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[STORY] The Heart Of An Assassin (Episode 1)

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Episode 01. (Save My Past)

….”Let’s all please close our eyes as we give a quiet moment in respect to the spirit of our Husband, Brother, Friend and Colleague” Rev. Fr. Ferdinand said dressed in white robe, holding a long chaplet and placing it on his head. He stood close to he head of Chief Mark. Around him were people in black, Chief Marks wife and daughter, extended families and Friends.. They were all moaning in tears, others shaking their head painfully in agony. The burial ground was tightly secured by police men.
Immediately the Rev. Fr finished his speech, Mrs. Mark knelt down and laid her head on the well decorated grave of her husband, her daughter held her shoulders in silent tears.
”I know how it feels to loose such a wonderful person, but remember, God gives and God takes. All Power is in his hands, the power of life and death. No man can question his decision” Rev. Ferdinard continued with his speech
”The Bible says, In all things gives thanks to God. Let’s close our eyes” Rev. Ferdinand said and few people closed their eyes while others kept their eyes open as tears couldn’t allow them to join in the prayer.
”Almighty Father…” Rev. Ferdinand began the prayer
”Mere human we are, Supernatural you are. You alone gives and takes. We thank you for you have called your Son back to……”Rev. Ferdinand couldn’t finish his prayer as a heavy gun shot was heard. Everybody frightfully began to run away, the chiefs around the area was led by their thugs into their cars and they speedily drove off.. The Rev. Fr was shocked and stood still praying his chaplet. The Police began to search everywhere to trace where the gun shot came from.
More tears and shout of agony overtook the area as Mrs. Mark was noticed dead laying on her husband’s grave. The bullet screwed directly through her mid-head. Kamsy, her daughter shook her
”Mom! Mom!” She screamd in tears still shaking her. Looking at the grave of her father she screamed ”Dad!! Dad!!”.
The Rev. Fr and the few people left there tried consoling and dragging her up to leave the arena before another gun shot will be heard. She insisted and kept crying.. They dragged her up but she slipped off her hand and fell on her Mother’s body with tears. She couldn’t bear the loss. With much struggle and pleading, they dragged her into the car and they drove off with the police entourage blowing their sirene..
”This is the news flash at 10:15am” Said the News caster on the television as Chief Williams watched the television relaxing on his couch
”There was a gun shot at the funeral of Chief Mark which caused the death of Mrs. Mark the wife. The gun shot made everyone to run away from the arena. Up till now, the police haven’t discovered where or who shot the bullet”The News Caster concluded and Chief Williams smiled broadly. He smiled for a while and began to laugh aloud
”He should come and contest with me. Idiot!” He said standing up and picking up the glass of wine on the table before him
”I warned him, but he never listened. A stubborn fly follows the dead into the grave” He said and laughed as he continued sipping the glass of wine. Just then, Professor Michael barged in in excitement
”Place on the television!!” He exclaimed looking at Chief Williams in smiles
”Hahahah.. I have already heard it” Chief Williams said
”His family have been crushed” Chief Williams added
”That serves him right” Prof. Michael said and laughed
”Please come and have a seat” Chief Williams offered him a seat
”We really have to celebrate this” Prof. Michael supported his sitting offer
”One Bullet!!!” Chief Williams called out to one of his thugs
”Get me a wine immediately” He ordered without waiting for his thug to reply his call.
”Hahahah..” He laughed again and sat down
”I told you he won’t fail” Prof. Michael said
”You said it.. You really said it” Chief Williams said and laughed
”I actually never believed you” He added
”This boy is a professional in this business. He never fails” Prof. Michael said
”I think he will do more business for me” Chief Williams said
”He’s all yours, but always remember my share as the contractor” Prof. Michael said
”Of course. I really owe you alot” Chief Williams said
”You are looking at the next President of this country” He added and both of them began to laugh aloud.. Few Seconds later, One Bullet dropped the wined and left immediately
”Let’s toast to Victory” Prof. Michael said and they lifted up their glass cups but was interrupted by the loud banging of the door
”Toasting of cups is meant for victors” The dangerous looking young man dressing in all black attire said standing at the door.
The wine cup of Chief Williams fell off and broke due to the door bang.
”How dare you bang my door like that! Are you mad??!!” Chief Williams yelled at him in anger but Prof. Michael tried calming him down….

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To Be Continued…

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