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Top 6 Foreign Language Movies on Netflix

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Foreign language movies always showcase different issues, ideas and thought processes. Even the atmospheres in foreign movies look different. They help us to get a glimpse of life in other countries.

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We all know Netflix’s catalogue includes hundreds of foreign movies. It’s difficult to choose the movies especially the movies in a foreign language about which you may not know much. So, we’ve jotted down the best foreign language movies on Netflix for you to watch on this Friday.

These movies are all made with gripping plots and extraordinary technical skills. Here are our recommendations for the best foreign language movies on Netflix. Also checkout for

1. Nightwatch

This movie was a blockbuster in Russia. It’s a battle between good and evil on the streets and neighbourhoods of modern Moscow. The plot of this movie is a bit complicated and the narration is absurd.

It gives you the true feeling of watching a foreign language movie. There’s quite a Harry Potterish touch to this movie with the involvement of curses, witches, shapeshifters, vampires, etc. Watch this movie to experience a powerful culture shock!

2. 13 Assassins

Movie buffs around the world admire Japanese movies for their action sequences. Seven Samurai is one of the popular movies from Japan which became a massive hit in many countries on the planet.

13 Assassins resembles Seven Samurai in many ways. The popular phrase Total Massacre is used in this movie which surely makes us feel nostalgic. This film makes us feel like we are watching a historical epic happening in Japan.

3. Breathe

It’s written and directed by Melanie Laurent. Breathe is one such movie which displays an extraordinary filmmaking with deep and insightful storytelling process.

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The story is about a high school student whose behaviour is quite normal. But when a girl from Nigeria joins their school and they both become good friends.

Now Charlie discovers the unexpected behaviour in himself. Breathe is a movie between two high school teenage girls which portrays beautiful friendship with some dark corners.

4. Tai Chi Master

It’s one of the best works of Jet Li. He performed with unbelievable grace in this potboiler movie. There are many scenes in this movie which makes us watch repeatedly.

Words fail to describe the action sequences. Overall, this movie is a battle between good and evil where good wins at last.

This is one of the finest performances delivered by Jet Li. Get ready to watch the epic battle between two childhood friends. And for more free movie checkout KAT proxy online.

5. Train to Busan

You might have watched many zombie movies in the English language. But this movie is definitely going to give you chills down the spine.

This indie zombie classic shows you why Korean movies are admired around the globe. It’s a story between a father and daughter on the train where the Zombies rampage begins.

It’s quite suspenseful and melodramatic at the same time. You’ll see some never before action sequences at the climax. The ultra-realism of the zombies in this movie is mindblowing. It’s one of the top 10 Zombie movies of all time.

6. A Hijacking

It’s a thrilling psychological drama between the Danish ship owner and the Somali pirates. The pirates hijack the ship from Danish ship owner and they start negotiating the terms for the crew and ship.

Instead of turning into a melodramatic affair, this movie focuses on the psychological aspect of the vicious negotiation. It’s inspired by some of the true events and all the actors delivered their best performances.

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We hope our list of foreign language movies made it easy for you to choose a film for this Friday. All the above movies showcase brilliant performances and gripping plots. Let us know about your favourite movies in foreign languages.

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