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The investigative powers of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY as provided in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria

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I stand on the existing protocol to present my submission without prejudice although much has been said in the first article which was based on ‘ whether the National Assembly has the power to summon IGP”. Now that’s not where I’m going to directly but to have a say on the investigative powers of the Senate.

This is a constitutional issue, however I will address it based on the provisions of the ground norms. Subject to section 88 sub 1(b)(I) of the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, the National Assembly has the power to conduct investigations in relation to matters or things it has Powers to make laws and the conduct of affairs of any person, authority, ministry or government department.

The emphasis on the word ‘ person ‘ by the interpretation Act was interpreted to include any officer in which its my belief that the IGP is not excluded.

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In corroboration and by the way of shedding more lights on this, sec 89 of the CFRN further explained and affirmed the investigative powers of the National Assembly and items45 of part 1 of the second schedule of the same CFRN provided that the National Assembly has exclusive legislative power over the ” police and other government security, service established by law. ”

In answering that, it is to prevent excessive powers of the executives and its agencies, because “power they say corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. ” therefore, perusing it well, it is as well for the purpose of setting the atmosphere for ” interloping ” otherwise known as checks and balances of the powers of the executives as propounded by BARON DE MONTESQUIEU

In conclusion, it is perusal that the National Assembly has the investigative power to summon any person except the president because the Mr President has already been given the discretion to address the National Assembly either separately or jointly on any matter of national importance as provided in section 67sub(1).

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I am Adewuyi Omotola and I remain guided by all ministers in the temple of Justice.

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