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Viral Video: Kano students were captured eating from papers [Photos]

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A video making the rounds on the Nigerian government’s school feeding programme has sparked varied reactions from Nigerians.

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In the video, some students from Kano were seen sitting on the floor eating from papers.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s adminstration has been widely criticised as some Nigerians have condemned the video, describing it as inhumane treatmen.

However, there are concerns of the authencity of the video even as some Nigerians shift the blame on those in charge of executing the project and not President Buhari.

Here are some of the comments gathered

@Tarimartins “MURIC should be concerned, young girls on hijab sitting on the floor to eat. It’s only normal for Muric to sue the FG.”

@Ibidemisalt “In a geographical area where cholera is killing people in numbers you served children food like this GOD will not forgive who so ever it’s that did this.”

@John_danfulani “Imagine this nonsense thing called school feeding in Kano State.Northern Nigeria,will you ever live up to the realities of 21st century? Shame on rulers of northern Nigeria.”

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@Bestdgooner “So this is the school feeding the are talking abt?

@Gentlerome “This is the height of it.
This government has chosen to treat school children like local dogs (ekuke).This is a rape on human life.”

@The_Jonathanian “LESS THAN DOGS!It’s so sad to note that Buhari & @OfficialAPCNg has chosen to treat our children beneath DOGS.

“In this video, pupils in a Kano State School are served food in sheets of paper in their fraudulent flagship “School Feeding Program”

@Martmekus “At worst you provide disposable plates or take away packs. This country really drains all my energy. I am really weak and tired.”

@Evidencebyme “Can this be true. It sends shivers down body. Felt like crying. Whosoever was involved in serving these children must pay for it. They should not politicize it as for pmb or against Buhari ,it inhumanity to man. Govt will not ask them to do this.”

@SamuelOlologun “So really someone exects buhari to buy plates too, I’ve said it many times our problems as a country isn’t about just the president. Some Nigerians are actually wicked.I believe someone heads this project in this sch.I wldnt fault PMB for the execution of this project.”

@Cyrilebeh “The most baffling thing is that no one forced the federal government to feed these children.”

@Obuks36 “They are treating our children like animals and tommorrow they will say they are fighting insecurity..Guess who is breeding the future dissidents and terrorists.”

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@Naijadailyfeed “While Buhari was beating his chest that some 8.2 million kids are benefiting from the school feeding program, some kids in Kano state are being fed using paper, no plates. An oil producing country that pays its nearly useless senators bogous salaries cant give kids plates to eat.”


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