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[STORY] The Minister’s Son (Episode 8)



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I stayed indoor all through the weekend revising all we had learnt for that week. I kept getting nervous as the new week drew closer. maybe because it was the week I would start the tutorial with Sharon. I had tried to assure myself that all would be fine, but it didn’t do much because I kept getting nervous. how will I sit alone with her in a room and she wouldn’t notice I’m a shy guy. I pray I don’t embarrass myself when I’m with her. The new week came and I got prepared for my first lecture for that week. I took the campus shuttle that would take me directly to the building I was having my lecture. I didn’t realize I was in the same bus with my course mate, Sylvia, until she spoke to a lady beside her. I made sure she didn’t notice I was in the same bus with her. I quickly brought out money from my wallet and paid for the both of us without letting her know. I told the driver not to collect money from her when she tries to pay. I believed it was the right thing for me to do. when we got to our destination, she tried to pay but the driver told her that someone had already paid for her. she asked who was the person and the driver pointed at me. that was when she realized I was in the same bus with her. she approached me and glared at me. the smile I was trying to keep on my face disappeared immediately. I was thinking she was coming to thank me, but the glare she just shot me made me nervous. she brought out some money from her purse and force it into my hand. “next time don’t try to pay for me without my notice. I didn’t ask for your help” she said to me in a note of warning. She shot me one last glance and walked out on me. I stood at that particular spot like a statue, staring at the direction she took. I tried to remember if I had said or done anything wrong to her before for her to direct such anger to me, but I couldn’t seem to remember anything. this was too much for me to bear. I have never been this embarrassed all my life. I wished I never paid for her. I wished I had known this would happen, I would have avoided it. my leg suddenly became too heavy for me to lift. I managed to plod ahead to where my first lecture was holding. All through the lecture, I didn’t concentrate. I kept trying to figure out what I could have done to that lady that made her behave that way towards me. could it be that someone might have said something bad about me to her. all my effort to figure out what I could have done was fruitless, because I couldn’t seem to remember anything. I stole glances at her from time to time to see if she was looking at my direction, but all her attention seemed to be focused on what the lecturer in class was saying. After lecture, I went to the school restaurant to have lunch. just when I was at the counter placing my order, Kate walked into the restaurant with two of her friends. I believed they had come there to have lunch also. I tried as much as possible to hide behind the guy standing at the counter with me, but my effort was fruitless because she saw me immediately she entered the restaurant. she walked towards me with her friends right beside her. “hi” I said immediately they got to me. “wow Christian! we meet again” she said “yeah” I responded. “you came here to have lunch right” she said “not really. I’m not having my lunch here. I’m buying in a take away pack” I responded. I initially wanted to have my lunch in the restaurant, but seeing Kate and her friends made me changed my mind, knowing fully well that I would have to be on the same table me them. That would be deadly for me. I might just collapse unknowingly. “okay, but you are paying for my lunch.” Kate said “no problem, you can order for anything you want” I responded “are you not buying for us also?” one of her friend asked. “you can order for anything you want also” i said to her “thanks” the lady responded “you are welcome” I said I waited for them to order for whatever they wanted so that I could foot the bill. Just when I was about paying for their meal, the other lady beside Kate distracted me. “sorry, I hope you don’t mind paying for the one I’m taking away” she said My mood suddenly changed when she made that statement. I tried not to show the look of disappointment on my face. so if I pay for your meal here, I would still pay for the one you will take away. am I your father? That was what I wanted to say but dare not say it. “you can have anything you want” I said against my decision. I watched with teary eyes as they all place their order. the amount of food they ordered made me wonder if they wanted to feed their families with it. it was certain that I would trek back home, because I was sure there won’t be any money left with me when they are done with their order.I had no option than to use the guest’s room for my night.
“Goodnight Joyce, i will be in the guest room.” I tried to sound more polite than I sounded. Joy well built beautiful girl, her charming eyes would have tempted any man. Her body had a good shape, the only thing that stood between Joy and I was my passionate love for Serena.
On wishing her goodnight, she seemed startled, maybe even shocked or maybe disappointed.
“Why not spend here? Coz of my presence?” She sounded offended.
“No no no, no please Joyce, I just thought you would like it that way.” I didn’t want to cause any tension, or even break my deal with mom.
“You are my husband to be David, how can i mind sleeping beside you?” She stood from the bed. I was confused, totally confused. She came to me, i wanted to move away but my legs couldn’t move, it seemed to me that I was in a dream. A dream where you would dream of a lion coming to kill you but your legs fails to move, your voice fails to shout for help, you wake up panting like an antelope. I waited for her to approach so I could wake up panting but I couldn’t, she held my two hands and stared into my eyes.
“Am all yours David, destroy me if you wish.” She made her t–s touch my chest on their n—–s. Her mouth came so close to mine, her strong perfumes penetrated through my nose. I remembered my kiss with Serena, it was so sweet to be mixed. Our lips were almost in touch when i pushed her away. I was back into my senses, my mother had put me in a terrible trap, making love to Joyce meant marrying her. How would I convince the world that i never wanted to marry her yet I slept with her? What if she gets my child?
“I think you need pyjamas, I will get them for you” I pecked her on her left cheek, rubbed it slightly, winked at her and headed for the door.
“But David….”
“I will be right back my dear.” I opened the door and was grand to be out of that room.
I took more than twenty minutes in my dressing room, I was trying to figure out on what to do.
There was a knock at the door and I knew i was finished. I was sure she had followed me in my dressing room after being impatient. Who showed her my dressing room, I wondered why she couldn’t see I had no interest in her.
“Sir?” I recognized the voice, it was Brian, my servant. I sighed with relieve.
I got a plan!
“Yes Brian, come in.” He pushed the door and entered.
“Sir? Its late, you should be asleep.” He was concerned.
“Yes Brian, I want you to do everything I will tell you to.”
“OK sir, you know I will always obey you.” He said seeming curious.
In ten minutes time, Brian carried me into my room where Joyce was half asleep. I didn’t mind Brian seeing her in her pants and bra. She was shocked to see me being placed on bed.
She even forgot she was half naked and jumped from the bed.
“Jesus! What happened? What happened to him?” She shook Brian by his shoulder for an answer.

To be continue..


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