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ISABELLA – Consequences Of Love (Complete Episodes)



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In the beginning after the creation of the heaven and the earth with everything placed perfectly at the right spot and the first humans to walk on the earth were created and placed in a beautiful garden which the Supreme one called ‘Eden’. Lucifer,an angel created perfectly endowed with cuteness and the most beautiful voice among the heavenly host. Loved and cherished solemnly by the Supreme one and His son the greater one,appointed by the Supreme one to lead the heavenly choir and instrumentalist to sing and Glorify His holy name with his melodious voice and ability to play all known instrument. Lucifer grow earnestly in fame and just like it was stated earlier that ‘stupidity,money and fame’walk hand in hand,he decided to rebel against the Supreme one,his creator with the help of some lesser angels under him and another arch angel ‘Hades’an angel created exceedingly above understanding with a perfect beauty whom Lucifer succeeded in planting seeds of confusion and dispute in her mind with his cunningness and together they launch the first and greatest war in heaven,’the battle of Armageddon’. Lucifer was a musician and instrumentalist crafted with cunningness,he was not a sword angel neither was he advance in war unlike Micheal the head of the heavenly army and other angels in the army. He stole the immortal sword’ a sword banned into the forbidden for trillions of years by the Supreme one and with it, he succeeded in gaining upper hand with the heavenly army. The arch angel Micheal fought Lucifer with all his strength and power but with the immortal sword filled with darkness, Lucifer gained upper hand on him and victory was almost sure for them when the Supreme one intervained and granted the arch angel Micheal the authority to wedge the ‘Holy sword’filled with the power of light and Micheal defeated Lucifer and his Co. rebels stripping them off their wings and they were casted wingless down to earth, banned from heaven to roam around the earth forever with the immortal sword, the greatest weapon of darkness. Continue Reading Here




Isabella Episode 57Consequences Of Love Episode 1

Isabella Episode 58 / Consequences Of Love Episode 2

Isabella Episode 59 / Consequences Of Love Episode 3

Isabella Episode 60 / Consequences Of Love Episode 4

Isabella Episode 61 / Consequences Of Love Episode 5

Isabella Episode 62Consequences Of Love Episode 6

Isabella Episode 63 / Consequences Of Love Episode 7

Isabella Episode 64 / Consequences Of Love Episode 8

Isabella Episode 65 / Consequences Of Love Episode 9

Isabella Episode 67Consequences Of Love Episode 10

Isabella Episode 66 / Consequences Of Love Episode 11

Isabella Episode 67Consequences Of Love Episode 12

Isabella Episode 68 / Consequences Of Love Episode 13

Isabella Episode 69 / Consequences Of Love Episode 14

Isabella Episode 70 / Consequences Of Love Episode 15

Isabella Episode 71 / Consequences Of Love Episode 16

Isabella Episode 72 / Consequences Of Love Episode 17

Isabella Episode 73 / Consequences Of Love Episode 18

Isabella Episode 74 / Consequences Of Love Episode 19

Isabella Episode 75 / Consequences Of Love Episode 20

Isabella Episode 75 / Consequences Of Love Episode 21

Isabella Episode 75 / Consequences Of Love Episode 22

Isabella Episode 75 / Consequences Of Love Episode 23

Isabella Episode 75 / Consequences Of Love Episode 24


============= COMPLETED =============

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Amba Mary
3 years ago

Pls the episode 9 of the season 2 is not opening….. Nice story

3 years ago

Please what happened to episode 16 of season 2,is not opening

3 years ago

please can’t open the episodes. what’s happening

Victoria Jacobs
Victoria Jacobs
3 years ago

Please episode 20 of season 2 is not opening. What is the problem?

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