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[STORY] The Minister’s Son (Episode 13)



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Episode 13

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I pretended as though heading for the switch which was near the door, I was sweating as I opened the door and got out as Judas entered. We had used the same perfume that day, my prayer was that Joyce was completely drank. I still questioned our plan, what if it demands me to remain with Joyce? I would be living with a girl that Judas had slept with and broke her virginity, I still doubted if she was a virgin. But then I had nothing to worry about, by the following weekend, Serena and I would be out of the country. I would then write a letter to Joy, informing her the whole truth, if at all she kills herself well and good, Dad was to blame for everything. I had still failed to catch Serena via the phone, but my mother confirmed to me that she wasn’t in trouble, but something had happened , she had already shifted from Umoja to the village where she had come from. I pleaded with my mother to do me a favour, I wanted her to assist in burying Serena’s mother. I wanted her to be present but then, I never knew how dangerous that was. On seeing my mother, Serena had rushed to her with a machete, she believed that we had sent goons to kill her mother, she confessed that I had played with her minds and according to her, I wanted her dead after using her body. The guards had to fire their guns to scare away the angry villagers, they believed that my mom and the two guards had gone to kill Serena, the same way they killed her mother. My mother explained all this via phone call, I was so distressed, I wondered whether Serena would ever trust me again, will she ever believe that I loved and wanted to be with her forever?
The game of getting drunk and Judas making love with Joyce having impersonated me went on to the last day, it was very successful, Judas seemed to be the biggest beneficiary, it was his honeymoon not mine, I had lots of stress to enjoy any moment. His disappointment was that Joy wasn’t a virgin as she had lied to me.
“The path was wide enough for a train.” He joked, He was a nice friend, very naughty but I liked him.
On returning into the country, my first trip to plan was to Serena’s home. My mother tried to caution me but I was so determined to listen. I promised her that I wouldn’t go but I had to, I knew Serena would listen to me, she loved me, it was in her eyes each time I looked into them. I took Brian with me, with him, mother will believe that I wasn’t going far.
It was on Tuesday, at around 0900hours when Brian we drove along the supper highway towards Thika, by then few words had passed between Brian and I, my mind was so worked up, I was trying to figure out my best explanation to Serena, I knew she had seen the news about my wedding with Joyce, it was all over inthe newspapers.
It would be difficult but if she loved me then she would believe, that’s what I thought.
“Yes Brian?”
“What if the villagers threaten to attack us? Shouldn’t we have gone with a guard or two ?” Brian sounded scared.
“Come on Brian, I don’t need guards to go and convince my wife, in fact, with a guard, we will be suspected to have come with bad motives.” He nodded to my words but I saw that he wasn’t convinced.
Brian was a good driver too, I had taught him on how to drive. I liked his ability to understand things fast. He therefore used to assist me in driving whenever we traveled together.
At around noon, we made a u-turn and parked just outside their main house, the place seemed so quiet and gloomy. It was three days since Serena’s mother was buried, I had carried a bunch of flowers to lay on her grave.
There was no sign of anyone though the door was open. I requested Brian to be left into the car as I got out with my flowers.
On just getting out, I saw the grave just some yards behind the kitchen. I decided to go and show my last respect to my mother in-law . The cross was white and contained her three names. By the time I arrived there tears were all over my face, I knew I had caused her death, I shouldn’t have fallen in love with her daughter. I couldn’t help weeping as I bent down to place the flowers on her grave.
“Mother, please forgive me, I loved your daughter and I will die for her, if my death will pave way for our marriage and justice then, I will prefer to die. Rest in peace my mother in law .” I had merely completed saying those words when something heavy landed behind my neck. I fell on top of the grave and felt so dizzy and weak to stand. I struggled to open my eyes but I saw just darkness. I could hear voices from a distance, my nostrils would smell petrol, it was now all over my body. They wanted to burn me alive. Somebody dragged me away from the grave, this time I managed to open my eyes, I couldn’t see clearly but I couldn’t fail to recognize Serena who was holdings match box, ready to strike and burn me alive, behind her was a multitude armed with machetes and other weapons. I opened my mouth to call her name but I was struck again, this time on my head. Blood sprinkled ahead of me and ….
Will David die in the hands of Serena? For justice and love? What a pity! Find out in episode14.)
To Be Continue…

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