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[STORY] The Minister’s Son (Episode 15)



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Episode 15.

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I had never imagined being in police cells, not through my Dad, not when he was the boss to all the police. My mother had tried to plead to him but he was determined to have me suffer for what he knew very well was a false allegation. My love for Serena and her mother was too much, I wouldn’t hurted any of them, leave alone killing Serena’s mother. I wondered whether Serena really loved me, if she did, she would have come to see me in the police custody. According to Judas, Serena was busy getting a case against me file in court. I thought it was the high time I gave Judas’ advice a second thought, his advice was that I should forget Serena and marry Joy, he said that it was clear that Serena didn’t love me.
“If she could try to kill you, what more prove do you need for you to discover that she doesn’t love you?” Judas had a point, according to him, Serena had only accepted my hand in marriage due to my family status, she wasn’t different from any other girl, she was only lucky and a better actress than the rest.
On the other side, Brian, who spent days and nights in the police cells, regardless of my pleading to them for his release, he advised me positively. He felt that Serena was mislead by someone, according to Brian, there was a misunderstanding.
“Serena loves you sir, I saw it in her eyes even when she held the matchbox, tears were all over her face, she had no courage to do it, just give her time Sir.” Brian advised. “Time? I give her time to file a case against me or to realize that am innocent? If she loved me, she should have not believed the allegations, where is she now?” I felt so bitter with Serena, deep within me , I knew it would be difficult to forget her, but then there wasn’t an option.
On that evening, Joyce visited me in the cells, she was accompanied by Angela who was her newly employed maid. Joy had made it a routine to visit me every day, now that Serena wasn’t there for me, Joy’s visits comforted me. I was still wondering whether we had made the right thing, having Judas make love to the girl I was legally married to. At the back of my mind, I doubted the wisdom of our action. It was Judas’ suggestion, he had of course benefitted.
“How have you been hunnie?” She pecked me, we were in the waiting room.
“Just fine, not bathing for two days, sleeping on floor with no blanket, a very nice life, don’t you think so?” She got my joke and smiled.
“I still can’t get it, why and how could your Dad allow this to happen? I have tried to plead with him, all he says is that you don’t respect him, tell me exactly what happened.”It was interesting that none of us had told Joyce the truth, she believed that I had a fight in the village where I had gone to see a friend and I was arrested. She thought it a mere mistake to have a minister’s son to spend even a minute in police cells.
“Don’t worry my dear, I must pay for my sins.” I wondered whether I should tell her the whole truth, what would she do to discover that she had been married to me by force? That I was forced? That I didn’t at even a single time made love to her but Judas, a single mother’s boy, a peasant intellectual did? I thought it was so weighty for her to bear. I pitied the innocent Joy, she wasn’t to blame, my Dad and her Dad were to blame. They had known that I loved Serena, yet they were so selfish to let me have my way.
A force deep within me pushed my words into the mouth, I opened my mouth to tell her the truth.
“Joyce..” I started.
“David, I know you are hungry sweetheart, let me serve you.” She reached for the bag.
“No please, Brian and I will eat later.”
“Okey my husband” She stopped to look at my face. Her eyes were bright, she stared into my eyes as though reading my mind. She moved closer along the bench. She placed her left hand around my neck and kissed me lightly. I saw Angela get out of the room shyly. Joyce stared ones more in my eyes, her face was not happy, there was something behind the look. I tried to guess it in my mind but I couldn’t.
“David, do you still love me?” I felt like laughing, was that what made her look so pregnant? What if I told her that in my entire life I had only loved one girl, Serena, the girl who was breaking my heart.
“Why do you ask?”
“Because I need to know, need for an assurance maybe.” She kissed me ones more, as though putting an answer into my mouth.
“Well, tell me about mother, she isn’t coming today?”
“Comeon David!” She sounded offended, she knew my plan of diverting from question.
“OK, the answer is yes.” She hold me tightly, studied my face as though to confirm whether I meant my words.
“David, I have a news for you.” She looked over her shoulders as though confirming that we were alone in the room. By then , my heart was making prolonged pauses, I was afraid, afraid of the unknown.
“Go on dear.” I feared for the worst.
“Its three weeks now since we made our first love” she paused to study my face, I had no strength to say a word. She proceeded, I hated the long she took to say it, my body was shaking. “Are you alright?”
“Will you say whatever you have to say and be gone?” I was agitated by her suspense.
“I am pregnant David, I carry your child.” She said it at last. I stood up slowly , looked at her and headed for the door.
“See you later Joyce.” I stormed out and the cop at the door took me back into the cell. I had no one to discuss the issue with , other than Brian who shared a cell with me, my servant boy, now my cell mate. Brian was as confused as I was. I remembered advising Judas to use protection on her, he obviously violated my advice. Within the next ten minutes, a cop came to call me again.
“David, you have a visitor.” I knew it was Joyce who wanted to see me again, to bother me ones more.
“I don’t want any visitor please.” I answered with finality. The cop moved away.
Soon my mother was at the door to our cell.
“Mother? It was you?”
“Yes son, you don’t need a visitor?” We hugged.
“My mother isn’t a visitor, I never knew it was you mom.”
My mother seemed happy that day, not like on the other days when she looked so sad to see her only son in the cells. Was it because Dad had travelled to Australia on that day? I wondered whether she had a plan to get me out of the cells in his absence. But something dawned to me, Joyce might have told her about her pregnancy, that was the cause of her joy. I was disappointed.
“My son, somebody told Serena that you had a plan of killing her and her mother, you saw them as a stumbling block between your marriage and Ndegwa’s daughter.” She informed after a short conversation outside the cells, two cops were closely behind me.
“Who told you all these? Who told her? Who lied to her?” I couldn’t figure out, my Dad? But how and where?
“You want to know him?” She smiled.
“Yes mother.” I was curious.
“Come.” She led me towards the waiting room.
She stood aside and let me face the door.
“Push it and get in.” She instructed, I obeyed.
I pushed the door and…I couldn’t believe whom I saw. “Serena my love?” I moved and she rushed to meet me.
“David my love!” We embraced, I felt her tears at the back of my shoulder…
To be continue…

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