. Before e go too late” Spark said
”I dey feel your talk guy. Make water no enter garri” One bullet reasoned his words
”Na so I dey talk my own ooh.. Because me go kill that maga wey oga wan take delete us ooh” Spark said and hissed
”Guy, make I go pour out my sorrow for first house” Spark said
”Idiot, na first house go make oga leave you here abi.. Mugu” One bullet said
”I no send jhoor.. Monica don dey call me since” Spark said and placed his gun in his waist
”Useless man.. Dey go jhoor” One bullet said and Spark left…


To Be Continued..

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