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[STORY] The Minister’s Son (Episode 31)

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Episode 31.

Complement of the season greetings from All Naija Entertainment. Read here

“Go ahead and kill me, kill me!” My body was shaking, if my mother was dead then why would I be alive? She was the only one who knew where Serena was, I had nothing and no one to live for.
I felt the unfairness of life, I had always been a good friend to Judas, I had helped me in so many areas, due to his greed for money, he stood to betray me, he was courageous enough to point a gun at me. The guy that we have been friends for so long, we had shared our youth secrets and fears. Had Judas forgot all that? Or was he the Minister’s son as my Dad had said? After all had he not be so concerned with his life? Maybe he was his son, but then, what happened to my Dad? How had he died?
“You will die soon David. But I will give you a short story before I kill you.” He paused to make a prolonged laughter which only portrayed his wickedness.
“Twenty four years a go, I worked as your Dad’s lawyer. Your Dad was a multimillionaire, he dealt with businesses both local and in abroad. He was a professional doctor but he had quited his job in order to control his own businesses. Mrs Ndegwa (Joyce Mother) was his personal secretary, Ndegwa, the minister, was your father’s driver. One day your Dad went to Germany for a week to check on his firm. Your mother was still young and pretty, she happened to be late in her office and she wanted my help, she was my boss so I picked her and drove her home where she invited me for super. By then your were less than a year old, you had a sister who was four years old. On that night, your mother and I spent together. I respected your Dad and I loved him as my boss, he was respected and admired by many.
Eventually, your Dad returned from abroad and a month later your mother discovered that she was pregnant, she carried my kid. I advised her to abort because I too had a wife and children. She tried to abort but she had complications, your Dad had to know about her attempt to abort. Your mother loved your Dad so she confessed everything thus endangering my life. On that evening I heard banging of my gate and I came out to find your Dad in my compound, he was fuming with fury, he had a sword on his hand. My watchman tried to stop him but he struck him with the sword, your Dad was a strong man and I couldn’t take him. I ran into the house and my wife handed me what I had gone for, a pistol, the same pistol am holding right now. By then your Dad was already in my house, I had no choice than to shoot him, I had no intention to kill him but on receiving a shoulder bullet, he slided and fell from the upstairs and broke his neck…..”
Before he completed his unbelievable story, the door flung open, five police officers pointed their guns at me simultaneously…..

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To Be Continue…

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